• rtqp trigger

    Is there a way to trigger an rtqp query from AF, or an event..  Looking for advance sting parsing in AF
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  • INI file for make the UFL create/store EventFrames

    How is it possible to create EventFrames with the UFL connector? How should I configure the INI file? Can someone provide to me an example please?
    created by rodolforotti
  • Should the data displayed in the Archive Editor (System Management Tools) be the same as what's returned by RecordedValues Method (PIData object, C   PI SDK v1.4.2.445)?

    My calls to RecordedValues Method (PIData object) do not return the exact results as what I see in the Archive Editor (System Management Tools). It seems to only happen when storing data to millisecond accuracy. ...
    created by woolfej
  • Qual a sintaxe correta do Post para Inserir dados, e do Delete para remover Dados?

    Estou usando métodos de Stream e StreamSet   Para realizar o Insert estou usando essa chama, seguido do JSON com os dados da amostra, esta correto?. //INSERT https://<ServerName>/piwebapi/streams...
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  • ace writing percent good

    I'm using ACE to calculate special tags. Sometimes a tag has to be not valid for a while. Like the efficiency of a machine when it is not running. Just replacing it by 0 is not correct if you at a later stage take a a...
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  • Can I use COM with processbook, the same way as ie. excel

    Hi   Is it possible to interact with processbook through COM objects as I can do it with ie. Excel or Word?   /Lars
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  • Multiple Processbook Instances

    I am trying to create some VBA code that will allow me to open up a new instance of processbook. Once the new instance is opened, assign it to a variable that will allow me to open up pdi files within that particular ...
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  • Processbook Custom ToolTip help

    Hello, im working on adding custom tooltip to some more objects in our Processbook and  it to works for values, bars, composites etc. But the problem I have is with showing it on the trends.   As it looks r...
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  • Is it possible to create an "manually input" in processbook to enter data into AF-attributes?

    Is it possible to create an "manually input" in processbook to enter data into AF-attributes? We want a possibility for useres to enter recipe-name.
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  • ProcessBook Popup

    Hi All,   Looking for ideas here.   What I'd like to do is have a popup in ProcessBook occur upon the clicking of a button.  In this pop up, I'd like a 'Start Time' and 'End Time' fields as well as a ...
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  • Resetting multistate blink

    I have a processbook display with multiple alarms. Each alarm consists of a rectangle and a button. The rectangle has a multi-state associated with it. State 2's blink box is checked. When the alarm comes in for state...
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  • PI AF - VBA selecting elements

    Hello! I have the following categories in PI AF that I access in ProcessBook   Do you know how to reference in VBA each of them in order to "change selection"   Thanks!
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  • Display Annotations on ProcessBook

    Hello,   I could need some help to create a VB Code on ProcessBook to display Annotations from Datapoints in a TextBox. Every Datapoint has his own Annotation. So, if I move the Cursor the current Value/Timesta...
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  • ProcessBook - displaying SQL table results in a grid

    Hi!   I'd like to display the results of a SQL server recordset in a grid within ProcessBook. Microsoft Grid is horrible I find. Is there another option readily available?   I'm not opposed to 3rd party pl...
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  • Cannot convert to type double error

    I have the following equation in PIAF in the output is a run time IF prevval('VA2801-STATE',prevevent('VA2801-STATE','*')) = "STOP" or prevval('VA2801-STATE',prevevent('VA2801-STATE','*')) = "BAD" and tagval('VA2801...
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  • How to crack a process book with VBA?

    Hello there, I have a Process book (pdi file) with VBA code to calculate some values. I want to know how it was calculated. But there is password there... The author has left our company and password was not recorded...
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  • How to do a SQL query to PI from python

    Hi there,    I am catching up with technology here, I am in need of doing SQL queries to a PI database from Python. I found some libraries that were later deprecated and are no longer supported. All I find ...
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  • How to get tool tip for a graphic symbol in a string variable for multiple graphic symbols on process book using VBA Programatically?

    procesbookvbaprocessbook_vbatooltipprocess book vba
    created by YashLunawat
  • Grade Dependent values as Targets.

    I would like to represent Grade dependent targets as values within a workbook.   For instance:     Tag:Grade.me.pm2 value is = 3569250    I'd like the Target Values to change where &#...
    created by SchulzCubed
  • Does anyone know how to access AF Browser and AF Properties on Processbook with VBA?

    I'm working with a  site trying to convert their 170 semi-static PI tags in to AF Attributes grouped into relevant AF Elements.  I'm trying to give them a way to look at these tags.  I'd like to be able...
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