• Analysis evaluation and updating values order in Custom DR

    Hello, I am trying to implement Custom DR based on MS SQL. I have implemented the methods: AFDataReferenceMethod.GetValue, AFDataReferenceMethod.GetValues, AFDataReferenceMethod.SetValue AFDataMethods.Summary, AFD...
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  • Strange exception processing PI tag

    One of our applications that scans through PI AF models gathering information is hitting a rather odd exception that looks like the PI server itself might be misconfigured somehow. The stack trace is:   OSIsoft....
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  • I am looking for some help. connection issue with passing credentials to connect PI Data archive server. But I am able to connect AF server by AF SDK

    I am not able to connect PI data archive server but I am able to connect AF server for same credentials following below code. We mapped to pi points to this user credentials. Looking for help to connect PI data archiv...
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  • Is there an efficient way to search for orphaned tags?

    I'd like to search through the PI AF configuration for orphaned tags - that is to say, find tags which are defined in a particular PI server but not in a PI AF model which makes use of that server. Is there an efficie...
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  • Will AF SDK be supported in .NET 5 (year end 2020)?

    Last week would have been PI World 2020 where such a question would have been answered in a presentation or by answering a question from the audience.  I fully understand that .NET Core 1x, 2x, and 3x cannot...
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  • Attribute ConfigString

    I have created elements based on a template that has PI Point data reference attributes which uses substitution parameters.  I would write .Net code using the AF-SDK to retrieve the attributes' PI Points.  I...
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  • Trend Custom DataReference

    Hi, I created a data reference works fine, but when i use in a ProcessBook Trend, the line in the trend doesn't change like a PIPoint trend     Somebody knows to solve this problem?   Methods getValues...
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  • additional properties for an attribute

    Hello,   I was wondering if there's a way to add new properties to AF attributes. The goal is to have additional name and description fields to store a french name and description.   Any ideas of how we...
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  • loop through each display in thisprocessbook ?

    Hi everyone and thanks for reading, I'm trying to loop something through all displays in my processbook, I've place my code in the parent of all my displays and it looks something like this :   dim d as disp...
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  • Capture updated AF Values from Processbook VBA

    Hello,   I have written a few macros for one of our processbook displays that read in AF values from our AF Database, performs a calculation, and then manipulates the display based on the results (highlights a tr...
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  • Displaying AF Attributes on ActiveView

    Hi Guys,   I was looking at the Webnar for VB.Net and Activeview and started to write code to pass the PI Tag from the Attribute to the ActiveView object.  I know in Processbook, you can display AF Attribute...
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  • Best Practices related to Garbage Collection

    Hi all, We recently built two applications leveraging the PI SDK, and I am curious to learn more about best practices related to garbage collection to optimize memory usage in the contexts of the applications we buil...
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  • ACE Module with STA Thread

    Hi Everyone,   I've got a question regarding threading an PI ACE.   Like a number of users, we are using a combination of PI ACE and AFSDK to run calculations which are too complex to run in AF Analytics. ...
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  • Data Reference AF

    Hi,   I am developing a Data Reference should work as equal the PI Point Data Reference but, i want to do some calculations...   example:             i need to get a...
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  • ACE and AF SDK .NET 4.0, Matrix Inversion, SVD

    HI:   We are writing some ACE calculations that require Matrix inversion, SVD, etc. is there any workaround to make ACE to work with AF SDK in .NET 4.0 and up?. I would like to directly access AF elements in ACE...
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  • Retreiving Event Frame in SQL Server

    good afternoon,   looking for comments, idea, advices.   very simple example that i want to accomplish. ultimately it's more than that, but it's illustrating the case. let's say i want to use a sql stored pr...
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  • Custom Delivery channel - Accessing Attribute value

    I have created a new delivery channel.   I have trouble accessing the Attribute value.   I tried various classes from PI AF SDK, like AFNotificationContent, AFNotificationContentResult, AFNotificationConte...
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  • Child element templates

    Is there a way to create 2 element templates with a composition relationship between them such that when you create and element from the parent template, both elements get created "automatically"? I'm interested in do...
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  • 'About PI SDK' (PI SDK utility), where can I find this?

    I've downloaded the following package: "PI Asset Framework (PI,ALF) Client 2016 R Install Kit '. I can't find the 'About PI SDK' (PI SDK utility), where can I find this? Or has this been replaced by another tool?
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  • Finding Attributes that support SetValue

    At the moment I use the FindElementAttributes method to retrieve an AFAttributeList with some specific search criteria to narrow down the search.  I then parse the AFAttributeList for Attributes that support SetV...
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