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PI WebParts 2013 Is Released!!

Posted by mwood Oct 23, 2013

PI WebParts 2013 is now released and ready for download and can be installed on SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, and SharePoint Foundation.  This version supports native SVG rendering which means you now have web browsing options that do not require the Adobe SVG Viewer. 


The following are the enhancements and fixes included in the release.


  • Added support for SharePoint 2013.  PI WebParts 2013 can be installed on SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013.
  • Support for additional web browsers.  In addition to Internet Explorer, PI WebParts pages can now be viewed in Mozilla Firefox and, when using SharePoint 2013, Google Chrome. Note that some features of PI WebParts rely on the use of ActiveX controls, which are not supported in Firefox or Chrome. Therefore, the following features are not supported outside of Internet Explorer: the PI ActiveView web part, the PI Messenger web part and the “Launch in PI ProcessBook” command in the PI Graphic web part.
  • Native-browser SVG rendering (no plugin required).  When using modern web browsers that provide native support for SVG rendering, the Adobe SVG Viewer plugin is no longer required on client machines.  Note that by default, SharePoint 2010 renders web part pages as in IE8, disabling SVG support in IE9 and higher. If a plugin-free experience is desired with SharePoint 2010, Mozilla Firefox can be used instead.  Refer to the Microsoft documentation for details on Firefox support in SharePoint 2010.
  • Separate application server for data access.  In order to minimize the footprint of PI WebParts on SharePoint servers, the data access components used by PI WebParts are now packaged as a separate application server (called PI WebParts Services) that can either be collocated on the computer where SharePoint is installed or installed on a remote computer.  The latter option is especially useful for SharePoint farms where multiple web front ends can share a single application server for data access.
  • Installation via a SharePoint Solution Package (WSP).  In keeping with best practices for SharePoint custom feature development, PI WebParts is now delivered as a standard SharePoint Solution Package.
  • New search based user interface for locating and selecting PI Tags, AF Elements and AF Attributes into web part configuration properties.  Rather than navigating through the AF hierarchy to manually locate particular elements and attributes, users can search for specific items by specifying an element or attribute name mask. Searches can span all PI and AF servers in an enterprise or they can be targeted to a particular server or database.
  • New paging feature in PI TreeView.  In order to better support large AF databases, the PI TreeView web part now includes “previous” and “next” nodes to present large sets of child elements in smaller “pages




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Attribute value substitution is not made when element name is generated from a template


PI Gauge configuration settings are not retained when using attributes with same AF attribute but different context



Please see the product release notes for more information.

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