• Why Technical site is not accessible for me while I have PI developer membership?

    dear OsiSofet team,   Why Technical site is not accessible for me while I have PI developer membership? when I try lo login to myOSIsoft or old technical site, I get the below massage:   You do not have a...
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  • MSRuntimeAddendum error

    hi i am installing process book in windows 10, already install prerequisites even if I throw error 2803 (MSRuntimeAddendum error) and the installation is canceled there will be some solution for this ...
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  • How to map the PI Tag to Element Attributes By Using PIWEBAPI...?

    Hello, I want to map the PI Tag to the elements Attributes by using the PIWEBAPI. Please suggest the steps or any reference will be appreciated..!!
    Ashif Sayyad
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  • PI Vision Display Utility

    Hello,   By using PI Vision 2017 R2 SP1 Display Utility I wanted to copy the displays from PI Coresight 2016 R2 to PI Vision 2017 R2 but while choosing databases in the source section I am getting this error "Th...
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  • How to call the PIWEBAPI using NodeJs..?

    Hello, I want to get the response data using NodeJs in PIWEBAPI. Please suggest how to start for the same. sample code really appreciated..!
    Ashif Sayyad
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  • PI Web API streamsets Returns NULL for Formula Data Reference Attributes

    I am trying to get the current value of all attributes that are found under a particular element. I am getting all the attributes returned but all of the formula data reference attributes come up null, although when I...
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  • Help for Trend Cursor

    Good day. I would like to know if it is possible to eliminate the values of the signals shown by the cursors (red data in attached image), since I have designed a small app within the PI proccessbook environment, whi...
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  • PI Events in Pi Vision

    Hi Guys. I have a question about PI events Table in Pi Vision, i want to know if there is a way to avoid seeing the events that were already acknowledged, help me please .  
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  • Element Attributes data display problem in PIWEBAPI..?

    Hello,   I want to display the Elements attributes recorded data trying by this URL:
    Ashif Sayyad
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  • Variável não recebe valor

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  • PI Web API

    How do I get values from PICount, and PIComp2 table using PI Web API query?
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  • c# SDK how to get the time from a specific pi tag value.

    Hello i have the following code and i wanted to know if there is a way to adapt the code to show the time of the tag value that i selected.   public void BUSQUEDA_TAG(string tag)      ...
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  • PI WEB API - Secure Connection Failed

    Hi, We installed PI-Server_2018 on a windows 2012 server, which contain Active directory setup. We configured pi web api on same machine and when we try to access the piwebapi we are getting secure connection failed ...
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  • Custom symbol PITime parser

    Hi All (PIVision Custom Symbols for PiVision2017 R2) Is there a way to reuse build in PITIme parser to parse/validate inserted time in my own javascript - Custom Symbol? Same time parser/validator that is used to pa...
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  • R studio and PI System

    Hi all. I am working in the integration of R Studio and PI System, I would like to know what commands exist to be able to perform operations similar to those done in a perfomance equation (sum,avg,totalizer,timeeq......
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  • How to Locate a Specific PointID in a PISDK.PointList Object

    Hi there, I'm new to writing interfaces using the PISDK (Note, due to corporate desktop model we do not have access to the PI AF SDK).  I have written a simple interface which retrieves all tags for a specific Po...
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  • PI AF Event Frames

    Hey guys, i have a question about the use of Event Frames.   Can i fire an url, or windows command when an event frame start ?!   how can i do that ?!
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  • PI Processbook 2015 error VBA

    Hello, I would like to help me, update the version of processbook from 3.2 to 2015, but when wanting to read a tag in VBA as soon as the code starts, it marks me an error in the line "Dim srv As Server" (Compile error...
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  • PI AF Connectivity issue. Ensuring the impersonated client user can be delegated to the server.

    Hi all, I've been searching and I found severals questions related to the delegated to the server. Cannot connect to server 'ServerName'. Please examine connectivity to the remote PI AF Server as well as ensuring th...
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  • PI Web API Filter

    How do you add a filter(s) to the URL? https://<server>/piwebapi/streamsets/value?webid=<webid>&Name=RevenueMeterActivePower&webid=<webid>&Name=RevenueMeterActivePower returns the follo...
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