• Trying to find how to use AF SDK to detect Backfill

    Hello: We have an application that manages the AF database via the AF SDK. We create elements (templates), attributes, use the attribute's alarm limits, create analysis on them and send notifications. We have run acr...
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  • CheckOut(), CheckIn(), UndoCheckOut()

    Hi There, I want to make sure my following assumption is correct.   At AFDatabase level, you can not do a db checkout. U only can checkout at AF element.   AFElelement.CheckOut() --> only applies for the ...
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  • AF SDK Programming references .chm empty file

    Hi, all   I download file  vCampus Library -> vCampus PI Products Kit -> Data Access Technologies -> AF SDK Programming Reference and this file is empty.  ...
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  • PIPagingConfiguration

    Has anyone "played with" the PIPagingConfiguration argument in the PIPointList data access methods added in AF 2.6?   I'm encountering frequent PINET: Timeout on PI RPC or System Call errors and this argumen...
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  • Migrating from PISDK to AFSDK

    I’m currently trying to migrate an existing PISDK application over to use the AFSDK, after I noticed significant speed improvement with a smaller application that I had converted.    However I’ve...
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  • AFObject storing custom data?

    Hey all,   We have a SCADA system which employs a very hierarchical nature (ClearSCADA), along with some powerful templating.  Which we have utilized extensively.   I'm trying to create a tool which wil...
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  • Move a database from one Server to other

    Hi, all. Is it possible to move a database from one Server to other. I want to backup the "PIFD" Database by the "Management Server" from one Server and restore it at the other server (machine). And the...
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  • Rich Data Access and custom Data References

    I've found time to configure a virtual machine for testing of CTP for AF 2.5 with RDA.  I have 11 custom data references that may require some conversion to exploit the new RDA feature set.  Here's what...
    created by rdavin
  • Element Templates with Child Element Templates

    Not sure whether this is the ideal place but ...   Via the AF Explorer, I can easily build a hierarchy of elements to represent a Substation or Production plant.   What I cannot seem to do is create a simila...
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  • Moving AF DB to Azure SQL Database

    Hi, There:- We are planning to move our AF DB to Azure SQL Database, reviewed Azure SQL DB feature limitations here, I don't see any things hinder us from doing so. http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/azure/ff394115.asp...
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  • COM object that has been separated from its underlying RCW cannot be used

    When I connect to the PI Server from within my AF DR, I started to get this error (call where made from scheduled AR with ACE: COM object that has been separated from its underlying RCW cannot be used   AF 2.1 an...
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  • Get attribute value using attribute path

    Hi,     Is it possible to find an attribute and its value directly using either its path or ID?  I have got attribute path and attribute ID. I want to get attribute value  directly from the at...
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  • Re: AF SDK fetch digital tag value

    Thank you and good luck!
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  • Latest PI Notifcations code example

    Hi there are a lot of old posts on Notifications SDK.  Where can I find code examples using the latest SDK for Notifications.  Basically needing to programitically retreive the notification history for a par...
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  • How to extract Event Frames?

    So, now I have lots of event frames, specifically 5 assets using the same template generating about 250 frames a day.  So, how do I get that data out some where to analyze it?  The SQL Commander does stuff, ...
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  • AFAttribute SetValue does not work correctly in a loop

        If I am writing values to AF (lets say they are just <none> data reference types, so internal attributes to AF) via the SDK in a loop, I find only some of the values are written, not all. For examp...
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  • Asset Based Analytics - How to build a counter ?

    I need to build some attribute based counters for fault codes contained in a PI tag. Do anyone have an example of an incrementing counter in Asset Based Analytics ? For example, as a test, if I wanted to increment ...
    Tony Fenn
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  • Issue in FindElementsByTemplate with searchRoot option

    Hello Team,   I am using the below code to get the element information...         AFElement searchRoot = null; if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(rootNode))      ...
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  • How to remove 'Everyone' access when a new AF db is being created?

    Hi,   When a new AF db is being created, I noticed 'Everyone' access is being 'added' by default besides Administrator.   Is there a way to remove this 'Everyone' access from default setting? Ultimately, w...
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  • How to use current time in a formula

    Hi Everyone,   I have two AF attributes, one is start time the other is end time, both are type DateTime.   I want to create a simple AF formula that determines if the current system time is between these tw...
    Lonnie Bowling
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