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When PI Points are created via OMF, they are created with the pointtype classic. AFAICT, that adds some things like conversion factors, filter codes, and also location1 through 5.   Playing around with them, the only one I can find having an effect is the Filtercode. Is this working as designed? Is this an oversight?
Hey guys,   I am trying to dig into OMF and I am wondering why I should prefer using OMF (via PI Web API) over simply using the PI Web API for data ingress.   As far as I understood correctly, for both data ingress using PI Web API and using OMF (via PI Web API) the data source simply needs the ability to make a JSON formatted HTTP request. PI… (Show more)
in OSIsoft Message Format (OMF)
Running the sample .NET code gets a 500 Internal Server error when trying to create a container. The code used to work.
I am in the early stages design of OMF application and would like to look into sample of an OMF application using v. 1.0. In the github space I can only find samples for v. 1.1.   The reason that I would like to use v. 1.0 is uniquely that I would prefer the OMF application to send the data to Data relay has other data ingress from PI Connectors,… (Show more)
in OSIsoft Message Format (OMF)