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Starting in November 2016 until February 2017, we had the pleasure to have Miwa Teranishi a student at the University of New South Wales currently finishing her masters in Chemical/Biomedical Engineering.

I want to give here just the highlights of the internship.


The true highlight is the video she produced explaining her work:

Power Market Energy Price Forecasting Using Falkonry Pattern Recognition and the PI System



     As we have a history of working with the University of New South Wales, Miwa had heard of OSIsoft, but did not have a chance to use any of our tool. Thus, the first step was training. Fortunately, we have a battery of online training and she quickly mastered using our tools. Her training included various topic from:

     Creating Basic Reports with PI DataLink Discussion Forum

     Building Displays with PI ProcessBook Discussion Forum

     Building Asset Hierarchies with PI AF Discussion Forum

     Configuring Analytics with PI AF Discussion Forum

Along with the VLE training available at Home Page - OSIsoft Learning

     Collecting Data using the new PI Connector for UFL

     Use Data Science for Machine Learning and Predictions Based on Your PI System Data


Data Collection:

     We were collecting information from public data sources, including: JEPX  and AEMO. This involved many INI files and python scripts. This work is currently being worked on so that it may be included in: GitHub - osisoft/PI-Connector-for-UFL-Samples: Documentation and supporting files to demonstrate usage of the PI Connect…



     We were now ready to start doing some analysis of the data we had collected. There are many tools that are available to us. Our requirements were:

          - Strong integration with PI

          - No programming required

          - Strong support (as we are not experts in machine learning)

     Falkonry excelled on all those points and they gladly allowed us to use their cloud service to run analyses on this data set and supported us as we did so. This part of the story is well explained in the video above. I hope you find it interesting as we did!


     Falkonry also participated at our Users Conference 2017 held in San Francisco in March this year. One of the highlights of their participation was this presentation held by Ciner,

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