• PI OLEDB Enterprise Multiple Attributes Values

     Hi,   I wanted to know if there is any way to write a query which can provide multiple attribute snapshot & summary data in 1 go.
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  • Find previous event frame

    Using PIOLEDBENT     I am generating event frames for a process (production, cleaning). I need to search by date/time for 'EventFrame1' I then need to find the event frame previous to 'EventFrame1'.  ...
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  • Combine rows into comma separated values

    I have the following query: Select  erc.Value as [ZONE] ,  el.Name as [LINE] from [AFDB].[EventFrame].[EventFrame] ef   INNER JOIN [AFDB].[Asset].[Element] el ON el.ID = ef.PrimaryRefer...
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  • Inserting overflow record

    Data is updating in primary PI server (2012 version ) but not in secondary pi server for specific point source all most all tags around 300. When I have observed in logs I found below message.   Inserting overf...
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  • What would make RTQP queries  intermittently Time out. The first execution returns in 2 seconds the next Times out. We recently updated the Server . How Can I detect what the problem really is.

    Select top 50 * from [MASTER].[ELEMENT].[Attribute] ea INNER JOIN [MASTER].[ELEMENT].[ARCHIVE] a ON a.ATTRIBUTE= ea.ID  and ELEMENT = 'XXXXXXX'  and NAME like  '%7-7%' Where a.TIMESTAMP BETWEEN '04/...
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  • Error while installing PI OLEDB Enterprise 2017R2

    Hi,   I am trying to install OLEDB Enterprise 2017 R2 and I have AF 2018 SP2, but i am getting error as below. Can anyone tell tell why i am getting this AFclient version error. Regards, Ritu
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  • PI OLEDB query for avg values

    Hello Experts,   I am having an issue with a SQL query using PI OLEDB.   I have two tags, the first one has int values and the second has a string value. The timestamps are the same for both tags.   ...
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  • timeEq filter questionable

    Hello,   I notice that the function timeEq includes the duration of questionable values, even if we filter the questionable values in the WHERE clause.   Is there any way to make the function timeEq, ...
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  • JDBC 2019 Invalid sub-protocol

    I am connecting to JDBC 2019 with no specified properties.   I get this warning message for PI: com.osisoft.jdbc.common.DriverImpl acceptsURL SEVERE: Invalid sub-protocol provided in jdbc:pioledb://dasName/Data...
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  • Loading data into PI Server

    I need to test real time data access from PI Server. For this I need to load data into PI Server. What tools or approaches can I use to upload data into PI Server
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  • Pivot\Transpose a View Rather Than a Data Table

    Was wondering if the Transpose function can be used to transpose a view?
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  • Catalog name piarchive is invalid

    Hi Friends,     I have set up a query to read the data from Pi Server into SQL Server and the query works fine. However, when I save this query as a SQL Server Integration Service Package and run the same, ...
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  • PI RTQP and User Authentication

         I am having trouble configuring our RTQP server and user authentication the way i want to.  In reading through the admin guide it only provides instructions for adding a mapping/trust for the ...
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  • Digital Tags Data showing incorrect SQL Commander

    Hello Everyone!   I have configured digital tags, which values I can see good in Archive editor but in SQL Commander it is showing incorrect please check below screenshots.   PI SQL Commander:  ...
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  • PI SQL Commander Case format

    What is the case format in PI SQL Commander?   Thank you.
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  • How to get data from pi without Pi Integrator?

    Hi,   I need to provide a large amount of data (5000 tags over 2 years) for a group of analysts. At the moment, I generate a query via PI SQL Commander Lite and saves the result to a file. However, this method...
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  • ISSUE QUERYING ATTRIBUTE VALUE (with value type Enumeration Sets)

    Goodmorning,   I am having issues querying the value of an attribute which is linked to an enumeration set in AF.   I copy the query that actually gives back the field s.Value (SNAPSHOT VALUE) empty in thi...
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  • Why am i getting this error : No suitable function overload for '='

    What I am doing is looking for elements that have  name like 'Engine%'  ex:  'Engine 1', 'Engine 2' , etc I also want to filter down to the specific piece of equipment defined by the Attribute EquipId....
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  • Access a PI SQL Table from Linked Server

    I have searched the question DB and can not find something similar  I have also reviewed all the Query compendium and nothing strikes me....      We have a SQL table name EquipmentInfo in  o...
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  • vb.net and pi OLEDB

    I have a vb.net program that runs fine on my development box. When I deploy to my user, the pi data does not show up. I'm using pi oledb. I have a PSA license. I would like to know what files I my be missing or what f...
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