• How to disable pi mappings from data archive

    Basically I am looking forward to automate the process of disabling the pi users which are given temporary access, as of now we are doing it manually. We wish to write a script which will disable the pi mapping in dat...
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  • PI Vision 2019 - disable the multiple trend cursor (new feature)

    Hello   I appreciate the new features introduced in the PI Vision 2019 version, but one of our customers complained about the (new) multiple trend cursor feature because after clicking several times it is necess...
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  • PI System support on SFTP and IDOC

    Dear Team,   Does PI System have capabilities/tools to support for transformation/uploading and processing data using IDOC protocol and SFTP protocol?   If can, is there any article/note/information that I...
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  • Is there a mechanism in PI-AF to event-trigger my program?

    I wrote an app that processes data files an inserts data into PI Server. As it runs, it waits for a signal to process new data. The signal can be manual, such as clicking a button on a form, or a Windows schedule ever...
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  • Time Discrepancy using AFTimeRange

    Hi there I am breaking new ground with the pipoint.summaries method and am having a problem with the associated time range.  In the following exampe I need to return the average for a 30min period 08:00 to 08:30,...
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  • Issue with AFTimeRange Instance

    Hi there I am breaking new ground with the pipoint.summaries method and am having a problem with the associated time range.  In the following exampe I need to return the average for a 30min period 08:00 to 08:30,...
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  • Facing issue while connecting to PI server via SQL DAS

    #we have client machine which has SQL DAS installed in it to connect with PI server Mapping is created in PI serevr for aithenatictaion After enabling TLS1.2,connection is not able to set via SQL DAS on PI server, ear...
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  • Best way to stream data from all objects

    Hello everyone,   I'm working on a project which I need to stream data from all objects in PI System. Today I have a implementation that stream data from around 50 objects using PI Web API StreamSet controller. ...
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  • AF Builder TimeRuleConfigString not fully implemented

    I have an AF analysis triggered every day at midnight which aggregates data over the previous day.  I want to backdate the output timestamp (step tag) to the previous midnight, so it will apply to the whole of th...
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  • Java and PI OLEDB

    What are the option to integrate with PI OLEDB from Java. We don't have an option to use PI JDBC.
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  • Thingsboard 2 Osisoft PI

    Hello everyone,    i try to connect my IOT devices through thingsboard into Osisoft PI. (webapi), but i always get the message:  401 Unauthorized: [{"Message":"Authorization has been denied for t...
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  • Which values are not captured by PI during compression?

    Exactly which values are being ignored/ not captured during the compression for which we have to interpolate? What exactly is considered as noise?  which values are considered and which ones neglected? compresse...
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  • Finding Analyses added in a last couple of hours

    Hi Everyone,   I am trying to build a small app which checks the number of analysis added in the last 'x' hours to the server.  I was able to do it with the help of AFAnalysisSearch. Code: using (var anal...
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  • Excel Add In | Connection | Populate with values

    Hi, good day for all... i'm trying to do an Excel Add in and i need some help with the connection to the Data Archive. I can't drag and drop the pisystempicker object to the ribbon (the ribbon is the user interface th...
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  • Average value for each hour of a day

    Need an example to get average for a day for a set of points for an interval of every hour. I tried summaries but I am not able to figure out to get values and timestamp from the result. Please clear this for me, here...
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  • How to manipulate AF Table using AF SDK?

    Hi Everyone!     I need to delete entire rows from an AF Table using AF SDK. I Tried do this in some ways but I didn't have success. Can anyone provide me some examples of how manipulate AF Tables using AF ...
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  • VBA code using PISampDat() not filling in cells properly.

    Hello I am creating a spreadsheet using PI data link that updates the values from tags grabbed from the pi. I have used Sampled Data tool to retrieve the values for the last 25 hours for every hour with the tags ...
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  • Find event frames of Current AF Elements and its sub Elements

    I can get all EFs of current element as below code, any  sample code/query to get get all efs of its sub elements?    string query = @"Template: templateName ElementName:  elementName"; using (va...
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  • Looking for PI Analysis Framework Client Version

    I am trying to install DeltaV_SC_3.0.0.169 but stops because the machine does not have "PI Analysis Framework Client Version". My question is, where can I find this component?
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  • Impressed with OSIsoft installers

    I am an Installshield developer and I consistently have found OSIsoft installers to be impressive. Especially the ability to manage multiple installations of prerequisites all on a single screen and allow them to each...
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