• Retrieve default asset server via PI Web API

    PI Web API 2016 added a new feature: Add two web id aliases: "S00" for the local (PI Web API host) asset server and "S0D" for the default asset server. What would a PI Web API call look like to get the default asset ...
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  • Issue connecting PI server from cloud using PI web API

    Hi All,   Please help here, I am able to connect and collect data from PI using web API from my local machine, but while I am hosting the code in cloud i getting unauthorized error. Please suggest if I am missing...
    created by BBS318
  • PI Tag value trigger for powershell script to run

    Hello All,   I want to run one powershell script if one PI tag has reached to specific value. has anyone implemented this ever?   like if sinusoid > 50 then powershell script should trigger and run.
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  • AFWrapper ActiveX Component Can't Create Object error for older PDI files

    I've read a handful of posts about an ActiveX Component Can't Create Object while running the AFWrapper with ProcessBook. I have a similar error but have yet to find a working solution.   The problem I'm runnin...
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  • Assign multistate to a Commandbutton in VBA

    Hi, I have a server with different Processbook displays on it, every user in the company have access to these displays. Every display has different Commandbuttons that change colour\"shape" when pressed, but only the...
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  • I have developed a processbook display. Can I export this screen to a mobile device?

    I have developed a processbook display. Can I export this screen to a mobile device?
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  • SQCSymbol and XYPlot object use in Visual Basic ProcessBook Add-In Projects

    Anyone know how to use the SQCSymbol and XYPlot objects in Visual Basic programs?  I've added references to C:\Program Files (x86)\PIPC\Procbook\OSISoft.XYPlot.dll and (...)SQCSymbol.dll and can see the object mo...
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  • How to install AF Wrapper in ProcessBook

    Greetings to my fellow PI Coders:   I am interested in learning how to use the AF Wrapper for ProcessBook. I entered "How to install AF Wrapper in Processbook" in the PISquare search, which yielded very limited ...
    James Devine
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  • .dxf files to .pdi or .svg for ProcessBook

    I'm looking for a solution to convert OSII Monarch one-line displays (.dxf) into ProcessBook displays.  OSIsoft has an old (2005) add-n for ProcessBook that I was able to access and try, but no luck.  Was wa...
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  • Pie Chart in Processbook

    Hello All,   I want to create a pie-chart in processbook based on the live data available of three parameters. I was able to do that in VB6 projects. The real difficulty arose when I tried the same code in proce...
    Paurav Joshi
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  • How to make custom symbols for Coresight/Vision

    What I'm trying to achieve is to make a symbol that is similar to the SQC Charts that are currently available in PI ProcessBook 2015. I have very limited knowledge of javascript or html, but I've been told that I nee...
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  • Question on ProcessBook, ActiveView, ObjectTrend (PointTrend).

    How many values are loaded on the trend by default for the period of a day? What algorithm for sampling data from a tag for drawing on a trend?   In Russian: Сколько значений загружаются на тренд по умолчанию ...
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  • Generate Trend with Data Set using VBA

    Hello!!!   I´m trying to create trends automaticaly when I click on a value. When I use any PIPoint it Works, but when I use Data Set, doesn´t work.   I use this code:   Private Sub value...
    Allan Ferreira
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  • Processbook display on web page

    Hi,   I just thought of displaying my processbook  over web page(ASP) and updating the PI tags dynamically in the same page like in coresight so that it can accessed by anyone. Is this possible?   Tha...
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  • How can I get a PI Calc expression from a ProcessBook value symbol?

    I have the following VBA code for a ProcessBook display:   For Each oSymbol In oDisplay.Symbols         If oSymbol.Type = pbSYMBOLTYPE.pbSymbolValue Then    &...
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  • Multi Item Bar Chart in Processbook

    Has anyone successfully added an Excel style chart to process book without using custom VBA?   I ask without VBA because VBA won't work in Coresight.   I was able to do it with VBA using the Microsoft Char...
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  • Custom DR dll works in AF but not with PI ProcessBook

    The custom DR dll that has been built and deployed works correctly with PI System Explorer but not with PI ProcessBook.  The custom DR dll is deployed when the client opens PI System Explorer and navigates to the...
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  • What function does Sharepoint/ProcessBook use to retrieve AF values?

    I have created a custom AF Plugin that seems to work on many client types (System Explorer, Notifications, Coresight2014),  but not Sharepoint 2010 & ProcessBook. The plugin inherits the Formula DLL, but over...
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  • ProcessBook add-in deployment

    So I've managed to build an add-in for ProcessBook that works...on my machine.  If I'm reading related posts on PI Square correctly, the process for deploying the add-in on other machines in our network would req...
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  • Get previous value of TAG in PI ProcessBook

    Hello, how can I get the previous values from a TAG. Example: I have a TAG that counts from 1 to 10, at the moment this TAG is with the value of 8 and I want to get the previous value to 8 {In the case it would be 7...
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