• ISSUE QUERYING ATTRIBUTE VALUE (with value type Enumeration Sets)

    Goodmorning,   I am having issues querying the value of an attribute which is linked to an enumeration set in AF.   I copy the query that actually gives back the field s.Value (SNAPSHOT VALUE) empty in thi...
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  • Why am i getting this error : No suitable function overload for '='

    What I am doing is looking for elements that have  name like 'Engine%'  ex:  'Engine 1', 'Engine 2' , etc I also want to filter down to the specific piece of equipment defined by the Attribute EquipId....
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  • Access a PI SQL Table from Linked Server

    I have searched the question DB and can not find something similar  I have also reviewed all the Query compendium and nothing strikes me....      We have a SQL table name EquipmentInfo in  o...
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  • vb.net and pi OLEDB

    I have a vb.net program that runs fine on my development box. When I deploy to my user, the pi data does not show up. I'm using pi oledb. I have a PSA license. I would like to know what files I my be missing or what f...
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  • Parameterize  GetSampleValues  Stored Procedure for PI SQL Client Linked Server

    I am developing SSRS reports that use PI data.    I am trying cobble together something that allows me to ask parameterized questions (as opposed to writing explicit functions for every attribute I am asked...
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  • Escape LessThan in OpenQuery

    I am trying to abstract a way to get Attribute Samples without having to write a function table, and table valued function, and a linked server procedure for every attribute.    if you care to comment ...
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  • How to use PI OLEDB Enterprise View to determine the change in tag value between a Start Time and End Time

    A downstream java based application needs to use PI JDBC via a PI SQL DAS middleware deployment to query AF Attributes to determine: Current Value of a set of PI AF Attributes "Delta" or change in PI AF Attribute ta...
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  • oledb download

    i want to download the pi sql data access to fetch the data from sql.
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  • All. How do I make a connection with JMP and PI using PI OLEDB? I would want to know the steps.

    I want to create a connection using PI OLEDB with JMP and PI data. How do I achieve that?
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  • I am trying in MS-SQL to write: SELECT [tag],[time],[value],[status] ,[timestep]  FROM [PI].[piarchive]..[piinterp2] Where tag = 'sinusoid' and [time] between '*-1h' and '*'and [timestep] = '30m' GO

    I am trying in MS-SQL to write:   SELECT [tag],[time],[value],[status] ,[timestep]   FROM [PI].[piarchive]..[piinterp2] Where tag = 'sinusoid' and [time] between '*-1h' and '*'and [timestep] = '3...
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  • query to contextualize EFs AND archived attribute values

    Hello, I'm new to the SQL family of products and was hoping someone could help me create a query that will: 1. gather EF data: get start and end times, durations, parent EFs and any EF attributes + values (we have a...
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  • Link to download PI JDBC Driver setup kit

    Hello, do you know where I can download PI JDBC Driver setup kit?  The OSIsoft Tech Support Downloads page (https://techsupport.osisoft.com/Downloads/All-Downloads/) does not seem to have it.  Thank you.
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  • We have installed RQTP Data Engine and I can query through SQL Client to get values from AF database.  How do I use PI SQL Client to query tags that are not in the AF but are solely in the Data Archive?

    So we are new to PI.  We have installed RQTP Data Engine and I can query through SQL Client to get values from AF database.  How do I use PI SQL Client to query tags that are not in the AF but are solely in ...
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  • PI JDBC connection error

    Hi Everyone,   We have been using PI JDBC to retrieve data from PI AF via DAS into R. Everything is working great until one of the function's table in an AF database becomes invalid (e.g. due to amendment/remova...
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  • piavg vs pitotal - both return same value???

    Hi! Guys,   I need some help on piarchive..piavg & piarchive..pitotal. :)      When query data from piarchive..picomp2 with below sql   SELECT tag,CAST(value AS Float64), time FR...
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  • Execution timed out with piinterp table

    Hi,        I always report errors when inquiring with ODBC  "select * FROM piarchive..piinterp WHERE tag='xxx' and time between '2019-09-06' and  '2019-09-09' "  Or&...
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  • PI SQL Commander Query

    To get all milliseconds interval data from query. For eg: I want to fetch data of time '2018-07-26 07:15:00.543' But when i try to execute query :   SELECT tag, time, DIGSTRING(CAST(status AS Int32)) digsta...
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  • Extract data from PI System Management Tools(Archive Editor)

    Hi Everyone,   I really need help! I am very new to this and spent very long time with no success yet. I need to retrieve data from the archive editor in the PI System Management Tools. I want to be able to upd...
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  • PI OLEDB Select question

    Hello,  I'm trying to do what Ithought was a simple query but I've already spent way to much time trying to get it to work. I feel like I'm just running into a syntax problem and am hoping to get some help with ...
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  • Data INSERT not persisting after restart.

    We have a day and a half gap for 2800 tags. I was asked to read the data from PHD and write to PI. I am using a Python script to get the data for each tag (iterate through list of tags) then write it to PI. The data w...
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