• JDBC 2019 Invalid sub-protocol

    I am connecting to JDBC 2019 with no specified properties.   I get this warning message for PI: com.osisoft.jdbc.common.DriverImpl acceptsURL SEVERE: Invalid sub-protocol provided in jdbc:pioledb://dasName/Data...
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  • Loading data into PI Server

    I need to test real time data access from PI Server. For this I need to load data into PI Server. What tools or approaches can I use to upload data into PI Server
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  • Pivot\Transpose a View Rather Than a Data Table

    Was wondering if the Transpose function can be used to transpose a view?
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  • Catalog name piarchive is invalid

    Hi Friends,     I have set up a query to read the data from Pi Server into SQL Server and the query works fine. However, when I save this query as a SQL Server Integration Service Package and run the same, ...
    created by tajammul
  • PI RTQP and User Authentication

         I am having trouble configuring our RTQP server and user authentication the way i want to.  In reading through the admin guide it only provides instructions for adding a mapping/trust for the ...
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  • Digital Tags Data showing incorrect SQL Commander

    Hello Everyone!   I have configured digital tags, which values I can see good in Archive editor but in SQL Commander it is showing incorrect please check below screenshots.   PI SQL Commander:  ...
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  • PI SQL Commander Case format

    What is the case format in PI SQL Commander?   Thank you.
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  • How to get data from pi without Pi Integrator?

    Hi,   I need to provide a large amount of data (5000 tags over 2 years) for a group of analysts. At the moment, I generate a query via PI SQL Commander Lite and saves the result to a file. However, this method...
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  • ISSUE QUERYING ATTRIBUTE VALUE (with value type Enumeration Sets)

    Goodmorning,   I am having issues querying the value of an attribute which is linked to an enumeration set in AF.   I copy the query that actually gives back the field s.Value (SNAPSHOT VALUE) empty in thi...
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  • Why am i getting this error : No suitable function overload for '='

    What I am doing is looking for elements that have  name like 'Engine%'  ex:  'Engine 1', 'Engine 2' , etc I also want to filter down to the specific piece of equipment defined by the Attribute EquipId....
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  • Access a PI SQL Table from Linked Server

    I have searched the question DB and can not find something similar  I have also reviewed all the Query compendium and nothing strikes me....      We have a SQL table name EquipmentInfo in  o...
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  • vb.net and pi OLEDB

    I have a vb.net program that runs fine on my development box. When I deploy to my user, the pi data does not show up. I'm using pi oledb. I have a PSA license. I would like to know what files I my be missing or what f...
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  • Parameterize  GetSampleValues  Stored Procedure for PI SQL Client Linked Server

    I am developing SSRS reports that use PI data.    I am trying cobble together something that allows me to ask parameterized questions (as opposed to writing explicit functions for every attribute I am asked...
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  • Escape LessThan in OpenQuery

    I am trying to abstract a way to get Attribute Samples without having to write a function table, and table valued function, and a linked server procedure for every attribute.    if you care to comment ...
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  • How to use PI OLEDB Enterprise View to determine the change in tag value between a Start Time and End Time

    A downstream java based application needs to use PI JDBC via a PI SQL DAS middleware deployment to query AF Attributes to determine: Current Value of a set of PI AF Attributes "Delta" or change in PI AF Attribute ta...
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  • oledb download

    i want to download the pi sql data access to fetch the data from sql.
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  • All. How do I make a connection with JMP and PI using PI OLEDB? I would want to know the steps.

    I want to create a connection using PI OLEDB with JMP and PI data. How do I achieve that?
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  • I am trying in MS-SQL to write: SELECT [tag],[time],[value],[status] ,[timestep]  FROM [PI].[piarchive]..[piinterp2] Where tag = 'sinusoid' and [time] between '*-1h' and '*'and [timestep] = '30m' GO

    I am trying in MS-SQL to write:   SELECT [tag],[time],[value],[status] ,[timestep]   FROM [PI].[piarchive]..[piinterp2] Where tag = 'sinusoid' and [time] between '*-1h' and '*'and [timestep] = '3...
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  • query to contextualize EFs AND archived attribute values

    Hello, I'm new to the SQL family of products and was hoping someone could help me create a query that will: 1. gather EF data: get start and end times, durations, parent EFs and any EF attributes + values (we have a...
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  • Link to download PI JDBC Driver setup kit

    Hello, do you know where I can download PI JDBC Driver setup kit?  The OSIsoft Tech Support Downloads page (https://techsupport.osisoft.com/Downloads/All-Downloads/) does not seem to have it.  Thank you.
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