• AF Analysis Array $val scope

    Is it possible to use FirstValue function with MapData? Here is what I'm trying to do: MapData(array1 , FirstValue(array2, Timestamp($val2)= Timestamp($val))) Thank you.
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  • PI Notifications Format

    Hi Everyone,   Is it possible to fix the size of Columns that I build in a message format in PI NOtifications? In this scenario the size of columns is adjusting dinamically.          ...
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  • Public PI Web API retirement

    Dear PI Developer Community,   At this time, we have decided to retire the public PI Web API Endpoint. While we understand that this endpoint was useful, it has become a burden to maintain. We encourage users to...
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  • Custom PI NOtifications formats

    Hi Everyone! I need build a custom e-mail to send using PI Notifications! Althoug the possibilities that I have in PI Notifications Global Formats doesn't help me in what I need. Is it possible to code using HTML a n...
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  • Public PI Web API endpoint

    Note: As of October 2020, the public PI Web API endpoint has been retired.  Please see the announcement here.  Dear PI Developer Community,   We are excited to offer you a public PI Web API endpoint. ...
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  • Looking for the code presented in PI World in 2019

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to retrieve the code that was presented during the  2019 - PI World - San Francisco - Tech Talks Writing High Performance Applications with AF SDK    Maybe th...
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  • Microsoft //BUILD/, Windows 8, etc.

    Like Ahmad and a few other OSI'ers, I am in Anaheim this week to attend Microsoft's //BUILD/ conference. This conference is centered around Windows development and in case you were disconnected from the blogosphere in...
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  • Editing old processbook displays from Coresight 2016 in PI Vision 2020?

    I recently upgraded from Coresight 2016 to PI Vision 2020, and I think it is great.   All my old Processbook displays that were on Coresight translated over without any issues.   However, if I wanted to ed...
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  • The type initializer for 'OSIsoft.PIDataLink.AFData.Functions threw an exception

    I'm afraid not much to go on. Posting on behalf of a user who says he's using PI Datalink in Excel. This message suggests he's using PI Builder instead of PI Datalink. Am I right? Doe3s anyone know what this error means?
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  • PI UFL Connector: Identify duplicate values and delete

    Hi,   I have duplicate archive values in PI which i want to delete. Can anyone help me to write INI code to identify duplicate timestamps and delete those.     Regards, Ritu
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  • Connect OSIsoft to MiniTab

    all, what options are the to connect MiniTab to OSIsoft and sent data to MiniTab....    We want to do a PoC, so please don't say: use the integrator .....   thanks !
    Robin Verhoek
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  • Announcing PI Web API Client Library for Go (golang)

    Introduction  We're excited to announce to PI Dev Club members that we now have a PI Web API Client Library for Go, the Google-sponsored programming language specifically designed around concurrent processing. &...
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  • PI Processbook Closing Unexpectedly

    A couple of months ago, we started getting complaints from users of PI Processbook closing when using certain displays.  Symptoms were that they would have the processbook display open, then with no error message...
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  • Retrieve default asset server via PI Web API

    PI Web API 2016 added a new feature: Add two web id aliases: "S00" for the local (PI Web API host) asset server and "S0D" for the default asset server. What would a PI Web API call look like to get the default asset ...
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  • Web api is there a way to obtain asset database by name or path - Example please

    In pi web API we see that we can call search AssetDatabase by name  with  piwebapi/search/sources?name=af:myname ... as related in this document  GetSources GET search/sources  ...
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  • Issue connecting PI server from cloud using PI web API

    Hi All,   Please help here, I am able to connect and collect data from PI using web API from my local machine, but while I am hosting the code in cloud i getting unauthorized error. Please suggest if I am missing...
    created by BBS318
  • Issue connecting PI server from cloud using PI web API

    Hi All,   Please help here, I am able to connect and collect data from PI using web API from my local machine, but while I am hosting the code in cloud i getting unauthorized error. Please suggest if I am missi...
    created by BBS318
  • PI Point only retains most recent value after multiple writes

    I have 2 PI Servers, and one seems to be working correctly, and one is not. Server 1 is version 3.4.380.36 - it has been around forever (10 years or something) and has worked in the past just fine, but this is the on...
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  • PI Tag value trigger for powershell script to run

    Hello All,   I want to run one powershell script if one PI tag has reached to specific value. has anyone implemented this ever?   like if sinusoid > 50 then powershell script should trigger and run.
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  • The new PI / PISDK Engineering plans

    I think a lot of us are waiting in anticipation for PISDK 1.4.0. It was first planned for Q1 2010, then for Q2 2010, and now in the PISDK Release Schedule it's planned for H2 2010 (which could eventually mean it will ...
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