• AF SDK Programming references .chm empty file

    Hi, all   I download file  vCampus Library -> vCampus PI Products Kit -> Data Access Technologies -> AF SDK Programming Reference and this file is empty.  ...
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  • PIPagingConfiguration

    Has anyone "played with" the PIPagingConfiguration argument in the PIPointList data access methods added in AF 2.6?   I'm encountering frequent PINET: Timeout on PI RPC or System Call errors and this argumen...
    created by richardmarcell
  • Migrating from PISDK to AFSDK

    I’m currently trying to migrate an existing PISDK application over to use the AFSDK, after I noticed significant speed improvement with a smaller application that I had converted.    However I’ve...
    created by bevanweiss
  • AFObject storing custom data?

    Hey all,   We have a SCADA system which employs a very hierarchical nature (ClearSCADA), along with some powerful templating.  Which we have utilized extensively.   I'm trying to create a tool which wil...
    created by bevanweiss
  • Move a database from one Server to other

    Hi, all. Is it possible to move a database from one Server to other. I want to backup the "PIFD" Database by the "Management Server" from one Server and restore it at the other server (machine). And the...
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  • Rich Data Access and custom Data References

    I've found time to configure a virtual machine for testing of CTP for AF 2.5 with RDA.  I have 11 custom data references that may require some conversion to exploit the new RDA feature set.  Here's what...
    Rick Davin
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  • Element Templates with Child Element Templates

    Not sure whether this is the ideal place but ...   Via the AF Explorer, I can easily build a hierarchy of elements to represent a Substation or Production plant.   What I cannot seem to do is create a simila...
    created by SteveOD
  • Moving AF DB to Azure SQL Database

    Hi, There:- We are planning to move our AF DB to Azure SQL Database, reviewed Azure SQL DB feature limitations here, I don't see any things hinder us from doing so. http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/azure/ff394115.asp...
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  • COM object that has been separated from its underlying RCW cannot be used

    When I connect to the PI Server from within my AF DR, I started to get this error (call where made from scheduled AR with ACE: COM object that has been separated from its underlying RCW cannot be used   AF 2.1 an...
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  • Get attribute value using attribute path

    Hi,     Is it possible to find an attribute and its value directly using either its path or ID?  I have got attribute path and attribute ID. I want to get attribute value  directly from the at...
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  • Re: AF SDK fetch digital tag value

    Thank you and good luck!
    Rick Davin
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  • Latest PI Notifcations code example

    Hi there are a lot of old posts on Notifications SDK.  Where can I find code examples using the latest SDK for Notifications.  Basically needing to programitically retreive the notification history for a par...
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  • How to extract Event Frames?

    So, now I have lots of event frames, specifically 5 assets using the same template generating about 250 frames a day.  So, how do I get that data out some where to analyze it?  The SQL Commander does stuff, ...
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  • AFAttribute SetValue does not work correctly in a loop

        If I am writing values to AF (lets say they are just <none> data reference types, so internal attributes to AF) via the SDK in a loop, I find only some of the values are written, not all. For examp...
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  • Asset Based Analytics - How to build a counter ?

    I need to build some attribute based counters for fault codes contained in a PI tag. Do anyone have an example of an incrementing counter in Asset Based Analytics ? For example, as a test, if I wanted to increment ...
    Tony Fenn
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  • Issue in FindElementsByTemplate with searchRoot option

    Hello Team,   I am using the below code to get the element information...         AFElement searchRoot = null; if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(rootNode))      ...
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  • How to remove 'Everyone' access when a new AF db is being created?

    Hi,   When a new AF db is being created, I noticed 'Everyone' access is being 'added' by default besides Administrator.   Is there a way to remove this 'Everyone' access from default setting? Ultimately, w...
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  • How to use current time in a formula

    Hi Everyone,   I have two AF attributes, one is start time the other is end time, both are type DateTime.   I want to create a simple AF formula that determines if the current system time is between these tw...
    Lonnie Bowling
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  • No. of decimal places in returned value

    I am building elements in the AF Explorer and assigning a PI point to the attribute, the question I have is why a whole number returned rather than the actual PI value e.g. 2.04 and why are only postive valu...
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  • AF attribute fed from webservice

    Hi everybody!   Is it possible to get the value of an AF attribute from a webservice ?   Thanks.
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