• Welcome to my brand new vCampus blog!

    Hello vCampus members,   One of the privileges of becoming a vCampus All-star is that I get my very own blog, which I hope you will all find interesting.  As I am not an OSIsoft employee you can expect some...
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  • CNI interface transfer exception

    I work in the power company to maintain the PI server,CNI interface data transfer exception.When one PI server sends data to another PI server, one of the devices cannot send data correctly through the PI server to th...
    created by yuairong
  • Cannot run PI SQL DAS (Integrator) service during installation

    Hi Guys,   Have an installation issue with PI SQL Data Access Server for PI BA Integrator. There was no request for the installation path for PI Integrator for BA therefore all apps been installed by default on...
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  • AF - Formula Data Reference - How to check if Attribute Excluded

    Hola,   Using a Formula Data Reference how does one go about testing if an attribute is excluded?   I need to be able to test if a value is bad or excluded (so just using badval won't work) and produce two...
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  • Caution with converted UOM and removing values with the UpdateValues method

    This post explores some subtle details of using the AF SDK UpdateValues method when using Remove as the AFUpdateOption.  Note that usually a call to RecordedValues is first made, and then those recorded values ar...
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  • where can I download the Pi alarm view tool?

    I am newbie for PI system. From some materials, I learn that the PI alarm view can be used for monitoring the alarm point. But I can not find the alarm view tool in vcampus. where can i get it?
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  • PI ProcessBook 2015 graphics problems in Windows 10

    Do you know why problems with lines on the graphics occur on PI ProcessBook 2015 (all versions) graphics in Windows 10? I tested this on few computers with Windows 10, same situation. Regards, Igor
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  • I am facing caching issue In my windows service using AF SDK 4.0

    Hello,    I have created one windows service using C#. which connect to PI using below code. PIServers piServers = new PIServers(); piDataServer = piServers[PiDataServer]; piDataServer.Connect(); ...
    created by Vinayak_Kumkar
  • PI ProcessBook 2015 R3 v3.7.0.801 Bug

    I installed PI ProcessBook 2015 R3 v3.7.0.801 on Windows 10 and properties on some element or value is not active. I tried everything in options without success. After downgrade to 2015 R2 this option is active. Re...
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  • Event Frames which do have End time

    How get Event Frames which do have End time in it by using AF.SDK. Please share the code here
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  • How to get 15 minute average value of a tag in vb.net code

    I am accessing my PI Server to get the snapshot value of my PI tag. But my requirement is to show 15 minutes average value of that tag. I have declared a tag ptavg of type PISDK.PIValue and used the code listed below ...
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  • PI ProcessBook to PI Vision Migration Internal Server Error

    I have a problem in which I have a number of PI ProcessBook displays that need to be migrated to PI Vision, All displays are migrated successfully except one displays which shows INTERNAL SERVER ERROR. I checked the a...
    created by EhabGamaleldin
  • Connect to On Prem PI Data Archive from PaaS App

    Hi, I am looking for a way to connect to on-prem PI data Archive from an app hosted on a VM in Azure Cloud (PaaS) to get tag values for a set of tags. I do not want to use PI Web API for this purpose. Could you...
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  • PI Vision Time Bar setting

    Can you please advice, how to change or set default time in the time bar display below on the PI Vision screen.  
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  • Using an Element as an Attribute in another Element

    Trying to use this question in search criteria returns everything BUT an answer or even a reference. So here is the question: When creating an element template, it is fairly straight forward to create an attribut...
    created by DanBrancaccio
  • Setting up precision of the output value in AF Expression Analysis

    Hello Team, Good day !!   I have observed a strange behavior of System Explorer in designing analysis. Details are as below. You can see in below snip that the ‘Input Value’ attribute has the valu...
  • PI DATA LINK ISSUE :Unable to write PISDK registry key Access is denied.defaultServer

    PI DATA LINK ISSUE    I have a user who is using the PI data link version 13 to get the current values of PI tags They have recently upgraded to windows 10 on a think client Citrix environment Excel ...
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  • AF Analysis Preview Result in AF.SDK

    Hi Team,   I want to crate a datatable in C# which contains AF Analysis Preview Result. Please find the below snip for same. Wanted to do it in AF.SDK.
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  • Start Trigger/End Trigger Expression, True for of EF in AF.SDK

    Hi Team,   We want to read Event Frame details in via AF.SDK. Details like Start Trigger/End Trigger Expression, True for in AF.SDK. Please share any code or any details over here.        
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  • How to deal with PI Message Logs

    How to deal with PI Message Logs   Overview:   You are facing an issue with your PI System, a PI Client or a PI Interface? You like to understand why things are not working as expected? Does PI tell you what...
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