• Where to download 'AFSDK_MATLAB.zip' mentioned in 'Using PI Data with MATLAB'?

    Where could I download 'AFSDK_MATLAB.zip' mentioned in the file 'Using PI Data with MATLAB'?   This is basically the same question as "https://pisquare.osisoft.com/thread/13480", however the GitHub Link mentione...
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  • PI JDBC: Some example of connection between java and PI?

    I need to connect to an external PI server to get records (ex: tag, time, value) via Java using PI JDBC. Any example script? Thanks a lot.
    created by AndresJerez
  • Amcharts and PIVision

    Hi Everyone,    We used the following function in amcharts so that whenever there is a change in the chart it will be refreshed automatically. But for some reason its not working. Is there any other way to ...
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  • Using PIthon to pull InterpolatedValues

    I am trying to write a Python function that pulls InterpolatedValues using the call below, with a given list of strings that represent PIPoint names. I am using the clr module (which is part of the pythonnet package I...
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  • rtqp trigger

    Is there a way to trigger an rtqp query from AF, or an event..  Looking for advance sting parsing in AF
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  • Do you Get Git?

    OK, I have used some type of version control software for most of my programming career.  This started with SourceSafe (part of .net forever), then moved onto subversion, and now finally onto Git.  Each time...
    Lonnie Bowling
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  • INI file for make the UFL create/store EventFrames

    How is it possible to create EventFrames with the UFL connector? How should I configure the INI file? Can someone provide to me an example please?
    created by rodolforotti
  • Should the data displayed in the Archive Editor (System Management Tools) be the same as what's returned by RecordedValues Method (PIData object, C   PI SDK v1.4.2.445)?

    My calls to RecordedValues Method (PIData object) do not return the exact results as what I see in the Archive Editor (System Management Tools). It seems to only happen when storing data to millisecond accuracy. ...
    created by woolfej
  • Qual a sintaxe correta do Post para Inserir dados, e do Delete para remover Dados?

    Estou usando métodos de Stream e StreamSet   Para realizar o Insert estou usando essa chama, seguido do JSON com os dados da amostra, esta correto?. //INSERT https://<ServerName>/piwebapi/streams...
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  • ace writing percent good

    I'm using ACE to calculate special tags. Sometimes a tag has to be not valid for a while. Like the efficiency of a machine when it is not running. Just replacing it by 0 is not correct if you at a later stage take a a...
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  • Can I use COM with processbook, the same way as ie. excel

    Hi   Is it possible to interact with processbook through COM objects as I can do it with ie. Excel or Word?   /Lars
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  • Performance testing

    Hey Michael,   I have been looking in to your project and have a question or two.   Do you have any plans to expand it to include AF data acccess via PI System OLEDB provider? Did you ever do any performance...
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  • Multiple Processbook Instances

    I am trying to create some VBA code that will allow me to open up a new instance of processbook. Once the new instance is opened, assign it to a variable that will allow me to open up pdi files within that particular ...
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  • Processbook Custom ToolTip help

    Hello, im working on adding custom tooltip to some more objects in our Processbook and  it to works for values, bars, composites etc. But the problem I have is with showing it on the trends.   As it looks r...
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  • Is it possible to create an "manually input" in processbook to enter data into AF-attributes?

    Is it possible to create an "manually input" in processbook to enter data into AF-attributes? We want a possibility for useres to enter recipe-name.
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  • Summary and writing data to a tag (point)

    Can anyone share a code sample in C# .Net for returning archive values via pi summary as well as writing data to a tag (point) using C# .Net? I used all VBA in my previous life....       Any help is gre...
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  • ProcessBook Popup

    Hi All,   Looking for ideas here.   What I'd like to do is have a popup in ProcessBook occur upon the clicking of a button.  In this pop up, I'd like a 'Start Time' and 'End Time' fields as well as a ...
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  • Resetting multistate blink

    I have a processbook display with multiple alarms. Each alarm consists of a rectangle and a button. The rectangle has a multi-state associated with it. State 2's blink box is checked. When the alarm comes in for state...
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  • PISDK Web Services examples - VS2010, IIS7 64-Bit...

    I am trying to get the PISDK Web Services example that Steve posted to run on our Windows7 x64 Development box.  I have opened the project in Visual Studio 2010 and I have configured (as best I could) IIS7. ...
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  • PI AF - VBA selecting elements

    Hello! I have the following categories in PI AF that I access in ProcessBook   Do you know how to reference in VBA each of them in order to "change selection"   Thanks!
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