• Polygons with PI Calc Multistates Unresponsive

    Hello All,    So I have the following drop cursor event call:  Private Sub Trend1_DropCursor(bCancel As Boolean, ByVal nCursor As Integer, ByVal NewTime As String) Dim i As Long For i = 1 To ThisDis...
    created by cosmini
  • Powershell scripts for PI System maintenance

    Interested in learning about everyones use of Powershell with automating maintenance of their PI Systems.  Very much along the same lines of what Wolfgang started here:    http://vcampus.osisoft.com/dis...
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  • Gathering of useful PowerShell snippets

    Dear vCampus community,   I was thinking about gathering useful PowerShell snippets similar to Gathering of interesting links at the Generic vCampus Discussions forum. The idea is creating a kind of library over...
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  • Converting DCS Screen to PI ProcessBook PDI

    This thread to show how to  convert your existing DCS screen (which is XML file) to PI ProcessBook PDI as dynamic screen similar to DCS one. This solution will help you to save your time if you have hundreds of D...
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  • The Growth of R

    Found this article (Oct 2017) on the growth in R over at StackOverflow.   The Impressive Growth of R - Stack Overflow Blog   It has a link to a Sept 2017 article on the growth of Python as well.
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  • Code snippets sharing resource

    Welcome to the code snippet sharing topic. This topic is the place for contributing and getting codesnippets. Are you looking for how to use a specific function in the AF or PISDK? Are you looking for a way to call PI...
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  • Silently accept new server id

    Can I silently accept a new server id for a PI Server via PowerShell when the script connects for the first time after the Server Id has changed?
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  • Wrapper for AFSDK

    I developed this because I had a need to be able to delete values from a PI Archive.  I had been using PI-SDK but found that it did not work well with HA servers due to buffering.   You can find this tool a...
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  • PI - Automation of Maintaince

        I like to start a discussion on how the maintaince of the PI - System is done.   What my general Idea is to get the maintaince cost as low as possible.   (an EA - Aggreement is in my world view...
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  • What are people saying about the TechCon hackathons?

    Registration is now open!   Join our Programming Hackathon! Join our Security Hackathon at TechCon 2015!
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  • Video of the Programming Hackathon now available on the OSIsoftNews Channel

      For more information, please visit this page for more information.   Register for the TechCon Programming and Security hackathon on April 29, 2015!
    Marcos Vainer Loeff
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  • Join our Security Hackathon at TechCon 2015!

    We invite you to join our Security Hackathon @ OSIsoft TechCon 2015! Meet our cyber security team and learn how to secure your PI System! See more information here.
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  • Get pitags using value

    I have digital tags and i know the value, suppose ON/OFF   i want to get all tags from pi whose values are ON. is there any way using PI SDK,AF SDK or Web Service to get this ? please let me know. i can do it wit...
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  • LinqToPi

    Description A Language Integrated Query (Linq) provider for the PI system. This enabled you to access PI (meta) data with LINQ/lambda syntax. It uses the PI OLEDB provider for data access and enables programmers to qu...
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  • Methods for querying large volumes of pi tags?

    Hi,   I want to be able to (in a reasonable query time) run through our 500,000 odd meters and show days in the last 30 days where we did not get a read (one a day recorded value in pi) for them.   Usin...
    created by shubert
  • Looking for a simple archive move script

    Hi all,      Like the subject line says, I am looking for a simple archive move script that would unregister, move to a new location, and register the archives within a certain criteria... such as older...
    created by scoxey
  • Is the DataLink 2014 (PI Data Archive \ PI System) Search Dialog exposed in the AFUI SDK?

    Would like to use the same dialog in VB .Net as found in DataLink 2014, allowing users to search for either PI tags or AF attributes.  Looking through the AFUI help & object browser, I don't see it.  ...
    created by bdeslatte
  • PI-SDK call xference with Datalink functions

    Is there a cross reference for Datalink funtions and PI-SDK calls?   For example, Datalink has PISampDat(). What call would return the same data using PI-SDK? I assume Datalink uses the PI-SDK “under the ho...
    created by BillBPA
  • How to get information about PI SDK

    Dear PowerShell & PI Geeks,   Here's an example showing how to check if PI SDK is installed on the local box and in case it is installed, retrieving some additional information.    $GetPISDKInf...
    created by Gregor
  • Print daily created pdf to printer

    Hi,   I'm using SQL Server Reporting Services (SRSS) to create reports from PI Manual Logger tours.  I recently upgraded the SQL Server (from Express to Standard) to allow subscriptions for certain reports.&...
    created by Halenger