• How to set UID & password to connect to PI using R ?

    I installed piwebapi package in R. Now I am getting problem with the authentication. I used basic authentication which works perfectly well but kerberos is not working.
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  • Anyone is using PIWeb API using R

    I am not able to install piwebapi library. Can anyone help me with this.
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  • PI function

    请问如何在C#.Net调用PI 函数,例如调用TagTot(tag, starttime, endtime) ?
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  • piwebapi for R: how to write filterExpression

    Hi All, I have just started to use piwebapi in R.I would like to get interpolated values every 10m with values over 200. My code below work when I leave the filterExpression out. However, when I include the filterExp...
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  • PiPutVal giving 'index outside bounds of the array' in results

    I'm trying to implement piputval in DataLink using some VB script I found on this site, but I keep ending up with 'Index was outside the bounds of the array.' for the output. When I check the PI tag in AF it is not be...
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  • Capture Processbook Tag Search Output

    I've created a nifty Processbook display that I use for analyzing multiple tags around an event.  It has a ComboBox on it that will take a list of tags pasted in from excel or notepad.  I would like to be ab...
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  • Accessing PI Web API Channels from Dotnet Core app using Windows Authentication

    We are having trouble authenticating a dotnet core 2.2 application using windows authentication. We are trying to access the channels operation in the Web API as described in the Sample C# Client ...
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  • JDBC 1.1 compatibility with PI Server 5.6

    Hi, someone knows if JDBC 1.1 is compatible with PI Server 5.6 and if there are relevant issues using java8? Thanks
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  • How do I delete the Pt Created records from the PI Archive?

    I know I was able to do this years ago, but don't honestly remember.  I have created a few thousand tags and have begun backfilling data.  Going forward, the Pt Created records will be in the middle of valid...
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  • Dynamic creation of components in Angular 7

    Hi, I am developing a code section to show the AF structure using Angular 7, I did it before using JavaScript, but I was using the dyamic creation of elements with the "onclick()" method sent in a string on the code, ...
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  • Create PI AF hierarchy using Python

    My plan is to create a hierarchy using Python.   What I actually want to do is enter manually the name of the element, and it's parent and child (or need to find a way to do this) and use Python (or a different...
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  • Generating test data for a PI Data Archive

    Hey guys,   I'm using a local OSIPI server to attempt to replicate a client's environment. I'm looking to generate some data to test my AF SDK scripts with. I have a formatted CSV file from the client with repre...
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  • PINET: Timeout on PI RPC or System Call

    I keep getting the following error message while making SQL queries: PINET: Timeout on PI RPC or System Call.   I found this: OSIsoft.AF.PI.PITimeoutException: [-10722] PINET: Timeout on PI RPC or System Call wh...
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  • PI ProcessBook VB programming

    Hey,   I'm new to pi process book, and i'm trying to develop some automation using integrated VB platform. actually i tried looking for a manual describing the the integrated PI VB  in the process Book and...
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  • in Processbook VBA, how do I disable an object library reference that is in use?

    I have two .pdi files.  I want to run a very simple line of code --> "MsgBox ThisDisplay.Symbols(1).Name".  In one of the .pdi files it works perfectly fine and prints the symbol's name.  In the othe...
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  • How to change text of text symbol in Processbook VBA?

    Is there a way to reference and/or assign strings to a text symbol (pbSymboltext) in Processbook using VBA?
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  • Custom PI Interface in C

    Hello,   We are about to develop our own PI Interface, to feed data from our custom system to a Pi Data Archive. After searching in the documentation, I expected to use the PI API, because the C language is muc...
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  • Custom DataReference: unexpected timecontext for periodically scheduled Analysis

    Hi all, I have a custom AF datareference where i need to deal with time. The DR runs fine when evaluating in PSE: the timecontext set in PSE is properly reflected in the timecontext that i receive in my custom DR. H...
    Roger Palmen
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  • Powershell scripts for PI System maintenance

    Interested in learning about everyones use of Powershell with automating maintenance of their PI Systems.  Very much along the same lines of what Wolfgang started here:    http://vcampus.osisoft.com/dis...
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  • Multiple Processbook Instances

    I am trying to create some VBA code that will allow me to open up a new instance of processbook. Once the new instance is opened, assign it to a variable that will allow me to open up pdi files within that particular ...
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