• Adding Forecast Data to Future Tagswith an Analyses inAF

    I have created an Analysis which puts forecast data into a future tag using the Advance options. However i need this data to be overwritten every time the analysis is run...is there a configuration i am missing to su...
    created by PHK_Phoebe
  • PI WEB API Time Settings

    Hello,   I'm having a problem with my Pi WEB API applications. I need different time settings depending on the current day. According to my code   try { start = startDate.ToString("dd/MMM/yyyy"); end...
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  • OMF and Templates

    Hello everyone,   i have a question regarding OMF and PI-Templates: We are using OMF to connect various data sources (like PLCs) to PI. The OMF message contains the values and the data structure that is used to c...
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  • COM Error using Task Scheduler to Create ProcessBook File.

    I have developed a c# console application that will create ProcessBook files.  It runs fine interactively, however when I try to run it as a scheduled task I get this error System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Ret...
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  • ProcessBook SDK Reference Library: Can't make PIPoint conducive to PIData methods

    I've just tried to write a simple sub that takes a tag name and reports its most recent value. Along the way, I found that I was unable to use the "pt" variable (after the yellow mark) because its typeName is a PIPoin...
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  • How can I disable scrolling on PI Processbook display?

    One of my users created a display which cannot be scrolled.  The scroll bars do not show up.   There is not VBA code on this display.   Other displays opened with the same instance of Processbook at t...
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  • ace for matrix calculations

    We area about to start working on a PI application for Process Control that requires matrix inverses calculations and other linear algebra operations (SVD, etc.) , is ACE on VS 2012 the proper tool to use? Any suggest...
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  • Adding multiple tags to ACE calculation

    I am trying to build an ACE calculation. It will be reading around 60 different values from the PI server. I did not want to add each value in the input table a single line at a time. Is there a way to bulk add the ta...
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  • Indirect PIACEPoint References & Debugging ACE Code in Visual Studio

    Hi,   I have a few questions related to ACE:   I am trying to write a For loop in VB.NET to perform some basic operations using input PI tags. Specifically, I would like to use the loop counter to change t...
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  • PI ACE does not write to both collective servers

    I have a trouble with writing values to both servers in a collective(we have two - primary and secondary). Values goes only to primary server. I use PISDK to write values because standart syntax like "acePt.Value = 2"...
    last modified by IgorP
  • UFL like option to input Unicode string into the data archive.

    I have a script that generate text data that I want to enter into the data archive. I'm currently using UFL to do so, but I'd like to also generate unicode strings of text. So UFL, being API base, seems to be out as f...
    Jerome Lefebvre
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  • error connecting to server

    I'm a beginner using OSIsoft. When i try to connect to my server via PI ICU or create PI points i'm getting this  Error: Unable to open a session on a server. [-10717] PINET: RPC is Non Existent Error number -2...
    last modified by Sasikala
  • PI DataLink functions to PI SDK

    Hello, i'm developing in Visual Basic (o i'm try) and i need to convert these PI DataLink functions to PI SDK:   PICalcVal(tag;timeStart;timeEnd;"average";1;0;)PIExpDat(tag;timeStart;timeEnd;31m;0;)PIExTimeVal(t...
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  • How to create a point using pi api?

    i want to create a point using pi api.
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  • Does the PI OPC DA Server support ChangeBrowseLocation?

    I have an OPC Client that I'm trying to use to connect and consistently get an "ChangeBrowsePosition returns 0x80070057" The table below lists what the error is. E_INVALIDARG 0x80070057 The value of one or more param...
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  • where can I get  PIXLTWIZ.dll

    HI, I have an old excel that is missing this library -  PIXLTWIZ.dll. Can I get this from somewhere.   Thank you,   Anatolie.Stepanov@AlpekPolyester.com
    last modified by anatoliestepanov
  • Unable to open a session on a server. [-10734] PINET: Broken Connection.

    Sometimes it works perfectly well but mostly I am getting error. I am getting the data from Historian through a virtual machine. error specifically occurs for getting live data which is changing continuously over the ...
    last modified by Udit_Mishra
  • problemas para conectar el pi sdk al servidor pi

    al intentar conectar desde el pi sdk marca el siguiente error:   Connection to failed - Exception: Unable to open a session on server. Verify the local pinetmgr service and the remote PI System are r...
    last modified by frankscero
  • Do you have guidelines,/best practices for Implementing a Real-Time Data governanc

    Currently, we are in the process of implementing Real-Time Data governance, so rather than starting from scratch, please provide me with what things can help in this exercise to achieve our target at earliest.
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  • totalizer

    Criei tags totalizers para contar quantidade de eventos iguais a "1" durante um período. No caso de 00:00 até 00:00. O contator funciona perfeitamente mas tenho um problema que não consigo resolver....
    created by cs37205