• What is the best approach for multiple PI server data migration into single PI Server?

    Please share relevant doc for above question.
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  • PI on Cloud

    Hi,   We have a requirement to install and configure PI DA(High Availability), PI AF, PI Vision, PI Clients on separate servers on Cloud environment. Could any one suggest us the recommended environment for PI...
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  • Asset Analytics Native Integration with MATLAB.pdf

    This is the slide presentation as a PDF file for the PI Developers Club webinar Asset Analytics native integration with MATLAB presented on March 21st, 2018.   Here is a link to the recording.  The slides a...
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  • AF Tree View and Data Base Picker

    I am currently working on automating certain process in my AF Calc creation through ASP.Net MVC(.Net framework). Here users would be provided with a web form to insert details, to select certain parameters such as AF ...
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  • Could please help to find PI SDK Function to calculate Tag Average timeweighted by using tag and date

    Could please help to find PI SDK Function to calculate Tag Average timeweighted by using tag and date
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  • Mock PIPoint

    Hello,   I would like to Mock a PIPoint object for unit testing, but the class is sealed and it doesn't implement any interface. Please can anyone suggest me what is the best way to do it?   Thanks
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  • PIPointList.FilteredSummaries: Filter syntax

    Hello,   I need to call the method FilteredSummaries from a PIPointList but I'm not sure how to format the filter query. Here below my example:   string filter = "'sinusoid' <> 'OSIsoft.AF.PI.P...
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  • PI-SDK C# PIData.UpdateValue Type mismatch (HRESULT: 0x80020005 (DISP_E_TYPEMISMATCH))

    Hi, developers! I have some question about using late binding (PI SDK). I need to use late binding. I have no problem reading properties and its values of any PISDK object (such as PISDKVersion, PIPoint, PIValue) but ...
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  • PI OLEDB Provider X HA - Conection Member

    Hi,    I have an interface that queries PI Data Archive, which is an HA, using PI OLEDB Provider, would you like to know if you have any configuration that can be done to connect to Secondary only?   ...
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  • PI Web API  How to get multiple current value from batch?

    PI Web API How to get multiple current value from batch? I use this URL for execute batch https://host/PIwebapi/batch  This is request. { "1": { "Method": "GET", "Resource": "https://host/PIwebapi/stre...
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  • Upload and Retrieve PI Data Using Excel

    Hello, I want to manually add data to PI using excel. For example, record down times in an excel sheet and upload this data on PI server so that i can retrieve such data in future. I am currently using windows 10 and...
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  • Pump running time

    I need to calculate pump running time and sent notification if pump is running too long. Trigger is in some other PumpStatus PI point like value "START" or "STOP". When pump start, trigger start counting time (in ho...
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  • Queries about PI-ODBC

    Hello, my predecessors         I am a beginner of pi. Now I use ODBC to query pi.          I found that if I used select * from pipoint where time >='2019-09-01'and ti...
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  • Problem with Javascript VM instance

    Hi, I´m developing an web app using PI web API, the problem is when I make too many requests, for example, if I make a request using sample data from a PI point from 1 week ago, the memory suddenly goes up to 80...
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    Good day. I request support since we have updated the version of the processbook and in doing so we have lost the option to access the macros and the visual basic editor, I would like to know if it has been left out o...
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  • PI WebAPI batch Request only returning 1000 objects

    var data = {}; // for getting all eventframes data["0"] = {    "Method": "GET",    "Resource": encodeURI(basePIWebAPIUrl + 'assetdatabases/' + DBWebID + '/eventframes?starttime=' + starttime + '...
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  • PI Server Conneciton issue

    I write a window service in C# run as local service and connect to PI Server  and add trust item by config IP address in PI Server SMT tool. but always get error: [-10413] No trust relation for this request: ...
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  • Why Technical site is not accessible for me while I have PI developer membership?

    dear OsiSofet team,   Why Technical site is not accessible for me while I have PI developer membership? when I try lo login to myOSIsoft or old technical site, I get the below massage:   You do not have a...
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  • MSRuntimeAddendum error

    hi i am installing process book in windows 10, already install prerequisites even if I throw error 2803 (MSRuntimeAddendum error) and the installation is canceled there will be some solution for this ...
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  • How to map the PI Tag to Element Attributes By Using PIWEBAPI...?

    Hello, I want to map the PI Tag to the elements Attributes by using the PIWEBAPI. Please suggest the steps or any reference will be appreciated..!!
    Ashif Sayyad
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