• OMF vs PI Web API

    Hey guys,   I am trying to dig into OMF and I am wondering why I should prefer using OMF (via PI Web API) over simply using the PI Web API for data ingress.   As far as I understood correctly, for both dat...
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  • 500 Internal Server error when trying to create a container

    Running the sample .NET code gets a 500 Internal Server error when trying to create a container. The code used to work.
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  • Python OMF code samples for specification v.1.0?

    I am in the early stages design of OMF application and would like to look into sample of an OMF application using v. 1.0. In the github space I can only find samples for v. 1.1.   The reason that I would like to...
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  • do the connector relay and Pi-Server  support the nullable type?

    I'm using:  PI Data Collection Manager Version:   The OMF spec:  https://omf-docs.osisoft.com/en/v1.1/Type_Properties_and_Formats.html  shows the support of: "Nullable Dat...
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  • OMF Development Resources

    Are there any resources for a complete beginner to start developing an OMF interface between an existing application and a PI Server using the connection relay? Most of the links on the OMF site do not work, such as t...
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  • How do you obtain a producer token for you OMF application?

    in the beginner tutorials here: OMF version 1.0 Quick Start — OMF Developer Companion documentation  there is a reference to read some documentation here: https://techsupport.osisoft.com/Download...
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  • Software Downloads

    To download software to begin using OMF, you can visit the OSIsoft Customer Portal and log in with your SSO account:   https://customers.osisoft.com   See "How to Download Products" document for more infor...
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  • Test OMF Endpoint now available

    An OMF endpoint for partners and 3rd party developers to test integration with the PI System is now available! This environment is intended for one off testing only and not for demos, performance testing, or long term...
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  • Connect device network to a PI-system

    Hi,   I want to integrate network of sensors to an existing PI-system , which has already a big network of different devices.   The devices I want to connect have a cloud connector that fetches the events ...
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  • Read data from a PLC and send data using OMF

    Hi!,   We are exploring the use of OMF to collect data from a PLC (allen-bradley) and send it to OCS using OMF. Currently, we are using Factory Talk Linx Gateway as an OPC server. What would be the options read ...
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  • Problem in the integration with OCS using OMF and our C++ plugin for FogLAMP

    Hi everyone,   We developed C++ plugins for FogLAMP that integrate PI-SERVER and OCS using OMF.   We have used the Transport Layer Security version TLSv1.0 for the integration with the PI-Server (actually th...
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  • Node-Red + Pi OMF connector + Weather Underground - Getting it running

    Good morning -   We are working on a new field-based sensor network monitoring surface temperatures of our power-plant-connected snow-melt system here in Holland Michigan.  Using LoRa technology, we are su...
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  • Problems in using the array type in OMF

    I work for Dianomic on FogLAMP, we have currently  implemented and using the types string and number, we would like to add the 'array' one.   is the array type allowed in the "dynamic" part of the OMF typ...
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  • is the URL to ingest OMF messages still "https://dat-a.osisoft.com/api/omf" ?

    is the URL to ingest OMF messages still "https://dat-a.osisoft.com/api/omf" ?
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  • OCS - blank tocken

    I created a configuration from scratch : Publisher/Topic/Subscription and then I tried to retrieve the Token, but as you can see in the screenshot the field 'Token String' is empty it was containing the proper Token i...
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  • OMF error: Client does not exist.

    Hello everybody, We've build a OMF application to send data to a PI AF database. And it worked well until last week we reinstalled the PI archive server. Then we configured the PI Data Collection Manager again. The ...
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  • OMF & CORS

    I’ve developed a few Python based examples and it works well, but I have been struggling to get a JavaScript example to work. (ref - https://github.com/osisoft/OMF-Samples/tree/master/Community%20Samples/JavaSc...
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  • OMF Editor to validate OMF messages now available to all!

    The OSIsoft Cloud Services (OCS) Admin Console has included an OMF message test and validation tool for some time now, but this tool has required an OCS account. This tool, called the OMF Editor, is now available for ...
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  • Error downloading the 2 kits 'PI Connector Relay Setup Kit' and 'PI Data Collection Manager'

    I tried to download the 2 kits 'PI Connector Relay Setup Kit' and 'PI Data Collection Manager', but I have got the error 'The file you selected is not available. A newer or updated version may be available.Go to the f...
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  • OMF based PI World labs - Training Material

    PI World 2018 - Learn How to Leverage OSIsoft Message Format (OMF) to handle IoT Data Streams UC 2017 Hands-On Lab - Develop Data Ingress Applications on Your Favorite Edge Devices Using OMF
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