• Doing MTD (month to date) and YTD(year to date) using AF

    Hello,   I was reading on the forum that the best way to do MTD and YTD is to use AF new calculation features.Kindly can you provide me with guidance or sample solution on how to do that.   MTD/YTD can be do...
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  • PI Tag Configurator add in not available

    HI   According to this:   The PI Tag Configurator is an add-in to Excel that allows you to create and edit large numbers of tags at once. Note that tag changes such as deleting and changing the name of a tag...
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  • PI DA backup anno 2020

    Please, share your opinion.... With all the possibilities we nowadays have with VM backup - full and incremental, do I still NEED the local version of the PI backup on the PI DA server.... ??? Or can I ...
    Robin Verhoek
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  • PI AF - Seeing child attributes

    Hi everyone, first time here.   So, I'm build a PI AF hierarchy that consist of an element and some child elements, it's possible to see the attributes from the child elements in the father element?   ...
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  • PitoMATLAB

    Hi there,   I recently read a white paper about pulling PI data into MATLAB. The paper mentioned that I can download the .m files as a pack called 'PItoMATLAB.zip' however, I cannot find this. Anyone have any ide...
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  • PI Excel interface

    I have an interesting problem which I would like to pose to the community and see if anyone has a interesting solution; like most things there are many ways to skin this cat but I would like to see what others would r...
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  • PI OPC UA interface

    Hello,      A custgomer asked us:   Is there already an PI OPC UA interface available?      As I saw here the UA develpment was stopped in 2013. Any changes on this matter?  ...
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  • Discussion: Will the data historian die?

    I just read this article and found it quite interesting: Will the Data Historian Die in a Wave of IIoT Disruption?   A lot of traditional IT companies (Microsoft, IBM, etc) are on the move into the cloud, and a...
    Asle Frantzen
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  • Anyone integrated data from Prosper via OpenServer?

    Hi   Has anyone integrated the Prosper system from Petex to PI, via the integration layer OpenServer?   Looking for tips and tricks if anyone has experience with this.
    Asle Frantzen
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  • PI AF Hight Availability - Snapshot Not Ready

    We’re trying to implement PI AF High Availability. The collective was created successfully, but replication does not, it’s waiting on a (Good) Sync Status.     When we exit “Create New Col...
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  • How to use PI Event frame

    Hi ,   I am exploring PI Event frame. I have configured below sample event frame as per the manual.    I have given two attributes under the event framework (I have linked these attributes to sinusoid...
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  • Maximo Integration using PI Notification - Web Service Delivery Channel

    Hello vCampus,    As the title says, I'm interfacing Maximo (an Enterprise Asset Management) using the PI Notification 2012 on AF Servers 2010 R2. The initial intent was to go straight forward with the Web S...
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  • PI json interface

    Hello all   I have a php web service that returns json as follows.  {"time":1382509126,"temp0":29.25,"temp1":29.312} Ignore the time (unix time) as it is the time the php script is executed.   I wish to...
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  • Pi Tag Configurator Add in for Excel

    I am using version of the PI System Management Tools 2010 SP1 and have the PI TagConfigurator version 2.1 4 installed.  My Office version is 2007.   I cannot see the Tag Configurator in Excel.&#...
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  • Migration from Aspen IP 21 to PI System

    We have requirement of migrating data from Aspen IP-21 to PI System.  Is there any known process or can you please give us a quick start to roll the ball  ?
    Paurav Joshi
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  • Connection to Aspentech IP 21 OPC server

    Hello,   We are trying to explore the possibility to connect to IP 21 using its OPC server and (potentially) the PI OPC Interface.  The problem is that, during our testing,  it seems that we are not abl...
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  • AF point data reference

    Hello    I am applying the below formula for a "string" type attribute in AF.I would like the below formula to return message based on the value of attribute "Staus".   A=Status;[if(A=="False") then...
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  • Connect to AF from Open VMS

    There is any way to connect to the AF Database from an Open VMS Application? Can I connect directly to the SQL Database to query the table directly from ODBC and where I can find the AF Database model to do so?
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  • Thinking about the near future of Azure and PI?

    As i'm more and more drawn into the topic, as Cloud is maybe the biggest game changer in IT this decade, i am questioning how to cater with the demands we get. To make life easier, let's define 'Cloud' by MS Azure, be...
    Roger Palmen
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  • Machine Learning for PI System and SSAS

    Do you want to know more about "machine learning"? Would you be interested in using it for learning and prediction purposes? Are you already familiar with the methodology but don't know how you can apply it to your PI...
    Ahmad Fattahi
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