• How to use GetPoint or GetPoints PISDK  function in VBA for processbook ??

    Hi,    I need to use GetPoint or GetPoints available in PI  SDK lib .I need to fetch the tags using tag mask and point source .Is it possible to pass these attributes to this functions if yes how?? ...
  • Adding Forecast Data to Future Tagswith an Analyses inAF

    I have created an Analysis which puts forecast data into a future tag using the Advance options. However i need this data to be overwritten every time the analysis is run...is there a configuration i am missing to su...
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  • PI WEB API Time Settings

    Hello,   I'm having a problem with my Pi WEB API applications. I need different time settings depending on the current day. According to my code   try { start = startDate.ToString("dd/MMM/yyyy"); end...
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  • OMF and Templates

    Hello everyone,   i have a question regarding OMF and PI-Templates: We are using OMF to connect various data sources (like PLCs) to PI. The OMF message contains the values and the data structure that is used to c...
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  • COM Error using Task Scheduler to Create ProcessBook File.

    I have developed a c# console application that will create ProcessBook files.  It runs fine interactively, however when I try to run it as a scheduled task I get this error System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Ret...
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  • ProcessBook SDK Reference Library: Can't make PIPoint conducive to PIData methods

    I've just tried to write a simple sub that takes a tag name and reports its most recent value. Along the way, I found that I was unable to use the "pt" variable (after the yellow mark) because its typeName is a PIPoin...
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  • Method name that allow to get the pi descriptor value

    I have an AfAtribute object. I want to get the pi descriptor value belong this object. What is the method name that allow to get the pi descriptor value.
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  • Creating PI Points over OPC interface

    Is there any mechanism for creating new PI points over the OPC Interface?  I see that there is read and write capabilities, but in one scenario, we would like to allow the user to create a new pi point before wri...
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  • How can I disable scrolling on PI Processbook display?

    One of my users created a display which cannot be scrolled.  The scroll bars do not show up.   There is not VBA code on this display.   Other displays opened with the same instance of Processbook at t...
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  • Looping through outputs in ACE

    I have been using the SDK within ACE to loop through multiple tags.  I set the tag names up with a consistent naming convention that I could build in a loop, like TAGXXX.PV, where XXX is an integer.  Then I ...
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  • Infinite Loop in Input Adapter?

    Noam Arbel I think we hit a snag in the StreamInsight input adapter. If you get an event in a PI point that is older than the last CTI timestamp, the adapter goes into an infinite loop. It should raise an exception, ...
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  • Recorded vs. Interpolated Values in Summaries

    Is there a way to drop out intervals in a Summary Call that do not have any recorded values?  I would like to use a start/end time span of a month,  calculate Max of Averages within 1 hour intervals but...
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  • ace for matrix calculations

    We area about to start working on a PI application for Process Control that requires matrix inverses calculations and other linear algebra operations (SVD, etc.) , is ACE on VS 2012 the proper tool to use? Any suggest...
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  • Adding multiple tags to ACE calculation

    I am trying to build an ACE calculation. It will be reading around 60 different values from the PI server. I did not want to add each value in the input table a single line at a time. Is there a way to bulk add the ta...
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  • PI Ace & C#

    I realize that there is no plans to provide a C# wizard for PI Ace but I was wondering what might be the best approach to use C# with PI Ace? I a aware of the 30 step document (which I wish to avoid) but I thought it ...
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  • A COMException Error when invoke MATLAB in ACE Program

    Hi,   I was going to invoke MATLAB functions in my ACE program, while I made a test acorrding to white paper in vCampus Library, the code is as below(exactly the same as in white paper, VB.NET): Imports OSIsoft.P...
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  • Timestamps as strings (snapshot or recalc)

    I wanted to ask the best method to handle timestamp strings from ACE. For example, I have a need to capture the timestamp of the tag value. What's the preferred method to get this for either event based real time ACE ...
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  • Making an ACE subroutine or function available to many ACE classes

    Can I make a separate vb.net project that consists of the methods I want to use, and then incorporate it into various ACE solutions for re-use?  I have a few functions and subroutines that would be generally usef...
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  • ACE Debug and Initializing

    I'm baffled and can't seem to get this ACE utility to load and work on my PI server      Any help would be greatly appreciated!      I have a fairly complex script built in ACE.  Wor...
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  • PI ACE Performance Counters at dll level

    Hi Due to the various issues with ACE especially around process management and skipped calculations, I need to setup a monitoring system that includes one heartbeat per dll. Based on KB Article# KB00597 - 'PI ACE Pe...
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