• Time greather than tags differential value

    I have one tag for ambient temperature and the tags for my devices functional temperature. Based on that I want to calculate daily running uptime (percent) for my devices using TimeGT function (as when the m...
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  • pi system management tools: event time

    PI SMT Archive Editor Event time is not showing base time values of the event.It is showing lagging time stamp.
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  • Bad Value - What does it mean and how do I fix the problem

    Here at my factory we have a Blentech Rice Cooker that reads Bad Value on cook sequence state, cook state, fill sequence state, pressure, temperature, Vacuum Cooling State and Water Flow   Im seeing this informa...
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  • how to connect pi data points

    How are Pi Data Points connected to a particular equipment or machine line 
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  • How Do I Install PIConnect Python Module?

    How do I install the PIconnect 0.7.1 module? (reference: PIconnect documentation — PIconnect 0.7.1 documentation ) I have tried following the online documentation, but after I run the 'python setup.py insta...
    James Devine
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  • DLResize error

    when running an auto open macro, the Call DLResize will fault and give a Compile error: Can't find project or library is there something that needs to be downloaded to fix this problem? similar file with the near ex...
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  • i want a vba code to display two processbooks at interval.

    Hello, i want a vba code to display two processbooks at interval.    please i need a help am new here.   thanks
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  • adding custom function System Explorer

    How can I add a user-defined function to PI System Explorer?
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  • Comment formuler une date de début et de fin pour faire une extraction de points?

    J’ai besoin d’utiliser une routine OSI pour faire une extraction de points à partir d’une début et d’une date de fin. l’exécutable  arcread.txt que j'utili...
    created by kaszczyc
  • Is it possible to create a extensibility symbol that return property  in pivision

    Is it possible to create a extensibility symbol that return property  in pivision?   I want to get the static tag properties list from a pi point. When you go into PI system explorer select an assets clic...
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  • Polygons with PI Calc Multistates Unresponsive

    Hello All,    So I have the following drop cursor event call:  Private Sub Trend1_DropCursor(bCancel As Boolean, ByVal nCursor As Integer, ByVal NewTime As String) Dim i As Long For i = 1 To ThisDis...
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  • element relative in PI calculation

    I have a findeq(tagname, start, end, value) in a value on a display in Processbook, and I want the tagname to be an element relative tag that has been selected by the user...  help?
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  • Do you have a piece of VBA code that will auto-connect to the default server within Excel?

    I am using PIPUTVAL to allow operators to input sample data into the database.  Everything works exactly like I would like it to on my computer.  However, when I moved the Excel Workbook to the network, it s...
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  • How can one fetch AF element TreeView/List of element in a treeview in MVC

    In AFSDK we have default winform methods (AFTreeView) through which we can fetch the whole AF element hierarchy as in below screenshot. I am unable to find similar method in MVC .Is there any method in MVC hat can be ...
    created by Rituparna
  • How to develop a program that can be managed by PI ICU

    Hi, Does anyone know how to develop a program that can be managed by PI ICU?   Is there any document that i can refer to? Such as the program should developed as a service and provide some api for ICU.   ...
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  • PISDK c# :how to get the number of clients connecting to the PI server?

    PISDK c# :I want to implement the function of batch writing data to the PI server when the number of PI server connections is less than 10, but I don't know how to get the number of clients currently accessing the PI ...
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  • What does PLC stand for? Among other things

    Also, when it comes to the Data Source, what does a company do to set something up on a machine so that it can send sets of data out to the interface node? Meaning, is there a device that connects to a machine, or how...
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  • "Error Evaluating Tag or Expression" w/ nested If Then Else Statements

    Hi Any and All, I am currently working on a PI Calculation in ProcessBook where there are multiple nested if then else statements where everything works fine until I add my 10th or so conditional statement and then s...
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  • InterpolatedValues2 filter string doesn't work

    I am making a call to InterpolatedValues2 using different tags on the same server. The call is successful in one case and fails in the second.         Set pvalues = ipdata2.InterpolatedValues2(Sta...
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  • Error when using .Calculate

    I make a bunch of calls to PI using   Set ipiCalc = server expr2 = "if EventCount('" & tagnm & "', '*', '*') = 1 then '" & tagnm & "' else PrevVal('" & tagnm & "','*')" expr1 = "if(" &a...
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