• I need to copy all values from one tag to another backup tag. What is the best way ?

    I'm using pi sql commander but I'm not sure if this is the best solution. But I'm having timeout issues because of the large amount of records Here is an sample query I'm using in Pi SQL Commander. It is an insert wi...
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  • Linked Server Connection Failing

    Hi   I have a Linked Server built in SQL Server, which I am using to run queries on piarchive, however the connection fails intermittently with the error:   "OLE DB provider "PIOLEDB" for linked server "WI...
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  • OLE DB provider "PIOLEDB" for linked server  returned message "Timeout has expired.".

    We have had this job running for over two years now but suddenly I am getting this error and job is failing.   OLE DB provider "PIOLEDB" for linked server "xxxxx" returned message "Timeout has expired.". Msg 732...
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  • PI OLEDB Enterprise cannot connect to PI AF? I get a following System Exception: Cannot connect to SQL Server. Please make sure SQL Server 2012 Native Client is installed..

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  • Conexión  hacia un PI Server desde Perl en Centos 7

    Hola, he intentado utilizar los datos de un PI Server desde un servidor web en Centos 7 y no he logrado la conexión. Así retomando el caso lo que necesito hacer es  realizar una conexión utiliz...
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  • Syntax to SUM

    I'm looking for the syntax to SUM a TAG given a Start and End date time... (pi oledb) I have tried, I have come the conclusion that I have just lost my mind..   help please.. Daniel.
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  • PI OLEDB Enterprise Provider in SSRS

    Hi!   I am trying to connect to PI-AF in SSRS using the PI OLEDB Enterprise Provider. I have PI OLEDB installed on my local.   Testing the connection in the SSRS Connection Properties is successful: But...
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  • PI SQL Commander Lite unable to connect to AF

    Hi, I get this error when one of my users connect to the PI AF server. Unsure how to proceed. Pls help.   Archana
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  • Import of RDBMSPI.bat_new has failed

    I am seeing how to transfer data from SQL DB to PI using the RDBMS Interface. However, error saying "Installation path cannot be found on this node" prompts when i just do the first step - clicking "New Windows Interf...
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  • What is impact if we stop the Remote Procedure call Service (RPCSS) on PI Servers?

    Hi ,   We have a security vulnerability "The following DCE-RPC / MS-RPC services are active on the remote host." caused by RPCSS.exe service. Can anyone help me understand the impact if this Service is stopped ...
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  • Compressing PIFD Database

    My virtual machine disk space is starting to get a bit low. Rather than just adding more disk I want to do some housekeeping and one of the things I would like to do is delete a lot of test event frames that I have go...
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  • Event Frame SQL Query with Child Event Frames

    I'm attempting to create a sql query in SQL Commander Lite to return Event Frames along with snapshot attribute values and all of the associated child event frames and attribute values similar to how EventFrame Compar...
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  • Event Annotations in PI OLEDB

    Hello All, I would like to know whether it is possible to retrieve the annotation made in PI Vision to an Event through a PI OLEDB query?? I know that we can retrieve the annotation from PI Datalink but is it possible...
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  • how to config AFService.exe.config file?

    I got this message while trying to connect to an AF server (with new version) via PI SQL Commander. I already updated SQL Server 2012 Native Client but it did not exist in the AFService.exe.config file. My question ...
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  • PI OLEDB Provider driver connectivity - where should it be installed??

    I've been asked how does the PIOLEDB provider driver collect data from the PI system. More specifically what needs to be installed and where, to allow the link to work. If anyone can give me a quick heads up, that wou...
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  • PI OLEDB piunitbatch SQL

    Hi,   We have trouble in select in pibatch..piunitbatch through the PI OLEDB : With batchuid constraint, we have data with batchid constraint, we don't have data     select *fromopenquery(PDW,'SELEC...
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  • How can I use integrated security when making a PIOLEDB connection from a web page on a server like IIS?

    I have a intranet web page that connects using a PI User with no password.  This works fine but I want to convert WIS.  I have a mapping from all domain users that will allow read access to all my tag data.&...
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  • How can i insert from temp table?

    Code : -- VARIABLES DECLARE @TSQL varchar(200) DECLARE @VAL float -- GET DATA SELECT @TSQL = 'SELECT * FROM [TEST].[dbo].[tested]' -- DEFINE TABLE & INSERT TEMP TABLE DECLARE @t TABLE (Tag varchar(100),Tim...
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  • Using picomp2 table to query two tags to return in two columns

    Hi,   Using the Pi Interpolation table I am able to create a table with individual colums with their corresponding tag values. I want to create similar table in another words table with two individual tag value ...
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  • PI SQL Client query to get Attribute data based on Event Frame timestam

    Hello, I'm having some difficulties to build the right query to retrieve data of an attribute based for a timestamp related to an Event Frame. The attribute is not part of the Event Frame itself.   This is what...
    Danny Dijke
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