• PI AF SDK & Other PI Tools throw connection Error:  [-10734] PINET: Broken Connection.

    We have a distributed PI system with PI servers installed in remote locations. Frequently I have problems getting connected to the remote server & experience the  [-10734] PINET: Broken Connection.error. ...
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  • New AF SDK guide for beginners

    OSIsoft is pleased to announce the AF SDK (Asset Framework Software Development Kit) Getting Started Guide. The Getting Started Guide is for developers who have basic programming skills but who are not familiar with A...
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  • How to access and update child attributes?

    hi! Does anyone have code examples how to access and update child attributes?  I would like to add data to the child attribute . The "mother" element is created using element template.
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  • Supress long timestamp in Notifications

    Hello fellow AF SDKers: I would like to take the time to explain a recent service call I had and how it was resolved in hopes it may help others. ISSUE: I work with Notifications via the SDK but first I have to perf...
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  • Learn the Basics of PI Programming - Accessing the PI Data Archive through Rich Data Access

    Exercise Objectives Develop a custom console application in order to get data from the PI Data Archive. Explore the objects from OSIsoft.AF.PI namespace.   Problem Description PI AF SDK provides the ability ...
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  • VBA AF Wrapper Extension GetValueByTime for Processbook

    I have been extending the original base wrapper to allow me to pull data based on a time.  I am running into an issue that the value doesn't change for each interval and I'm not even sure where the number it is g...
    Charles Zhang
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  • PI Notification and Web Service

    Hi everyone.   I have a PI Notification built programmatically which condition involves a comparison between a pi tag and a constant value. The point is that I want to call a Web Service I have also built as del...
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  • Learn the Basics of PI Programming - Building PI AF Elements with PI AF SDK

    One of the common uses of PI AF SDK is to automatically build out large, complex databases. In this exercise we take a look at how we can access a PI AF asset hierarchy with PI AF SDK, and make some changes through co...
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