HackDavis (UC Davis Hackathon) - PI System Challenge

Blog Post created by pmartin Employee on Jan 18, 2017

This weekend (Jan 21-22) UC Davis is hosting their annual hackathon, HackDavis.  This event will feature over 500 hackers taking on challenges in several fields of interest.  Please see  for more information about the event.


OSIsoft has paired with UC Davis' Facilities Management team to provide our own set of challenges for the hackers.  Please see the two interviews below from Matt and Sweta, who are a part of the Facilities Management group, to learn more about how UC Davis uses PI and find out about the challenges being offered.





We have real time data from many meters on campus that measure building electricity, heating

(steam/condensate), cooling (chilled water), gas, and domestic water usage. We also have meta data on

buildings (square footage, building type, construction date)


Business need: faster and better ways to use, visualize, and get value out of the data. This could be

accomplished through being able to more quickly sort through usage data, having access to more novel or

insightful visualizations, or having better metrics or analytics on the data.


If you want to get started working with the PI Web API, check out PI Web API: Quick Start.