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PI Cloud Connect

Posted by mjarvis Employee Jun 30, 2015


It was recently brought to my attention that not many PI Dev Club members were aware of the opportunity to use OSIsoft’s first cloud-based service. PI Cloud Connect offers a free trial, and the Development PI System will work with it. PI Cloud Connect enables people to share data across enterprises in a simple and low-maintenance way. Today there are many customers in many different industries actively using the product, including Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Oil & Gas, and Pharmaceutical.

Problems Solved

  • The sharing of data does not require a VPN
  • Deliver asset context along with the equipment data
  • Automatically receive new features



Is PI Cloud Connect replacing PI to PI?



  • PI Cloud Connect is best for:
    • Sharing data across enterprises.
    • Sharing subsets of PI System data, which includes selected AF objects and their associated PI Data Archive data.
  • PI to PI is best for:
    • Intra-company data aggregation.
    • PI Data Archive data only.


  • Website for signing up and more information
  • YouTube video series
  • ARC View customer testimonial on PI Cloud Connect in the Oil and Gas Business

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