• AF Analysis Array $val scope

    Is it possible to use FirstValue function with MapData? Here is what I'm trying to do: MapData(array1 , FirstValue(array2, Timestamp($val2)= Timestamp($val))) Thank you.
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  • Editing old processbook displays from Coresight 2016 in PI Vision 2020?

    I recently upgraded from Coresight 2016 to PI Vision 2020, and I think it is great.   All my old Processbook displays that were on Coresight translated over without any issues.   However, if I wanted to ed...
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  • The type initializer for 'OSIsoft.PIDataLink.AFData.Functions threw an exception

    I'm afraid not much to go on. Posting on behalf of a user who says he's using PI Datalink in Excel. This message suggests he's using PI Builder instead of PI Datalink. Am I right? Doe3s anyone know what this error means?
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  • Connect OSIsoft to MiniTab

    all, what options are the to connect MiniTab to OSIsoft and sent data to MiniTab....    We want to do a PoC, so please don't say: use the integrator .....   thanks !
    Robin Verhoek
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  • PI Processbook Closing Unexpectedly

    A couple of months ago, we started getting complaints from users of PI Processbook closing when using certain displays.  Symptoms were that they would have the processbook display open, then with no error message...
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  • Web api is there a way to obtain asset database by name or path - Example please

    In pi web API we see that we can call search AssetDatabase by name  with  piwebapi/search/sources?name=af:myname ... as related in this document  GetSources GET search/sources  ...
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  • Issue connecting PI server from cloud using PI web API

    Hi All,   Please help here, I am able to connect and collect data from PI using web API from my local machine, but while I am hosting the code in cloud i getting unauthorized error. Please suggest if I am missi...
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  • PI Point only retains most recent value after multiple writes

    I have 2 PI Servers, and one seems to be working correctly, and one is not. Server 1 is version 3.4.380.36 - it has been around forever (10 years or something) and has worked in the past just fine, but this is the on...
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  • The new PI / PISDK Engineering plans

    I think a lot of us are waiting in anticipation for PISDK 1.4.0. It was first planned for Q1 2010, then for Q2 2010, and now in the PISDK Release Schedule it's planned for H2 2010 (which could eventually mean it will ...
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  • New Visualization Efforts at OSIsoft

    This thread originated from another discussion thread, where members asked about future directions from OSIsoft.   The truth is, there isn't much concrete to share at this point. There are developers working on ...
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  • Webinar times - Can they be given in UTC?

    Just received an email about the PI ActiveView webinar and spent 10 minutes trying to figure out what 9am Pacific time would be in my local time (BST). I am somewhat hampered by not knowing whether you mean Pacific St...
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  • ActiveView in a VBA environment

    Hi there,   I try to make the ActiveView control work in iFIX, this is a VBA environment. I already inserted the .ocx file and I can load .PDI files in it.   Now I want to couple the trend property of the...
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  • vCampus browser support

    "Website best viewed in Microsoft IE7" is clearly stated in the bottom right of all the pages here, but how about making an effort to have a page which validates to the standards? I realize this is forum software crea...
    Asle Frantzen
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  • Technology Roundtables (or not?)

    As you might have read in Matt's blog post, one of the questions we have for the OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2010 event (week of September 13th) is regarding the concept Technology Roundtables. In a nutshell, those are time...
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  • webinar

    Hello   I want to download the following webinar but it gives me error saying that THE SOURCE IS NOT AVAILABLE   and it wont download. Could you please send me the direct download link?   Tour of the A...
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  • OSIsoft 3rd Party Apps Store?

    Somebody asked me today about a list of third party companies that offer products on top of PI-AF.   I assume that most OSIsoft partners who provide such apps are on vCampus.  Steve: how about a section wher...
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  • Idea's and wishes for vCampus Live! 2010

    Matt Miller anounced the dates for vCampus Live! 2010 in San Francisco last week.   Some idea's have been popping up from the community to make vCampus 2010 an interesting and educating event. OSIsoft really val...
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  • Identify OSI staff

    Would it be possible to have a little image or something in the signatures/avatars to identify the OSI staff on vCampus?
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  • Merry christmas and a happy new year

    Would like to take the opportunity to wish the vCampus community a merry christmas and a happy new year!   I've attached graphics from the Amitec 2009 christmas card sent to customers and business connections :)...
    Asle Frantzen
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  • How to create Interface page for your PI Interface

    Hi       I would like to know how I can create my own Interface Page for the Interface that i will be developing using UniInt?   Can someone please point to the references in user manuals or in OSI...
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