• Changing images according to tag value in pi vision

    How to Change images according to tag value in pi vision?
    created by SWETHA9676
  • Using PI Web API Channels with the IObserver pattern

    Introduction  Channels  is the PI Web API version of the AFDataPIpe feature of the AF SDK. It is a way to receive continuous updates about a stream or stream set. Rather than using a typical HTTP request, ch...
    Marcos Vainer Loeff
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  • PI Vision URL parameters for trend color

    Can someone help with PI Vision URL parameters in kiosk mode? Being able to control the pen colors on the URL: We have a standard whereby specific colors are assigned to specific components of the controller. Alt...
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  • What's new in AFSearch 2.10.5 (PI Server 2018 SP2)

    My apologies to the reader.  I have been keeping this blog from publication for many months hoping the Live Library will soon include AF SDK 2.10.5 (PI Server 2018 SP2) so that I could liberally sprinkl...
    Rick Davin
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  • AF Linked Table Configuration Issue

    Hello, I am trying to setup a linked SQL table in the AF Library.  My query works correctly in SQL Server Management Studio (compatible with SQL Server 2008 syntax) but when I try to use that in the AF linked tab...
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  • Error Updating Event Frames using PI Web API

    Hi everyone,   I developed and application that updates event frames using PI Web API. Upon deployment I found this issue. An admin user can update event frames. A non/admin user cannot update event frames, e...
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  • Why you should use the new AF SDK Search

    Motivation Examples 1. Find and process a list of elements belonging to a template 2. Find and process a list of elements with a certain attribute value 3. Find and process a list of child elements given...
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  • Suggestions for pulling large amounts of data from PI

    I'm looking for suggestions for pulling large amounts of data from PI. I need 4 different PI points from roughly 20,000 elements for a time span of one year.  The data for each point needs to be summed to the ord...
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  • PI Web API, AF Byte Arrays and Sensor Data

    Introduction  Last week, just after publishing the blog post about how to send data from Node-RED to PI Web API, I got a call from a friend asking me how he could use a very similar setup to send raw b...
    created by rborges
  • PI Web API Monitoring Application

    Hey all- I wrote a PI Web API monitoring application for my PI-using client (large utility plant), with the goal of tracking which PI attributes are used at what frequencies. At the plant we have a large number of cus...
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  • Stream Updates: new features in PI Web API 2018 SP1

    Stream Updates allows a PI Web API client to retrieve data updates from PI Points and AF Attributes without using Channels (which are based on websockets). With Stream Updates, you register for data streams of interes...
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  • To use PI DataLink Expression in PI ACE

    Hi All,   we have to develop some calculation where we want to use PI datalink expression PIAdvCalcFilVal() and PITimeFilterVal() in PI ACE. could any can suggest the approach for this?   Thanks in ad...
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  • Async Streaming with AF SDK

    Disclaimer: Any of the code in this blog could contain bugs and shouldn’t be used in production without extensive testing. You agree that if you use any of the provided code in your own production code that...
    Eugene Lee
    created by Eugene Lee
  • Can AF SDK 2016 work with PI Data Archive 2018?

    Can an application using PI AF SDK 2016 that was developed using PI Data Archive Server 2016 run properly when connecting to PI Data Archive 2018?
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  • PIPoint Search Query in AF SDK

    Overview Most of us have have searched for PI Points, but as our PI System grows larger or as more products like PI Connectors and Relays automatically create PI tags it becomes imperative to understand how to narrow ...
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  • PI Developers Club FAQ

    Q1: What is PI Developers Club? Q2: Is PI Developers Club for me? Q3: How do I subscribe to PI DevClub? How much does it cost? Q4: What’s the mission and how does it affect me? Q5: What is the relationship b...
    Ahmad Fattahi
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  • What is the earliest PI Data Archive server version that can work with the AF-SDK 2016?

    I could not find the answer to this issue on the OSISoft documentations, and I would be grateful to get the answer to that- What is the earliest PI Data Archive Server version that can work with AF-SDK 2016, and in p...
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  • Unable to connect to PI Data server using PI Web API

    Hi guys, My PI Server stopped functioning today for some reason, so I was need to install a new instance of PI 2018 on a Windows server 2019. Now, I usually connect to the PI using one of the two methods AF_SDK or P...
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  • PI Web API: Access Issue

    Hi,   Developed web application where making ajax call to PI Web API as below. PI Web API configuration is set to basic authentication, hence I am passing credentials as required.    function MakeAjax...
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  • PI DataLink Add-In Not Loaded by Scheduled Task

    I have an Excel 365 workbook with some VBA code, which uses the PISampDat function to pull multiple columns of data.  The workbook is run by a batch file, which is in turn triggered by a Windows scheduled task.&#...
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