• Get pitags using value

    I have digital tags and i know the value, suppose ON/OFF   i want to get all tags from pi whose values are ON. is there any way using PI SDK,AF SDK or Web Service to get this ? please let me know. i can do it wit...
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  • LinqToPi

    Description A Language Integrated Query (Linq) provider for the PI system. This enabled you to access PI (meta) data with LINQ/lambda syntax. It uses the PI OLEDB provider for data access and enables programmers to qu...
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  • Methods for querying large volumes of pi tags?

    Hi,   I want to be able to (in a reasonable query time) run through our 500,000 odd meters and show days in the last 30 days where we did not get a read (one a day recorded value in pi) for them.   Usin...
    created by shubert
  • Looking for a simple archive move script

    Hi all,      Like the subject line says, I am looking for a simple archive move script that would unregister, move to a new location, and register the archives within a certain criteria... such as older...
    created by scoxey
  • Is the DataLink 2014 (PI Data Archive \ PI System) Search Dialog exposed in the AFUI SDK?

    Would like to use the same dialog in VB .Net as found in DataLink 2014, allowing users to search for either PI tags or AF attributes.  Looking through the AFUI help & object browser, I don't see it.  ...
    created by bdeslatte
  • PI-SDK call xference with Datalink functions

    Is there a cross reference for Datalink funtions and PI-SDK calls?   For example, Datalink has PISampDat(). What call would return the same data using PI-SDK? I assume Datalink uses the PI-SDK “under the ho...
    created by BillBPA
  • How to get information about PI SDK

    Dear PowerShell & PI Geeks,   Here's an example showing how to check if PI SDK is installed on the local box and in case it is installed, retrieving some additional information.    $GetPISDKInf...
    created by Gregor
  • Print daily created pdf to printer

    Hi,   I'm using SQL Server Reporting Services (SRSS) to create reports from PI Manual Logger tours.  I recently upgraded the SQL Server (from Express to Standard) to allow subscriptions for certain reports.&...
    created by Halenger
  • Event Frames from AFSDK using primary referenced element

    I am trying to get programmatic access using the AFSDK to the Event Frames but want to only see particular primary referenced elements. Looking at the help file and vcampus, I don't see many actual .Net examples to do...
    created by robert.low
  • How to find out about installed Microsoft Hotfixes

    Dear PI Geeks,   It's time to re-animate this community project since quite a while.   By chance I was just recognizing one of my virtual machines showing with CPU usage. Because this machine is ru...
    created by Gregor
  • PI AF SDK in Powershell

    Hello guys   I started using PI AF SDK in Powershell, but now run into a problem. A simple script demonstrates my problem:  # Add a reference to the PI AF assemblies. Needed for PI AF calls further down Add-...
    created by phsutter
  • StructPackage - Give structure to your PowerShell module

    I don't know if you are like me but after a while developing PowerShell modules to facilitate my life, I found that I always need the same kind of capabilities for all my projects. It would be interesting to share the...
    created by mhamel
  • Engineering Plan -- OSI Trend component with .NET Winforms

    Hi   I wonder why an OSI Trend object is not available for .NET  Winforms applications.  I have a .NET Winform application to develop and do not want to be tied on doing a ProcessBook add-in only f...
    Pierre Ménard
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  • Trending Application

    Hi,   Want to develop some custom application to trend PI tags like a PI Coresight. Planing to go with Silverlight and some other free resources.   I want some suggestions from you guys.&...
    created by Doddabasappa
  • PI - quality management

    I need to assign the value of a PI tag written by an application, a numerical label that indicates the quality.   I know the flag "Questionable", "Annotated", "Substituted", "annotation" and the digital set SYSTE...
    created by fcirrito
  • Automated PI Archive Maintenance

    Hello,       Has anybody ever tried to do automated PI archive maintenance?  I have a .net program that compares the archive in the archive directory to a backup directory to see if a backup is req...
    created by jorgewong
  • PIPoint get RecordedValues

    Hi Guys   I just started looking at Powershell and I noticed something weird and wonder what I'm doing wrong or whether someone knows about this.   I have this very simple script to get recorded values ...
    created by pt030
  • pipeschd - Add ScanClass

    Hello,I   I added ascanclassin the file "pipeschd.bat."   I would understand how to get the file modification to the PI SERVER?   Maybe I shouldrestartanyservice? Can you help me.     ...
    created by marco.zoccoli
  • How to compact Hyper-V VHD / VHDX files using PowerShell?

    I am running a Hyper-V Server (Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition). When I started working with virtual machines (VM), I quickly realized that todays CPU's are usually strong enough to serve multiple VM instances in...
    created by Gregor
  • How to automate OSIsoft package installations - the beginning of the journey

    Let's take a small stroll down the winding path of Managed PI. In an ideal world we (I'm putting you all in the same bracket as my own thoughts) would like to live in a world where for systems or environments we know ...
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