• ace writing percent good

    I'm using ACE to calculate special tags. Sometimes a tag has to be not valid for a while. Like the efficiency of a machine when it is not running. Just replacing it by 0 is not correct if you at a later stage take a a...
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  • Can I use COM with processbook, the same way as ie. excel

    Hi   Is it possible to interact with processbook through COM objects as I can do it with ie. Excel or Word?   /Lars
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  • Performance testing

    Hey Michael,   I have been looking in to your project and have a question or two.   Do you have any plans to expand it to include AF data acccess via PI System OLEDB provider? Did you ever do any performance...
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  • Multiple Processbook Instances

    I am trying to create some VBA code that will allow me to open up a new instance of processbook. Once the new instance is opened, assign it to a variable that will allow me to open up pdi files within that particular ...
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  • Processbook Custom ToolTip help

    Hello, im working on adding custom tooltip to some more objects in our Processbook and  it to works for values, bars, composites etc. But the problem I have is with showing it on the trends.   As it looks r...
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  • Is it possible to create an "manually input" in processbook to enter data into AF-attributes?

    Is it possible to create an "manually input" in processbook to enter data into AF-attributes? We want a possibility for useres to enter recipe-name.
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  • Summary and writing data to a tag (point)

    Can anyone share a code sample in C# .Net for returning archive values via pi summary as well as writing data to a tag (point) using C# .Net? I used all VBA in my previous life....       Any help is gre...
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  • ProcessBook Popup

    Hi All,   Looking for ideas here.   What I'd like to do is have a popup in ProcessBook occur upon the clicking of a button.  In this pop up, I'd like a 'Start Time' and 'End Time' fields as well as a ...
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  • Resetting multistate blink

    I have a processbook display with multiple alarms. Each alarm consists of a rectangle and a button. The rectangle has a multi-state associated with it. State 2's blink box is checked. When the alarm comes in for state...
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  • PISDK Web Services examples - VS2010, IIS7 64-Bit...

    I am trying to get the PISDK Web Services example that Steve posted to run on our Windows7 x64 Development box.  I have opened the project in Visual Studio 2010 and I have configured (as best I could) IIS7. ...
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  • PI AF - VBA selecting elements

    Hello! I have the following categories in PI AF that I access in ProcessBook   Do you know how to reference in VBA each of them in order to "change selection"   Thanks!
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  • PI Identity / Active Directory Mapping with PISDK

    Hello,   I want to implement a service which sets the security rights for PIPoints. Therefore we get the rights from a legacy system (Active Directory Groups)  and I want to set these groups for each PIPoint...
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  • Display Annotations on ProcessBook

    Hello,   I could need some help to create a VB Code on ProcessBook to display Annotations from Datapoints in a TextBox. Every Datapoint has his own Annotation. So, if I move the Cursor the current Value/Timesta...
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  • ProcessBook - displaying SQL table results in a grid

    Hi!   I'd like to display the results of a SQL server recordset in a grid within ProcessBook. Microsoft Grid is horrible I find. Is there another option readily available?   I'm not opposed to 3rd party pl...
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  • What can replace an adodb.recordset in vb.net?

    A vb6 application written by our local IS department needs to run on the PI server. The application includes manual data transfer to PI, with comparisons made to both DB2 and SQL scheduling and specifications database...
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  • Dynamic in C#

    I was reading the Microsoft blog and found some interesting articles about the new keyword dynamic in C#, it's a series of 5+ posts that expose one of the new functionality in The C# language reference version 4.0. &#...
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  • Connecting an application using SDK with a collective server

    Hi everyone,   I'm trying to connect an application to a PI server in collective mode, but the connection doesn't work, it works just with single PI servers, Could you help me with that? I need to put other thing...
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  • x86 exes slow to start up on x64 OS

    Was tempted to send to TechSupport but thought I would ask the theoretical question here for now.   I have noticed on a few servers that an executable, including OSI applications, compiled for x86 is 'starting up...
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  • Cannot convert to type double error

    I have the following equation in PIAF in the output is a run time IF prevval('VA2801-STATE',prevevent('VA2801-STATE','*')) = "STOP" or prevval('VA2801-STATE',prevevent('VA2801-STATE','*')) = "BAD" and tagval('VA2801...
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  • How to crack a process book with VBA?

    Hello there, I have a Process book (pdi file) with VBA code to calculate some values. I want to know how it was calculated. But there is password there... The author has left our company and password was not recorded...
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