• Custom PI Interface in C

    Hello,   We are about to develop our own PI Interface, to feed data from our custom system to a Pi Data Archive. After searching in the documentation, I expected to use the PI API, because the C language is muc...
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  • Custom DataReference: unexpected timecontext for periodically scheduled Analysis

    Hi all, I have a custom AF datareference where i need to deal with time. The DR runs fine when evaluating in PSE: the timecontext set in PSE is properly reflected in the timecontext that i receive in my custom DR. H...
    Roger Palmen
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  • Powershell scripts for PI System maintenance

    Interested in learning about everyones use of Powershell with automating maintenance of their PI Systems.  Very much along the same lines of what Wolfgang started here:    http://vcampus.osisoft.com/dis...
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  • Multiple Processbook Instances

    I am trying to create some VBA code that will allow me to open up a new instance of processbook. Once the new instance is opened, assign it to a variable that will allow me to open up pdi files within that particular ...
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  • Input file in a Powershell script.

    With the help of Thyagarajan Ramachandran, I've created two Powershell scripts, one to find records with invalid timestamps and another to delete these records.  Both work fine.  I have been asked to add one...
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  • Identifying tags with duplicate records.

    We have a situation at site where occasionally duplicate records are created for some of the tags.  The problem is intermittent and doesn't always happen on the same tag every time.  Because this is an inter...
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  • PiPutVal giving 'index outside bounds of the array' in results

    I'm trying to implement piputval in DataLink using some VB script I found on this site, but I keep ending up with 'Index was outside the bounds of the array.' for the output. When I check the PI tag in AF it is not be...
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  • How do I delete the Pt Created records from the PI Archive?

    I know I was able to do this years ago, but don't honestly remember.  I have created a few thousand tags and have begun backfilling data.  Going forward, the Pt Created records will be in the middle of valid...
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  • PI Powershell: Is there a way to find out if the points created are close to the licence limit?

    I was wondering if it's possible to find out with a Powershell how many PI Points are remaining on a licence?
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  • PI Powershell and Database security

    hi   how can i ADD a new pi-identity to example pimapping database existing databasesecurity with powershell  
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  • Performance of Performance Equation

    Hi,   In my company, we are using Performance equation to calculate lots of emission data result. We have created a .NET program to do the calculation. We have used PISDK.IPICalculation to create the object to c...
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  • PI SDK: Replicating DataLink's "PIAliasToTag" functionality

    (I'm using PI SDK, even though it's depreciated. I will not be able to use the AF SDK).   I am currently translating a VBA-based PI tool into C#, and I'm stuck at replicating DataLink's "PIAliasToTag" functional...
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  • Hello, I would like to create or be able to modify existing caclulos without the help of the wizard using visual studio version 2013 or higher.

    I would like to create or be able to modify existing calculations without the help of the wizard using visual studio version 2013 or higher.
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  • Newly released NuGet packages

    So my daily Google alerts email last night contained a link to a newly released NuGet package called OSIsoft.Models. I found also that there are 3 other packages that were added at the same time - OSIsoft.Contracts, O...
    John Messinger
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  • vba tag search based on userint1

    VBA help to search for PI tag based on the Userint1 field.
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  • PI RESTAPI/SDK implementation using c to fetch data from OSI PI server

    Hi All,   Am new to the OSI PI , and I want to write a pure C code Implementation / C SDK  to fetch  data from server which is having multiple tag's .Can any one help on this?   I am thinking to ...
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  • IIS Impersonation

    Hello, We try to make a simple web page to check if impersonation works on IIS (Windows server 2008 R2). We are able to see the identity adding log information in our page (result below). But it seems PISDK do not ...
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  • PIWebAPIClient for Python: No function to return summary values as pandas DataFrame?

    The PIWebApiClient library provides functions that return recorded and interpolated values as pandas DataFrame objects. But, I can't find one that does this for summary values. There is a get_summary function, but it ...
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  • Retrieve summary data with Python PIWebAPIClient

    Hello, I understand how to use the PIWebAPIClient library for Python to retrieve interpolated and recorded values, but I can't find a function that returns summary values (like the GetSummary function in the Web API)...
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  • How do I mark questions as Assumed Answered or Answered?

    Ahmad Fattahi
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