• Issue with AFTimeRange Instance

    Hi there I am breaking new ground with the pipoint.summaries method and am having a problem with the associated time range.  In the following exampe I need to return the average for a 30min period 08:00 to 08:30,...
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  • Accessing PI Data Archive PIPoint Snapshot data on mobile

    I want to access PI data on mobile. Can I use piwebapi to fetch the data using webid's. My mobile is not on domain while my pivision server is on domain. Can I pass username and password as part of query calling piweb...
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  • Which values are not captured by PI during compression?

    Exactly which values are being ignored/ not captured during the compression for which we have to interpolate? What exactly is considered as noise?  which values are considered and which ones neglected? compresse...
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  • PI API for protobuf over grpc

    Does PIWebAPI or any other PI  related API support protobuf over grpc?   If we don't have any API supported  for protobuf over grpc, is there any way I can directly access to the PI database? ...
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  • Can not Sort Event frames by its attributes

        Hi all, according to the below code snippets I can sort event frames by setting SortFiled to Name, StartTime and EndTime (AFSortField Enumeration)  and filter by attribute value of Recip...
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  • Need help to make setup of pi

    Hello, I am doing POC for accessing PI web Rest APIs so I have subscribed Pi Club Trial, but i have no idea which software i have to install because too many software list is available in list.   Please guide m...
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  • Fetch frequency of performanceequation in bulk

    Hi,   I have more than 1 lakh calculation and I want to fetch frequency of Expressions only, which may be periodic or event triggered, I want to fetch frequency in bulk. Presently I am using foreach lo...
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  • Hello everyone, I need your help to add a trend in a VBA6 form

    The code in processbook would be this:   Sub CreateTrend()   'PB Symbol object Dim oTrend As Trend Dim sServer As String Dim sTagName, sTagName1 As String   'Server_name_here sServer = "" &#...
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  • Need AF attributes and event frame for creation of PI Vision custom symbol

    I'm trying to create customized symbol, Stacked bar. I need AF attributes as well as AF attribute event frames. So what should be done? pi developer piwebapi
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  • Where do we reference PI Web API while developing customized symbols?

    While creating custom symbols, do we need to have PI Web API and where do we need to refer it?pivision development   
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  • Fetch recordedvalues within a specified time for a bulk of PIPoints

    I am trying to fetch recordedvalues within a specified time for a bulk of PIPoints and I am using the below ocde:    IEnumerable<AFValues> listResults = pointList.RecordedValues( timeRange, AFBoundary...
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  • Working with Tables using the PI AF SDK

    Could someone point me to any sample code / examples of how to create a table in AF and then write to / read from this Table via C# or VB.NET.   Thanks   Chris
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  • Event frame Generation and output expressions

    Hello every body,   I am trying to do the exercise attached below.   To explain the situation, I have a wind farm that contains 50 wind turbines and I would like to generate some event frames according to ...
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  • Menu creation in PI processbook

    Hi everyone.   I need your help, I am currently developing an application in pi processbook 2015 R3, in which I modify the menus by creating my own, but when I create more menus dynamically I get this error. ...
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  • PI AF SDK vs PI JDBC Driver - 'UpdateValue'

    Hi There, I am working on PI JDBC client program to set tag values. By using AF SDK API's, for setting tag values we have used "UpdateValue" API of "OSIsoft::AF::PI::PIPoint" object. Here we are developing correspond...
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  • Comparing PI VISION and PI PROCESSBOOK, which one is more suitable for the interface development of factory production control?

    What kind of development method can make the interface more user-friendly, less difficult to develop, and which is more suitable for C/S or B/S?
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  • How could i make PI tags from formula data reference in PI AF ?  like in my case "FD FAN 3B POWER FAN KWH" is a formula data reference & i wants that  this formula will be a PI tag, how could i achieve this ? Please help .  I have attached the PI AF FORMU

    How could i make PI tags from formula data reference in PI AF ? like in my case "FD FAN 3B POWER FAN KWH" is a formula data reference & i wants that  this formula will be a PI tag, how could i achieve this ?...
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  • Get FilteredSummaries from interpolated events

    Hello,   I'm trying to extract the daily Event Count from a list of PIPoints using the FilteredSummaries Method. I need the event counts for interpolated events with sampling rate of 10 minutes. So the method I'...
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  • What is the best approach for multiple PI server data migration into single PI Server?

    Please share relevant doc for above question.
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  • PI on Cloud

    Hi,   We have a requirement to install and configure PI DA(High Availability), PI AF, PI Vision, PI Clients on separate servers on Cloud environment. Could any one suggest us the recommended environment for PI...
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