• Using PI-ACE with PI-AF

    I have developed a few PI-ACE calculations with the PI Module Database and am looking for some insight as to how to go about doing the same thing with PI-AF?   I have not been able to find any Blogs, forum postin...
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  • PI Reserved Values

    Hi,   Does PI have any reserved values that can be used to indicate different scenarios? Example: When a point becomes inactive, we want to set the snapshot of the point to a value that indicates that the po...
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  • How does time drift between PI Server and ACE Server influence the calculation?

    Hi,   I’m currently encountering and interesting problem and I’d like to get any advices here.   The ACE program I was maintaining often gave me a “Calc Failed” recently, and then I f...
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  • PIACE TimeStamp to Oracle Timestamp(6) datatype

    I am not sure why I am struggling so much with this but I cannot seem to find anything that works. I have input PIACE points that I read from an ACE module. I simply pass these values to an Oracle database base throug...
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  • ReplaceStates method

    I am using the ReplaceStates method to modify the digitalset itself. How can to know if the execution of this method is success?   thanks
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  • Backfilling Data

    Hi,  We are developing a tool to backfill data to PI. We are using the UpdateValues() function of PIData object for the same.  The UpdateValues() function is really fast. However, building the PIValues colle...
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  • StreamInsight: Input and Output Adapter for PI

    I'm having a look at StreamInsight and PI (looks pretty exciting). I'm using the StreamInsight CTP2 with SQL Server Compact.   I haven't found any (examples) of Input / Output adapters for the PI system. At this ...
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  • Does the PI System Input Adapter Get Its Data from the PI Server or the Inteface Node?

    In the first release due out by June 2010, the PI System Input Adapter gets its data streams from the PI Update Manager, which, in this release is still only available on a PI Server. Note: the PI System Input Adapter...
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  • FileNotFoundException

    Here is an interesting one for someone...   I have a VS2008 C# Windows Form project that I am working on.  In it, I have 2 seperate windows aps, and a DLL project.  The first Windows App is a server sid...
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  • Best practices for handling bad values?

    We're trying to get 1 minute averages for a particular point using VB.Net 2005 code like this:   myValue = myPoint.Data.Summary(minuteStart, minuteEnd, PISDK.ArchiveSummaryTypeConstants.astAverage, PISDK.Calculat...
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  • Minimum permissions for a system account running the PI-SDK/PI-OLEDB on Windows 2008 R2 server?

    We are getting ready to deploy web services that query PI using the PI-SDK and PI-OLEDB, but have run into the error message:       PI-SDK Unable to access SCM manager 5.       We did al...
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  • PI API or PI SDK

    I want to use PI API to update the data of PI on Collective PI by buffer.   what is  the better methode to do it? PI SDK or PI API by C#.   Thank ...
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  • Very long response time plus a "Shutdown request received" in the PI log. Help wanted!

    Hi all   I'm trying to be a "detective" on a situation we get at a site. The first time our application starts up, getting data from PI takes a very long time. These are the lines from the PI log that I am curiou...
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  • 64 bit SDK, where did the OSIsoft.PISDKDlg.dll go.

    I have installed the 64-bit SDK and I am unable to locate OSIsoft.PISDKDlg.dll. I used it in my 32-bit app with  the 32-bit PI SDK .
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  • Blobs at PIPoint

    What is the largest size of binary data that can be stored in a point that uses pttypBlob as its normal values?  I am interested in storing some byte arrays that could be up to 100 kilobytes in size.   Thank...
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  • PI SDK (64-bit)

    Hello,       According to release note PI SDK (64-bit) does not change anything to functionnality of the previous 1.3.6 SDK.   What's the aim of this release ? Performance improvment on f...
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  • PI SDK 1.4 64bit

    Hello to everyone!       I have been reading for a while, and this is my first thread. I want to apologize in advance if this question was already answered, but i didn't find the answer. PI SDK 1.4 will...
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  • 64-bit PI-SDK readiness

    Hello, we're porting our application to native 64-bit (x64), and I've installed the 64-bit version of the PI-SDK (  A couple of questions based on some of the previous forum stuff I've seen here:  ...
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  • SDK 'list' object

    Hello,   After watching last day webinar (about webinar, i think you should inform on which 'skills level' each webinar are designed), i have a 'simple' question :   Why many 'list' objects of the SDK lack o...
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  • PI ACE Error: HRESULT 0x80131401

    I am trying to make a PI ACE calculation using Visual Studios 2008 in VB.NET. When I right a simple calculation using the PI ACE Wizard and try to Tools->PIAceWizard->Test I get the error   "Failed to creat...
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