• Event frame Generation and output expressions

    Hello every body,   I am trying to do the exercise attached below.   To explain the situation, I have a wind farm that contains 50 wind turbines and I would like to generate some event frames according to ...
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  • No results PI Vision Asset Search

    Hi, I'm trying to set up the PI Vision Service. I've configured the databases and have green checks on all of them     When I try to perform a search on the asset framework database, I get no results back...
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  • PI AF Extensible Analytics

    In my opinion, the lack of a robust calculation engine is the largest gap in OSIsoft's current product offering. There is a huge opportunity for OSIsoft to add significant value to what is already otherwise an excelle...
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  • Updating PI points values simultaneously by two processes

    I have implemented two different applications that use AF SDK to sync source and destination PI servers points: One application runs continuously to copy ongoing data from src to dest PI server. Second application is...
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  • HTTP 400 Error during Kerberos Authentication

    Hi,   when I try to connect to piwebapi to consume streams via WebSockets I receive HTTP 400 Bad Request: Request DefaultFullHttpRequest(decodeResult: success, version: HTTP/1.1, content: EmptyByteBufBE) GET /p...
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  • Issue with PI AF Client_2014 R2 download?

    Is it just me?   Tried a few times, getting "Not a valid 7z file" error.
    Roger Palmen
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  • Calculation of a consumption based on a level tag

    How can I - if possible - using Analytics, calculate the consumption of a liquid extracted from a tank that empties and fills several times in the period to be measured? The only tag I have is the tank level tag. The&...
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  • Keeping the same file extension name in UFL services

    When we created a UFL Services to insert csv data into pi system is there a way to preserve the same file extension as it is before the execution ?? When i try by putting in the .ini   [PLUG-IN] REN=txt and i...
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  • digital multi-state to excel using vba

    I want to extract a digital multi-state on process book with all the values and their respective state name onto excel sheet using vba. If this cant be done, can it be done using af sdk using vba. Thank you in advan...
    created by YashLunawat
  • Pi WebAPi get eventframes templates

    Is there a way to get only a list of the eventframe templatename on my assetdatabases with the web api.   reason I want to make a combobox with it in the pi vision system. (Extensibility symbol)
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  • Web api is there a way to obtain asset database by name or path - Example please

    In pi web API we see that we can call search AssetDatabase by name  with  piwebapi/search/sources?name=af:myname ... as related in this document  GetSources GET search/sources  ...
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  • vba code to open a new PI tag search dialog from PIDatalink link

    Hi,   I have a excel in which I using PI tag search dialog by simply typing Tagsearch.Show which returns a tagsearch object. Now similarly I need to use new Search dialog present in PI Datalink addin. Can you pl...
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  • Mock PIPoint

    Hello,   I would like to Mock a PIPoint object for unit testing, but the class is sealed and it doesn't implement any interface. Please can anyone suggest me what is the best way to do it?   Thanks
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  • ActiveView in a VBA environment

    Hi there,   I try to make the ActiveView control work in iFIX, this is a VBA environment. I already inserted the .ocx file and I can load .PDI files in it.   Now I want to couple the trend property of the...
    created by RobertGo

    Good afternoon peers,   I am trying to calculate a time stamp through an analysis that takes a digital state tag and tries to evaluate the Timestamp at which the state changed from one value to another (in my ca...
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  • PIPointList.FilteredSummaries: Filter syntax

    Hello,   I need to call the method FilteredSummaries from a PIPointList but I'm not sure how to format the filter query. Here below my example:   string filter = "'sinusoid' <> 'OSIsoft.AF.PI.P...
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  • PI-SDK C# PIData.UpdateValue Type mismatch (HRESULT: 0x80020005 (DISP_E_TYPEMISMATCH))

    Hi, developers! I have some question about using late binding (PI SDK). I need to use late binding. I have no problem reading properties and its values of any PISDK object (such as PISDKVersion, PIPoint, PIValue) but ...
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  • Read Archive Files

    Hello there,   It's a simple question: does it violate any EULA rules if I extract data straight out of the archive (binary) files? If it does, what is the rationale behind it?   Warm regards, Aadarsh
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  • Unable to authenticate PI Web API using Postman

    Hi,   We have installed PI Historean 2016 in azure VM(windows server 2016, Data center). If we try to access the Web Api in browser, it shows a certificate error but on click of "proceed further", we are able t...
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  • Importing ElementTemplate to PI-AF sets Attributes values to Default values

    I am using AF-SDK 2018 to import and export xml files from and to PI-AF servers: PI-AF-Services_2017-R2-Update-1.   On the Import I use the method call :  PISystem.ImportXml Method (Object, PIImportMode, X...
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