Visualization Virtual Hackathon - Event Frame Drops

Blog Post created by aduhig on Mar 13, 2017

Team - "A Little Outgunned"

Our team name was chosen because we're not developers, but still wanted to work out how to make visualization symbols - and had lots of fun doing it. Here's what we came up with:


2017-03-13 14_39_08.png


Pretty simply, if you drag out an attribute to form this symbol, it finds all associated event frames with the element owning that attribute and lists them out by their template name, showing when each event started. We chose this symbol because we wanted a simple and effective way to quickly include events into a dashboard. Industry applications are broad, from viewing times of ore deliveries (as in the below video), downtimes of assets, trips, anything that occurs that you want to see in an asset overview display. If these are set up as event frames, dragging out this symbol into a display instantaneously lets you view when these events occurred.



Disclaimer: The symbol isn't ready for prime time, and is very unfinished. It would take a fair bit of work before putting into production, but someone a little less outgunned than us could probably do this fairly quickly.


GitHub Repo for this project can be found here.


Using libraries:

Event Drops