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Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's hackathon! It was great seeing all the excellent submissions built on PV 4 this year, and again this year the field was so tight that our judges had a hard time settling on a first place winner. Due to this, it is my pleasure to announce that the prize for the Best Data Science Application category was bumped up to match the first place prize so we could reward both teams for a job well done! Without any further ado, this year's winners are:


First Place

Symasol with the Symasol - Visualisation-virtual hackathon 2018 - Event frame navigator

Team members: Francois Bergeron, Ethan Yandow, Vivien Dumont, Christian Gagnon


Each team member will receive: Nest Thermostat, Google Home, 3 Google Home Minis, and a Chromecast Ultra


Second Place

Anything For a Prize with the 2018 Visualization Hackathon Submission for Team "Anything for a Prize" - PI Vision 4 3D Boiler Heat Map Visualization

Team members: Lonnie Bowling, Rhys Kirk, Robert Raesemann, Chris Cody


Each team member will receive: Google Home, 3 Google Home Minis, and a Chromecast Ultra


Third Place

IPCOS with the Visualization Virtual Hackathon 2018: Operating Envelope

Team members: Mikhail  Koloskov, Denis Gauder, Peter Gerlings, Hans Robeers


Each team member will receive: Google Home, 1 Google Home Mini, and a Chromecast Ultra


Best Data Science Application

Servelec Controls Team 2 with the OSIsoft 2018 Hackathon - Servelec Controls Team 2 - SQC Chart

Team members: Nicholas Alderton, Michael Nelson, Lavanya Jayakkumar


Each team member will receive: Nest Thermostat, Google Home, 3 Google Home Minis, and a Chromecast Ultra


Best OSIsoft Submission

Bay-Viz with Principal Component Analysis in PI Vision 4

Team member: Shrey Satpathy


Thank you to all the organizers who helped make the hackathon a success:



And thank you to this year's judges:



I will reach out to each of the winners to arrange prize delivery, congratulations!

We're in the final stretch, the hackathon end date is next Monday, April 16th at 12:00 AM EDT (GMT-4).


Those who are ready may now begin submitting your entry. All you need to do is create a personal blog post and add a link to it as a comment to this post. As submissions are made, I will update this post with links to all of them.

To create your personal blog post, click the pencil in the upper right hand corner and select Blog Post .


Please remember each blog post submission should have the following:

  • A description of the general purpose of your project, including who and why someone would use it
  • A picture of your project in use
  • A video that demonstrates your project, is a nice screen capturing tool
  • A link to your GitHub repository where your source code is located. Please note that all source code must be published under the Apache 2.0 license.




Good luck!