• PI AF Extensible Analytics

    In my opinion, the lack of a robust calculation engine is the largest gap in OSIsoft's current product offering. There is a huge opportunity for OSIsoft to add significant value to what is already otherwise an excelle...
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  • multiply two matrices in AF SDK obtaining values from two AF tables

    good morning estimates, I want to multiply two matrices using AF tables from AF SDK can you? I have accessed with the examples the attributes of the AF BD, but I have not been able to read the data in the tables to ta...
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  • Does PIExportMode.NoReferences option include Element's objects?

    As described on the OSISoft TechSupport web site  PIExportMode Enumeration regarding IExportMode.NoReferences enumeration option:   Description: "Export this object only. For example, AF Attribut...
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  • AFAttribute class recorded timestamp and updatetimestamp

    Hi All,   We are trying to integrate Pi archive data using the AFAttribute search with our reporting system, and are able to retrieve data arriving in PI archive.   One of the use cases (or scenarios) we w...
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  • PIExportMode.Flat does not flatten the xml file

    I installed PI AF server PI-AF-Services_2017-R2-update-1, and I use the latest AF SDK v.2.10.1 (2018). Using the PI System Explorer, I am trying to export Elements from the server after checking the "Flat" box option...
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  • Retrieve attribute value

    How can we retrieve value of any specific attribute which is common in all AF elements for all elements?
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  • Can AF SDK 2016 work with PI Data Archive 2018?

    Can an application using PI AF SDK 2016 that was developed using PI Data Archive Server 2016 run properly when connecting to PI Data Archive 2018?
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  • Using SQL to Data Over a Timeframe

    Hello, I am currently trying to use PI SQL Commander to pull archive data from our AF structure. I was successful in pulling a snapshot but need to know how to pull the data in over the range of 8 hours, 24 hours, et...
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  • Extracting AFElement Name from its analysis

    Is there any method or property of AFanalysis to extract the AFelement its been hosted? I was able to achieve this by using GetPath() and extracting element name from it. Wanted to know if there is any easier and opti...
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  • PI DATA LINK ISSUE :Unable to write PISDK registry key Access is denied.defaultServer

    PI DATA LINK ISSUE    I have a user who is using the PI data link version 13 to get the current values of PI tags They have recently upgraded to windows 10 on a think client Citrix environment Excel ...
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  • AF - Event Frame Template

    Hi All, I've an Eframe Generation Analyses which is templated. But one of the AF models has got couple of instances of the same EF Generation analyses. Besides have updated the description of the same Element Templa...
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  • Announcing PI Web API client library for jQuery using Swagger

    Introduction  The PI Web API 2017 release has come with lots of great new features. One of the them is the Swagger specification which is a JSON string that allows you to generate client-side libraries in many d...
  • iha to pi archive conversion

    Is there a tool for iha to pi archive conversion? I'm trying to convert the Proficy Historian *.iha archive file to the OSI PI format.
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  • Machine Learning Pipeline 2: Writing Machine Learning Output from Python back to PI System

    In this blog post I will show how to write a machine learning output, that was produced in Python, back to the PI System.   This blog post is preceeded by this blog post: Machine Learning Pipeline 1: Importing P...
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  • Public PI Web API endpoint

    Dear PI Developer Community,   We are excited to offer you a public PI Web API endpoint. The purpose of this public endpoint is to:   Provide developers access to a PI System who may not be able to access ...
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  • PIwebAPI Batch Request reuse tow Attributes in Request Template

    Hello together, I am trying to build up a batch request to retrieve EventFrame data:   {   "EventFrames":{       "Method": "GET",       "Resource": "https:/...
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  • Problem with AF SDK Search Query

    Hello. I'm developing an application with PI AF SDK. When I try to specify an attribute value for filtering an AFEventFrameSearch I receive the message:   string queryEM = string.Format("Template:'{0}' |Linea...
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  • Hello All, I want to create tags for all the PI services like PI archive service, PI back up service, PI network manager service, etc. I believe it could be done using Performance Counter under IT points in PI SMT but there is little confusion in identify

    Hello All, I want to create tags for all the PI services like PI archive service, PI back up service, PI network manager service, etc which should tell me the status of that particular service. I believe it could be ...
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  • Accessing AF via Matlab

     My first blog post; finally, only took me 2 months to write this!   Numerous method of accessing PI data from Matlab have been published so a thought I throw another one into the mix. The issue with most of...
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  • How can we fetch PI message logs through AFSDK

    How can we fetch PI message logs through AFSDK automatically ? Is there any other ways to get PI message logs like using VBA or macros automatically for last 24 hours ? Please Help.
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