• Hello all, we need use the configuration frame cfg-3 with the PI C37.118 interface, have someone used it with this configuration frame?

    The CFG-3 frame includes the basic information that is in CFG-2, but adds a number of fields further defining PMU characteristics and quantities being sent. It adds an index for frame continuation in case the configur...
    created by MarioAlvarez
  • PI Analysis TagDesc Problem - Experts help me out

    Hi People!   i am trying to make a template where i get the TagDesc for 4 tags , S1,S2,S3,S4 Here is the Challenge : Some elements have all the 4 tags and some do not have all the 4 tags.     My first...
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  • How do I generate sinusoid/sinusoidu data in Pi Server 2018?

    I just installed Pi Server 2018 and found that sinusoid data is no longer included with it.  Our developers use it for testing.  Are there detailed instructions on how to get this on Server 2018?  Thanks
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  • How to run badVal check on AF double array?

    I tested a point array of number PI tags and run the following: "MapData('TestArray', IF BadVal($val) Then 1 Else 0)". The output array provided all  zeros even when the last value in the array should have come u...
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  • How to convert DeltaV Graphics to PI ProcessBook displays?

    How do we convert DeltaV Operate graphics to PI ProcessBook displays?   The same questions applies to DeltaV Live graphics to  PI ProcessBook displays?
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  • PI integrator - Azure Eventhub partition key

    Dear All,   we have setup a PI Integrator instance that push PI Tags from PI to Azure Eventhub. We eould like to reach the maximum parallelism, specifying a partition key for every event/Tag sent.   How c...
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  • PI Interface for Honeywell CM50S (TDC3000) user manual?

    Can someone share the PI Interface for Honeywell CM50S (TDC3000) user manual please?
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  • Event Frame containing summation attribute

    I want to create an event frame (many actually) that contains an attribute that is set at the end of the event which contains the summation of all of the values of a particular element attribute over the period of tim...
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  • If statement in analysis

     Could someone please help me in writing below condition in analysis"If attribute value in '*-5m' is continuously <= 20" start trigger
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  • when I try to create an IT point, Corrupted Archives Count from SMT, I got [-10310], identity does not exist(ptsecurity)

    One of customer want to know how to monitor Archive Corruption. I found one document from Knowledgebase mentioned create IT point, Corrupted Archives Count from SMT. But when I try to create the point, I got above err...
    last modified by jxzhao
  • What is corresponding PI SDK function for picomp

    Hi All,   I am migrating the SAS code to .Net code using PI SDK, below is the statement written in SAS to get value. set pi_&inplantname..picomp(taglist=tagnames start="&DrawDate." end="&DrawDate." co...
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  • Is it possible to read AF server/PI system data through OPC UA interface

    We would like to fetch OSI PI AF server data through OPC UA client. Kindly guide me how to enable this
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  • Insert Trend being blocked by Access Protection

    Hello, I am receiving this error with PI Datalink's Insert Trend function in Excel, "The Trend Control can not be inserted because a worksheet protection is turned on. Please, remove protection and try it again." The ...
    last modified by skasayulie
  • connector for opc server

    Our client deployed an opc server. Can I get a connector for opc server from PI?  I hope I can configure the connector and transfer data from PI to opc server. opc server support DA and UA mode. thanks a lot
    last modified by napnas
  • DCOM configuration tool

    Hey mates!   I couldnt find the DCOM configuration tool I used to use I got from OSIsoft, not an official though.  Remember?  Can anyone help me downloading that file please?   Many thanks!
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  • PI data transfer through scheduled Customize CSV file

    Hello All,   I have a requirement to transfer PI data to external Vendor through a CSV file. The CSV file has a specific format where first two Columns are reserved for Vendor and from the next Column onward (Fi...
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  • How can PI tag receive web service data

    I need to configure PI tags receiving data from webservice interface, but is confuse steps to follow
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  • Can I set up PI as an OPC DA  or OPC UA server ?

    One of our customer locations has  PI historian version 3.4.390.18 . We care trying to connect and get data from the OSI PI. can we set up PI with OPC UA or OPC DA server?
    last modified by prabhanjana
  • Error -2146827807: Invalid picture (PIArchiveEditor:TagSearch)

    Has anyone run across this error when performing a tag search?
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  • PiBatchView  - installing both English and Japanese versions on the same system

    Hi all,    i would like to create an installation pack for different countries, the problem is that I don't want to create for PiBatch View two separate install pack one just for the Japanese version and on...
    created by miklos.lorincz