• Using PI Web API on HTML5 with jQuery

    PI Web API is coming soon and I hope this blog post will help you develop your custom web application taking advantage of the features provided on the latest release of jQuery and HTML5.   As you probably know a...
    Marcos Vainer Loeff
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  • Announcing PI Web API client library for jQuery using Swagger

    Introduction  The PI Web API 2017 release has come with lots of great new features. One of the them is the Swagger specification which is a JSON string that allows you to generate client-side libraries in many d...
  • Machine Learning Pipeline 2: Writing Machine Learning Output from Python back to PI System

    In this blog post I will show how to write a machine learning output, that was produced in Python, back to the PI System.   This blog post is preceeded by this blog post: Machine Learning Pipeline 1: Importing P...
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  • Accessing AF via Matlab

     My first blog post; finally, only took me 2 months to write this!   Numerous method of accessing PI data from Matlab have been published so a thought I throw another one into the mix. The issue with most of...
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  • The PI Developers Club pod @ UC 2017

    Hey PI geeks,   All of us on the PI DevClub Team are very excited about the upcoming UC 2017 in San Francisco! We are looking forward to chatting with all of you and hearing what you've been up to with PI Develo...
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  • What's new in AFSearch 2.10.5 (PI Server 2018 SP2)

    I have been talking about AFSearch 2.10.5 for well over a year now. I spoke about it at PI World SF in April 2018 and again at Barcelona in Sept 2018. However, both of those talks used a beta build. The great news is ...
    Rick Davin
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  • CSharp Cheat Sheet for VB.NET Developers

    Table of Contents Logical Operators var keyword for implicitly typed variables Conditional Operator, or ? : operator Null-Coalescing Operator, or ?? Read-only Auto-properties (or get-only property) ...
    Rick Davin
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  • Recording of LiveCoding Session on AFSearch, Barcelona September 2018

    Below is a link to the presentation given at Barcelona on September 27, 2018 for the LiveCoding session titled "Getting the Most Out of AFSearch".   Link to Recording:     LiveCoding--Getting...
    Rick Davin
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  • PI Web API 2017 R2 is released!

    I am pleased to announce the release of PI Web API 2017 R2, our suite of REST services for interacting with the PI System. The PI Web API is a member of the Developer Technologies suite of products. Click to see our T...
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  • New way to use PI Web API client library for AngularJS in PI Vision 3

    Introduction  I have already published a blog post about using PI Web API client library for AngularJS in PI Vision 2016 R2 and PI Vision 2017. Nevertheless, it was needed to modify the PI Vision source code, wh...
    Marcos Vainer Loeff
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  • ASP.NET Core 2 with PI AF SDK: Part 3 - Using Dependency Injection To Simplify Code And Extend Your Application

    Introduction  On the first two parts of this blog post series (part 1 and part 2), you have learned how to create an ASP.NET Core web application using PI AF SDK and .NET Framework. On the second part, you've le...
  • PI Web API and Node-RED

    1. Introduction1.1 What is Node-RED? Before going to the juicy bits of this blog post, let me start by explaining what Node-RED is for those who are not familiar with this tool. Quoting their own website, Node-RE...
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  • Extracting PI System Data to file using AFSDK in .NET

    In this post I will be leveraging OSISoft's AFSDK to extract PI System Data to a flat file. To keep things simple and easy to reproduce, this post will focus how to extract data with this technology.   Prerequisi...
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  • Dynamic Template Views with PI Vision

    IntroductionGreetings everyone!    In today's blog post, we will be touching on the topic of dynamic template views in PI Vision Custom Symbols. The idea is to support multiple HTML template f...
    Eugene Lee
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  • Using PI Web API Channels with the IObserver pattern

    Introduction  Channels  is the PI Web API version of the AFDataPIpe feature of the AF SDK. It is a way to receive continuous updates about a stream or stream set. Rather than using a typical HTTP request, ch...
    Marcos Vainer Loeff
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  • Why you should use the new AF SDK Search

    Motivation Examples 1. Find and process a list of elements belonging to a template 2. Find and process a list of elements with a certain attribute value 3. Find and process a list of child elements given...
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  • PI Web API, AF Byte Arrays and Sensor Data

    Introduction  Last week, just after publishing the blog post about how to send data from Node-RED to PI Web API, I got a call from a friend asking me how he could use a very similar setup to send raw b...
    created by rborges
  • Stream Updates: new features in PI Web API 2018 SP1

    Stream Updates allows a PI Web API client to retrieve data updates from PI Points and AF Attributes without using Channels (which are based on websockets). With Stream Updates, you register for data streams of interes...
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  • Async Streaming with AF SDK

    Disclaimer: Any of the code in this blog could contain bugs and shouldn’t be used in production without extensive testing. You agree that if you use any of the provided code in your own production code that...
    Eugene Lee
    created by Eugene Lee
  • PIPoint Search Query in AF SDK

    Overview Most of us have have searched for PI Points, but as our PI System grows larger or as more products like PI Connectors and Relays automatically create PI tags it becomes imperative to understand how to narrow ...
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