• Webinar times - Can they be given in UTC?

    Just received an email about the PI ActiveView webinar and spent 10 minutes trying to figure out what 9am Pacific time would be in my local time (BST). I am somewhat hampered by not knowing whether you mean Pacific St...
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  • ActiveView in a VBA environment

    Hi there,   I try to make the ActiveView control work in iFIX, this is a VBA environment. I already inserted the .ocx file and I can load .PDI files in it.   Now I want to couple the trend property of the...
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  • vCampus browser support

    "Website best viewed in Microsoft IE7" is clearly stated in the bottom right of all the pages here, but how about making an effort to have a page which validates to the standards? I realize this is forum software crea...
    Asle Frantzen
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  • Technology Roundtables (or not?)

    As you might have read in Matt's blog post, one of the questions we have for the OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2010 event (week of September 13th) is regarding the concept Technology Roundtables. In a nutshell, those are time...
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  • webinar

    Hello   I want to download the following webinar but it gives me error saying that THE SOURCE IS NOT AVAILABLE   and it wont download. Could you please send me the direct download link?   Tour of the A...
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  • OSIsoft 3rd Party Apps Store?

    Somebody asked me today about a list of third party companies that offer products on top of PI-AF.   I assume that most OSIsoft partners who provide such apps are on vCampus.  Steve: how about a section wher...
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  • Idea's and wishes for vCampus Live! 2010

    Matt Miller anounced the dates for vCampus Live! 2010 in San Francisco last week.   Some idea's have been popping up from the community to make vCampus 2010 an interesting and educating event. OSIsoft really val...
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  • Identify OSI staff

    Would it be possible to have a little image or something in the signatures/avatars to identify the OSI staff on vCampus?
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  • Merry christmas and a happy new year

    Would like to take the opportunity to wish the vCampus community a merry christmas and a happy new year!   I've attached graphics from the Amitec 2009 christmas card sent to customers and business connections :)...
    Asle Frantzen
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  • How to create Interface page for your PI Interface

    Hi       I would like to know how I can create my own Interface Page for the Interface that i will be developing using UniInt?   Can someone please point to the references in user manuals or in OSI...
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  • Client tool compatibility with Windows 7

    Hi Everyone,   I have gone through most of the manuals for the most recent versions of the most popular OSIsoft client tools such as Manual logger(2.3.0), Processbook(3.2), Datalink(4.1), AF Client(1.3 not 2.1), ...
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  • RSS feeds & Google Reader

    Has anyone used Google Reader (or any RSS reader) successfully with the vCampus feeds?   I've tried subscribing to Discussion Hall RSS feeds, specific blog feeds, and several others with no luck (google reader an...
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  • Develop for PI Server 2012

    Hi! We are developing a software solution that will query PI tags stored on a PI Server 2012 hosted at the customer site. In our development environment, we have an installation of PI Server 2016. If we implement a s...
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  • PIEMDVB Unit Procedure Recipe

    Currently each recipe which is running in DeltaV is automatically creating a new Event Frame in PI. But in case the Recipe started in DeltaV is a Unit Procedure, a Procedure level is automatically created in the Event...
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  • Tracking auto-backfill using Powershell

    Hi,   When an interface is restarted is still possible to determine if the auto-backfill has completed using Powershell?   Thanks   Iain
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  • .net app using a service account

    Hello all,   A dev of ours created a .net app with pi afksdk, but we are running into problems when running it with a service account it gives us an error that say: I checked event viewer and it shows a com e...
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  • PI AF Attribute Template

    Is there a way to create a PI Point Data Reference with wild cards? I have a Tag name reference that uses "Name Substitution Value" and "Attribute Values", but also need to have some underscores that can vary from ta...
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  • Looking for VBA help (VBPITimeDat) for PI VBA libraries

    Hello,   I've been trying to do some poking around in the object model in Excel VBA for Pi. I came across the VBPITimeDat function which appears to require the same arguments as the PITimeDat worksheet function....
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  • Change ProcessBook Entry Action with VBA

    Hi there, I would like to change a ProcessBook (.piw) entry action with VBA in Excel. An entry in a ProcessBook I am interested in links to a specific file. I would like to change the link to another file from Excel....
    created by QW@Lawter
  • Reactive programming for AF SDK using Python

    Hello devs!   I am new to working with the PI AF SDK and basically what i'm trying to achieve (using Python) is: 1- "Subscribe" to a specific tag 2- When the value of said tag changes, trigger a function ...
    created by maximebay