• When will PI ProcessBook 2015 R3 be available for download?

    When will PI ProcessBook 2015 R3 be available for download?
    created by KenNaumowicz
  • When will PI DataLink 2019 be available for download?

    When will PI DataLink 2019 be available for download?
    created by KenNaumowicz
  • Issues with documentation failing to load

    Hi guys, just to let you know that for the last few days since starting to setup OSI PI using the documentation, documentation very seldomly loads, I am constantly facing the following scenario even after many page re...
    Adam Milton-Barker
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  • To get status of Scheduler Location

    Hi guys! In PI ACE Manager and PI System Management Tools you can get the status of Scheduler Location.   Is it possible to get the same status using PowerShell or cmd? Thanks
    last modified by TristanPW
  • Private bytes monitoring

    How to monitor private bytes for determining the os health ? What should be the threshold.
    last modified by UmaSharma
  • Archive Analyzer

    I am still using the older PI ArchiveAnalyzer from DevNet (this was from before vCampus and PI Square), in order to identify Pi tags that report too frequently or too infrequently to the archives from the real-time qu...
    last modified by cjrancur
  • AF connection issues cross domain - Domain Admin required!

    Hi All We have finally been able to get our team interested in using the AF database, and are now hitting a bit of a wall. We have two domains - AF database and services within CORE and the AF Client/Pi Process Book...
    created by KamiM
  • PIExportMode.Flat does not flatten the xml file

    I installed PI AF server PI-AF-Services_2017-R2-update-1, and I use the latest AF SDK v.2.10.1 (2018). Using the PI System Explorer, I am trying to export Elements from the server after checking the "Flat" box option...
    last modified by Noga
  • Public PI Web API endpoint

    Dear PI Developer Community,   We are excited to offer you a public PI Web API endpoint. The purpose of this public endpoint is to:   Provide developers access to a PI System who may not be able to access ...
    last modified by gregor
  • How to map the PI Tag to Element Attributes By Using PIWEBAPI...?

    Hello, I want to map the PI Tag to the elements Attributes by using the PIWEBAPI. Please suggest the steps or any reference will be appreciated..!!
    Ashif Sayyad
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  • Would you attend/support a PI Developers Conference?

    The hackathon has been cancel at PI World this year, which was one of the main developer events at the conference. This has brought up the idea of having a separate technical conference for PI developers only (those t...
    Lonnie Bowling
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  • Fastest Way to Retrieve Events from AF

    We are currently retrieving event frames through a custom application making use of PI AF SDK.  It is a bit slow for our needs and thus looking for alternatives. It takes about one minute to retrieve 3000 events....
    last modified by fmocke
  • AF Event Frame Static Attributes Cached

    Hi Everyone,   I'm having an issue with static attributes for an event frame not getting the most recent values. Here is what I am doing:   This is the test code:         ...
    Lonnie Bowling
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  • How to delete AFElementCategoryRef of a PI-AF Element in code?

    I am trying to synchronize between to PI-AF servers using AF SDK 2018. I have noticed that when removing a category reference from an element on the source server, exporting this element xml and then importing it to ...
    last modified by Noga
  • Get the Table Name form an Attribute as table lookup

    Hi guys, I'm using the PI AFSDK, and I'm reading and AFAttribute as a table lookup And I want to get the table name configurated in it. Searching from properties in the debug view in Visaul Studio I found this one:...
    last modified by Dava
  • PI World Tech Talks - Showing the Developer Community a little love

    In about a month, PI World 2019 will kick off in San Francisco.  Like the past many years, the events will be spread over 3 hotels.  Also like the past many years, the Parc 55 hotel is where you will find ev...
    Rick Davin
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  • Get list of all PI AF servers/ DB's that modifies the value of a specific PI Tag

    I have an Analysis created in one of our AF server and mapped the output to Tag name called Average_Engine_Speed.   But I notice that the Analysis output and value archived to the tag are mismatching and wonderi...
    last modified by mannevt
  • Adding Categories to AFEventFrame and importing to other server produces errors

    I am trying to synchronize source and destination PI-AF servers using AF-SDK v2.10.1 (from 2018).   I do this by first exporting the source server's Database and importing it to the destination server using the ...
    last modified by Noga
  • PI World - Join us at the Parc 55 for Day 2 PI Geek Talks

    The PI Geek Talks are generally presented by partners and customers.  The target audience is PI Admins and Developers.  All the talks will be on Wednesday, Day 2, at the Parc 55 Hotel in the Powell room loca...
    Rick Davin
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  • Accessing PI Point attibutes using C#

    Hi   How do we access attributes such as creationdate, location codes, etc.? Thanks in advance!   Anthony
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