• Would you attend/support a PI Developers Conference?

    The hackathon has been cancel at PI World this year, which was one of the main developer events at the conference. This has brought up the idea of having a separate technical conference for PI developers only (those t...
    Lonnie Bowling
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  • What is your favorite programming platform?

    Imagine you have decided you join us on the Programming Hackathon which will take place during UC. Which programming platform from the options below would you choose if you had 24 hours to develop a killer app?
    Marcos Vainer Loeff
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  • PI World 2018 - What do you like to see?

    In our effort to offer a diverse and rich set of activities at PI World 2018 (formerly known as UC) to PI System developers, data scientists, and super users we like to seek your opinion. As much as we love to offer m...
    Ahmad Fattahi
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  • How do you usually style your web application?

    Are you creating HTML content from time to time? If yes I am interested to learn how you style it and make it pretty so I know a bit better about our PI Developers Community!
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  • What should Clues to do next?

    Hello All,   You may or not know about Clues yet: Introduction to PI-AF-SDK-Clues Community Project   The short version is: Clues is an  AF SDK command line tool that can help in your day to day work ...
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  • What new online courses would you like to see?

    Let us know what content you're interested in for a future online course! Please vote for any of the suggestions below or add your own in the comments section.
    created by kholstein
  • AF SDK: What would you like to learn more about?

    Dear PI Geeks,   We will be having an AF SDK Ask Me Anything webinar in late October. You will have the opportunity to choose which topics will be discussed.   Please vote in the poll below. If you select ...
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  • Which new technology are you most excited about at UC/TechCon 2015?

    If you are interested in any of the below, we would love to have you participate in our Hackathons at this year's UC, where you will be working with the latest PI technologies! Top winners will receive a Fitbit Charge...
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