• PI Vision component changing another component at the same display

    Hello everyone!   I am developing a new custom component in PI Vision and I would like to know if it is possible for that component to see and change the scope.config of another components that are on the s...
    created by hugo_guilherme
  • Accessing PI Data Archive PIPoint Snapshot data on mobile

    I want to access PI data on mobile. Can I use piwebapi to fetch the data using webid's. My mobile is not on domain while my pivision server is on domain. Can I pass username and password as part of query calling piweb...
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  • write value in Pi DA Primary and Pi DA Secondary with application in Excel VBA (PISDK)

    I need write value in Pi DA Primary and Pi DA Secondary (Collective PI DA) with application in Excel VBA (PISDK), but i don't use to Pi Buffer Subsystem for this, because IT in my company forbade start the service PI ...
    last modified by thulio.magalhaes
  • How to configure Random interface to publish SINUSOID data

    I set up a new PI Server 2018 instance for the first time and discovered that the Random interface was no longer there. So I downloaded the installation kit for that. Reading the users guide for the Random interface ...
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  • Visualizing data using Web API and Angularjs

    Hi fellow PI Square community members,   I would like to share with all of you a personal project that I have been working on during my free time. The application is still currently in beta. I still have a lot f...
    last modified by redabakr
  • Pi Vision Selection box color change

    Hello Everyone , We are developing a Pi Vision Display containing values.When we click on the values for ad hoc trend its difficult to recognize the selected value due to dark background.We want to change the color f...
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  • PI API for protobuf over grpc

    Does PIWebAPI or any other PI  related API support protobuf over grpc?   If we don't have any API supported  for protobuf over grpc, is there any way I can directly access to the PI database? ...
    last modified by arka
  • Inserting a datapoint to existing pi tag

    Hello,   due to some issues in the plant, some values were not registered. I am looking for a way to manually add a timestamp and value to the data archive.   To clarify, I want tot add a datapoint: ...
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  • Need help to make setup of pi

    Hello, I am doing POC for accessing PI web Rest APIs so I have subscribed Pi Club Trial, but i have no idea which software i have to install because too many software list is available in list.   Please guide m...
    last modified by Jitendra_Tomar
  • Generate xml file through Notification

    Hello all,    I would like to generate a .xml file with a certain numbers of data from Pi-Point on the basis off a trigger (A boolean PI Point from 0 to 1 for exemple).    At the moment, I have c...
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  • Is this a good use case for a Custom Data Reference?

    We have a PI tag that records an emissions rate (values are roughly 1 minute apart).  The 30-day average of the emissions rate has to stay under a limit, say "x".  I am trying to build an AF analysis th...
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  • PI Point missing through PI Web API

    Hello all,    1. Using PI Web API, I'm searching for PI Point in my dataservers > point.  https://hostname/piwebapi/dataservers/{DataserverWebID}/points I have access to the PI Point but I f...
    last modified by GuillaumeC
  • Failed to load 'AF Lookup' PlugIn: Attempting to load an assembly with an invalid signature. - Any link with SP3 Patch 2?

    Hi,   We upgraded our PI-AF implementation from 2018 SP2 to SP3 Patch 2 and now for all custom Data references I do get the following error: Failed to load 'AF Lookup' PlugIn: Attempting to load an assembly...
    last modified by Ann.Sniekers
  • AF Analysis calculation set every day but calculated in every moment

    Hi everybody!   I'm traying to create a PI Vision Dashboard to monitor the energy production of my power plant for the previus day, among other KPIs of my interest, using AF Analysis calculations. I would like t...
    last modified by ldiaz@ence.es
  • PIPointList order

    I'm curious how PIPointList works.   I have a PI system with four archive servers.  Generally, when I am asked to retrieve data, it's from tens of thousands of my elements, thus the data is spread acros...
    last modified by Koerkel
  • AF Analysis Service - AF Cache - Future Data

    Is Future data treated any differently than historical data in the context of the AF Analysis Service and caching of data. I'm aware of all the service configuration and some of the global parameters for caching. Als...
    Rhys Kirk
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  • Automatic History Recovery for PI OPC HDA interface (Version

    We have PI OPC HDA interface (Version configured, set the HR for 1 day.   While trying to recover the data gap through another History recovery Instance, we moved the existing tags to this new History ...
    last modified by shallugoyal
  • The High Performance HMI Handbook

    Has anyone read this book:   http://www.amazon.com/High-Performance-HMI-Handbook/dp/0977896919   it would be very cool and usefool to have these  capablities in Processbook or Coresight
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  • Behaviors of Output in event based triggering

    Hi All, hope you are doing good! I have a question related to scheduling of AF analysis . Few of my analysis are triggering event based.   As shown below: My input tag is updated  with value 0.4 on 27th...
    last modified by Supriya_Birajdar
  • PI SQL/before, before only

    Hi guys,   I use PI on SQL server and want to mimic  before, before only access mode. I used below query which usually works, but sometime cause exception. That happens when no return value. I would expect ...
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