• ACE and AF SDK .NET 4.0, Matrix Inversion, SVD

    HI:   We are writing some ACE calculations that require Matrix inversion, SVD, etc. is there any workaround to make ACE to work with AF SDK in .NET 4.0 and up?. I would like to directly access AF elements in ACE...
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  • 'About PI SDK' (PI SDK utility), where can I find this?

    I've downloaded the following package: "PI Asset Framework (PI,ALF) Client 2016 R Install Kit '. I can't find the 'About PI SDK' (PI SDK utility), where can I find this? Or has this been replaced by another tool?
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  • GetObserverEvents maximum time between calls

    I'm seeing some unexplained behavior from GetObserverEvents and I'm hoping someone can shed some light on the expected behavior.   1) I have a point that updates ~ every 5 seconds.  If I call GetObserve...
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  • How to subscribe to value changes using .NET SDK?

    Hello,   we are looking to the optimal way to detect changes in Data Archive, if an operator changes the value manually. What are the options?   Thank you for the hint.   Best regards, Dmytro
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  • How to pass attributes from DataLink Function (PIAdvCalcFilVal()) to AF SDK Function (PIPoint.FilteredSummaries())

    I have a query makes with PIAdvCalcFilVal() in DAtaLink with few arguments but when i want to convert it into a PIPoint.FilteredSummaries()method in my Python script gives me errors. have i to fill all attr...
    created by Fernandez
  • How to return resolved attribute configuration strings?

    I am trying to create a program that pulls a list of all PIPoints referenced by attributes within an AFDatabase.  I have created an AFAttributeSearch object that finds all attributes with PluginName "PI Point", a...
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  • Deny local logon work around

    Hello all,   There is a group policy that our IT department doesn’t allow local log on rights to service accounts. I wrote a few .net apps which I use a scheduled task to run as the service account to auth...
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  • PI AF Delivery Format - Color coding attributes?

    We have created an AFDeliveryFormat for a PI AF notification rule.  We would like to send out a daily email with this format.  The body of the email contains references to attributes, but the problem is that...
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  • How to work with PI AF SDK after expiring trial license

    Hi there!   As a developer I activated trial subscription to do experiments with PI AF SDK. I don't need to use PI Server, because I connect to licensed PI Server, provided by my company. Also I don't need to se...
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  • How to fetch historical data of AF attributes through AFSDK in Csharp

    How to extract particular AF attribute historical data by giving start date?
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  • PIPoint.FindPIPoints returns half the number of tags that PIDataLink returns.

    I have a program that calls the following method below, and then calls another method (which I'll omit for the time being because it's probably unrelated to the problem) that exports the list to an Excel column. ...
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  • Not able to install PI Data Archieve

    I am trying to setup pi system on my machine. I have already installed PI-AF-Server_2016 on my machine. When i am trying to install PIDataArchive_2016, the installation is getting failed in between.   ...
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  • Save EF Acknowledgement timestamp as a Timestamp Pi Point ?

    Hi everyone,   is it possible to Save EF Acknowledgement timestamp as a Timestamp Pi Point ?   I Found the way to do it for the reason code, by changing his properties, but i did not find any pla...
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  • Find which AF database is totalizing my point!

    Quite a long time ago, I set up an AF database analysis that takes a given tag, calculates a daily total for it, and exports that to another (total) tag.  I now want to back-fill the data.  The problem: I ca...
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  • error.key.PIPoint.ID returning null instead of Id

    I am updating pi points using UpdateValues() method and storing the errors(if occurred) in a variable of AFErrors<AFValue> type. In order to test this functionality, i deleted the pi point from Pi System Ma...
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  • How to connect to PI Server hosted on a separate machine using AF SDK

    Hi Team,   I need to create a web API that should connect to PI server not AF server and fetch tags values. I am using the following code to connect to PI server :- PIServer myPIserver = new PIServers()["Test"...
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  • Does AFTime takes UNIX timestamp as the parameter

    Hey Everyone, my query is Does AFTime takes UNIX timestamp as the parameter. Below is the piece of code for reference.   long timestamp = 1594051320; AFTime aftime=new AFTime(Convert.ToString(timestamp).Da...
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  • Updating PI Points in PI server in batches

    Hey Everyone, I am working on a piece of code where i have to update the PI Points in Pi Server and have to know whether all PI Points are updated successfully or only some Points are updated.   I am able to upd...
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  • Error connecting to PI from WEB API

    Hi Team,   I have developed a .net Framework web API in C# language to connect to PI which is running on separate machine. The API is working fine when i am executing it from visual studio but when i am trying ...
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  • What training remains available within PI Dev Club? Is the VLE for the PI AF 2.9 Getting Started Guide available?

    I thought that PI Dev Club memberships included access to learning environments, but I cannot locate the VLE for the PI AF SDK 2.9 Getting Started Guide.  Instead, I see a quick link for $999 for a cloud learning...
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