• Comment formuler une date de début et de fin pour faire une extraction de points?

    J’ai besoin d’utiliser une routine OSI pour faire une extraction de points à partir d’une début et d’une date de fin. l’exécutable  arcread.txt que j'utili...
    created by kaszczyc
  • Is it possible to create a extensibility symbol that return property  in pivision

    Is it possible to create a extensibility symbol that return property  in pivision?   I want to get the static tag properties list from a pi point. When you go into PI system explorer select an assets clic...
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  • Polygons with PI Calc Multistates Unresponsive

    Hello All,    So I have the following drop cursor event call:  Private Sub Trend1_DropCursor(bCancel As Boolean, ByVal nCursor As Integer, ByVal NewTime As String) Dim i As Long For i = 1 To ThisDis...
    created by cosmini
  • element relative in PI calculation

    I have a findeq(tagname, start, end, value) in a value on a display in Processbook, and I want the tagname to be an element relative tag that has been selected by the user...  help?
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  • Do you have a piece of VBA code that will auto-connect to the default server within Excel?

    I am using PIPUTVAL to allow operators to input sample data into the database.  Everything works exactly like I would like it to on my computer.  However, when I moved the Excel Workbook to the network, it s...
    last modified by Bakerr
  • How can one fetch AF element TreeView/List of element in a treeview in MVC

    In AFSDK we have default winform methods (AFTreeView) through which we can fetch the whole AF element hierarchy as in below screenshot. I am unable to find similar method in MVC .Is there any method in MVC hat can be ...
    created by Rituparna
  • How to develop a program that can be managed by PI ICU

    Hi, Does anyone know how to develop a program that can be managed by PI ICU?   Is there any document that i can refer to? Such as the program should developed as a service and provide some api for ICU.   ...
    last modified by ZhanWang
  • PISDK c# :how to get the number of clients connecting to the PI server?

    PISDK c# :I want to implement the function of batch writing data to the PI server when the number of PI server connections is less than 10, but I don't know how to get the number of clients currently accessing the PI ...
    last modified by Maggie.Z
  • What does PLC stand for? Among other things

    Also, when it comes to the Data Source, what does a company do to set something up on a machine so that it can send sets of data out to the interface node? Meaning, is there a device that connects to a machine, or how...
    last modified by JordanNichols
  • "Error Evaluating Tag or Expression" w/ nested If Then Else Statements

    Hi Any and All, I am currently working on a PI Calculation in ProcessBook where there are multiple nested if then else statements where everything works fine until I add my 10th or so conditional statement and then s...
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  • InterpolatedValues2 filter string doesn't work

    I am making a call to InterpolatedValues2 using different tags on the same server. The call is successful in one case and fails in the second.         Set pvalues = ipdata2.InterpolatedValues2(Sta...
    last modified by IJourneaux
  • Error when using .Calculate

    I make a bunch of calls to PI using   Set ipiCalc = server expr2 = "if EventCount('" & tagnm & "', '*', '*') = 1 then '" & tagnm & "' else PrevVal('" & tagnm & "','*')" expr1 = "if(" &a...
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  • Hi, where can I find the latest PI SDK trial version for download, I am asked to use PI SDK to connect the 3rd party PI Server.

    Please note, I don't want PI AF SDK, just the obsoleted PI SDK.   thanks!
    last modified by pzhai
  • PISDK with COM php.

    Hello,   i'm working on a project and i have to call PISDK in php.   I want to set a value in a PiPoint but when i set it i have an error 'Parameter 0: type mismatch'   Here is my code:   $this...
    last modified by ggarenne
  • Connecting PI through java

    Rick Davin We are in the process of writing a java client in ESB which would connect to PI environment ,in the past we had done using C# .net  but which had limitation as it was just supporting windows...
    last modified by dreampangari
  • development environment

    Which of these development environments do you recommend for a PI environment (vision, AF SDK, PI server, etc ...) based on windows? netbeans, visual studio code, atom. for licensing problems with studio visual enterp...
    last modified by jlmaldonado
  • Cannot convert to type double error

    I have the following equation in PIAF in the output is a run time IF prevval('VA2801-STATE',prevevent('VA2801-STATE','*')) = "STOP" or prevval('VA2801-STATE',prevevent('VA2801-STATE','*')) = "BAD" and tagval('VA2801...
    last modified by GDKennedy
  • AF Formula Attributes VS AF Analytics Functions

    Are there any plans to extend AF Formula Based Attributes so that they can use the functions found in AF Analytics? I'd like to be able to have attributes that take advantage of TagValue functions and time functions. ...
    last modified by intercap
  • How to set UID & password to connect to PI using R ?

    I installed piwebapi package in R. Now I am getting problem with the authentication. I used basic authentication which works perfectly well but kerberos is not working.
    last modified by Kmish
  • Anyone is using PIWeb API using R

    I am not able to install piwebapi library. Can anyone help me with this.
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