• Some Clients get error "Compile Error:  Method or data member not found"

    I support and periodically enhance a VBA app within Excel 2007 that uses the PI-SDK extensively.  I just released a modification to the app.  I am now experiencing some client PC's that t...
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  • Dynamic inclusion of PI tags in a PI ACE calculation

    Hi folks,   I am building a PI ACE calc to perform calculations on tags that are not initially specified in the PI ACE calculation configuration. This is how I am planning it:   - Calculation context is star...
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  • PI ACE Recalculations

    Hello all.   I need to force a number of ACE contexts to recalculate. I can recalculate individual contexts using ACE Manager but only for a limited period (approx < 30days), and only then one at a time. I nee...
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  • Access to Latest PI ACE Install Kit

    The access to the latest PI ACE release mentioned in this previous post has been removed to allow for an update to marketing information relating to the product. We expect access to the software download to ...
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  • PINET : RPC Resolver is Off-Line

    Hello fellow PI Users,   Using PI SDK, when I try to connect to a PI Server (with authentication connection string and without it), I encounter the following error and I can share my C# code if requested: &#...
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  • SDK equivalent call for TimeEq PE function

    Is there SDK equivalent call for TimeEq PE function? I do not have option to use event frames currently.
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  • Using PISDK in Python: How do I access PISDK constants?

    Hi,   I'm trying to retrieve data from a PI server using Python (2.5) and the following (simplified) code seems to work:   # Python PISDK test import win32com.client   pi_sdk = win32com.client.Dispatch(...
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  • PI time notation

    Hello everybody,   I'm trying to find regular expression for PI time notation (there is description about notation here http://community.osisoft.com/index.php?/topic/1052-pi-101-module-4-time-and-the-pi-syst...
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  • Getting Started with the PI SDK

    I am looking for some working VS projects that I can download and run.    The features I need are:   1) Creating new tags programmatically   2) Writing data to these tags.   Can anyone help?
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  • What is a Connection String to connect to a Remote PI Server?

    Hi,   Uptil now, I was testing my PI SDK work using a local demo server, but now my work has to connect to a remote PI Server in production environment.   Basically, my code just makes use of PISDK.Servers....
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  • PISDK - UpdateValues does not work

    Hi,   I am new to PI SDK. I am working on a code to insert the historical values into PI tags. I use UpdateValues to do this, but it does not add all values to the PI Server, instead, it only add one at the Snaps...
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  • Automatic Tag Search

    Hello,        I am tryin to perform a tag search using VB. Is there a way to do this without using the tag search object and having the user input the search criteria? I will be connecting to ...
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  • Incorrect timestamp between outputs

    Hi guys,   I'm having a problem with ACE Output Tags, which some output tags are lagging after the calculation started up for few minutes. It's a scheduled calculations with period of 120 seconds and offset of 0 ...
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  • Issues With PI-SDK Snapshot high data sampling

    I have an issue trying to get a high sampling of data, i am getting the sampling trought PI.Data sanpshot with a frecuenci of 20 (1 per 50 ms)  values per second, but its seems that the snapshot only take 4 per s...
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  • using SDK functions in ASP

    Hi, I would like to know if you can facilitate some ASP examples of SDK functions to read anr write tags values   Regards    
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  • Passing Performance Equation expression in PIPoint.Data.RecordedValues method in C#

    Hi Team,   I want to pass 'Performance Equation' in PIPoint.Data.RecordedValues method in C#.   I tried to pass the equation in the below manner   private void GetPiPointRecordValues(string strPiPoint) ...
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  • RecordedValues filter expression

    Hi All,   I'm working through one of the standard C# SDK samples and I have a question.  The PIData.RecordedValues method takes a filter expression.  When I run the sample I get an exception:   Fai...
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  • Error Installing PI ACE

    Hi,   I am getting the 2 errors below when trying to install PI ACE:     also this one         More details:   -PI ACE 2010 R2 SP1   -Windows Server 2008   -I have P...
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  • error in pi sdk connection

    good morning   i have an error occuring at a customer site and i would like to be able to reproduce it on my dev server. the error i have is:   -2147220478 pisdk.dll Unable to open a session on a server. [-1...
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  • Set/remove Q-bit of tag values over timerange

    Hello all,   Does anyone know if there is an easy way to set or remove the questionable bit on all values of a tag over a timerange (without having to use UpdateValues to update all of the values in the PI archiv...
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