• java.sql.SQLException: [Orb.Channel] The channel is not registered on server

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    Hi,   I try to create new transpoze function in DataT folder in SQL Commander.   On the end in wizard i have an error, dont know what the reason.     Is there any log file where i can check detail...
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  • Timestep invalid

    When I query the interp2 table with no timestep specified, the query works fine and returns the default timestep of 1h.  When I try to specifiy the timestep as '1m' to get minute data, I get the following error: ...
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  • In case of PIOLEDB Linked server permance issue...

    During a techsupport call, we found that Connection Pooling may help a lot with the PIOLEDB Linked server performance, this is the situation:   The PI Server and SQL server resides in different locations and has ...
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  • Large SQL data call

    How do I write a SQL query to retrieve (4500 PI tags) along with pulling every second of a day (86,400) 4,500 X 86,400 = 388,800,000 rows in one query. Here is what I am trying use currently. Can someone please help? ...
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  • PIOLEDB.1' provider is not registered

    Hi,     I am getting below error  when I tried to access PI Db using PIOLEDB. What is the workaround to resolve this issue?     Error: PIOLEDB.1' provider is not registered on the lo...
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  • OLEDB Provider error

    Hi ,     We’re getting an error when trying to connect in the PowerPivot add-in for Excel. We need to run a very large data call that exceeds the number of rows available in a standard Excel works...
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  • INSERT into picomp2 using linked server

    Hi!   I want to use an SQL table and load the content to picomp2.   My SQL table is an extract from PI, some data adjustment (on timestamp), clear the data for those tags and reload the corrected data.  ...
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  • So, no need for JDBC 3.0 API??

    Hey fellow JDBC Developers!   A week ago I published Hey JDBC Developers... what does JDBC 3.0 mean to you? about whether we should implement support for the JDBC 3.0 API (we support the latest one, 4.0)... ...
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  • PI JDBC driver software prerequisites

    Hi ,   I am using PI jDBC driver to access PI server from a Java application.            String driver = "com.osisoft.jdbc.Driver";       ...
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  • What does the "value" field of picalc table indicates?

    Hello,   What does the "value" field of picalc table indicates? I couldn't find explanation about it from PI OLEDB Provider 2010 R3 Manual.      Thanks.
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  • PI-ODBC3 CTP2 with Oracle Gateway for ODBC 12c

    Has any Oracle savy developers successfully been able to use the new PI-ODBC 3  CTP2 driver with Oracle 12c Gateway for ODBC?   I can make a connection to the PI Data Archive server as long as the HS_DB_NAME...
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  • interpolations

    HI I am creating a Java interface to PI from one of our distribution systems . I was looking through the sample statements provided in the OLEDB Tester  folder  PIPC\OLEDB\Tools64\PI OLEDB Tester.  ...
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  • Get Digital Set Name by passing Tag Name and Tag Value using PI OLEDB

    Hi Team,   I want to retrieve 'Digital Set' name by passing 'Tag Name & Tag Value' using PI OLEDB.   Please let me know any solutions for this.   thanks...
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  • Getting Value using descriptors and Transposing results

    Hi,   I need to get values from PI database using descriptors for various time intervals in the last 24 hours  I am using PI JDBC driver and my application is built in java   The following query gets th...
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  • PIODBC 2014

    good afternoon   is an a PI ODBC 2014 DSN can be use in a SQL Linked Server with the OLDB Privider for ODBC Driver like the early PI ODBC few years ago?   I configured one, the test connection succeed, but w...
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  • PI JDBC Connection Pooling

    Hi I am trying to use com.osisoft.jdbc2.* classes for PI JDBC Connection Pooling but i am getting the following error. Can you please suggest a resolution and a similar sample code.    cannot access com.osis...
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  • Run AF SQL Commander transposed View in SQL Linked server

    HI There I am trying to run a view created in PI AF SQL Commander from MS SQL Server Studio based linked server. I am getting the error of timeout. The view works perfectly in PI SQL commander but not in MS SQL. The v...
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  • Java Error - (java.sql.SQLException) java.sql.SQLException: [PIOLEDBENT]

    Hi , I am new to PI system . I am writing Java code to connect to PI and retrieve data.   The connection part is working fine however I am having issues with the SQL   public String connectToPI() { ...
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    I am using OLEDB via c# on two different environments, everything works fine on my Windows 7 32 bit machine. The moment I go to the Server 2008 64 bit virtual I get a weird error on opening my OleDbConnection $excep...
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