• PI OPC Interface Failover with different versions of Windows server

    Hello All.   The idea is to perform PI and OPC Interfaces upgraded to latest versions and on Windows 2016 servers.    Currently we have 2 OPC interfaces with failover configured on a Windows 2008 Serv...
    created by RamVS
  • What is a good AF structure/hierarchy regarding many analyses?

    Hi, I would like to get some input into what is a good structure/hierarchy in AF. Most tutorials and guides about AF uses simple sites with one or two components, each component having one or two analyses. I'd li...
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  • Best approach for upgrading PI Server OS to Windows 2012 from 2008 R2

    Hi,   As you already know Microsoft has announced end of support for OS 2008, 2008 R2 Servers by 14th Jan 2020. We have our two PI Servers (Versions: 2015 and 2012) running on OS 2008 R2 and planning to upgrade...
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  • ProcessBook Totalization

    This is my first exposure to PI software.  I have watched some of the applicable online tutorials.  I have one simple question.       My customer has a counter that rolls over every 30,000 cou...
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  • How to display in a processBook view some attributes values over the last 12 months ?

    Hello, I want to put in a table which will be displayed in my ProcessBook view, some attributes values over the last 12 months (each month = a value). But I don't know how to do it ?   Can someone he...
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  • load balancer setup for AF, ACE

    Hello,   We have a client that's after high availability infrastructure. They run business critical applications on their app server (ACE currently, which we intend to migrate to AF analytics calculations). This...
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  • Problem with PI digital tags

    One of our customers has a problem in some of their PI digital tags. The digital tags do not show the values from their configured digital set, but the values from the SYSTEM digital set. For example, their digital se...
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  • Granting AF Server running under local account, permissions to domain user

    I'm working with a customer of ours on an application we've developed that integrates our software with AF. They are running the AF server under a local account on the machine. I have no problem getting our product, a...
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  • Backfill data in non-chrono order

    Hi all,   I've got a system (3.4.380.36) that I'm testing some programs that back fill data.  A test system, natually.  I'm filling data from Dec-2008 for the entire year of 2009.   I had a look at...
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  • Interface Problems

    Hello,   I have recently installed the vCampus version of PI 2012 and have run into a wal with the install/configuration of the MCN Health interfaces.  Upon creation of the interfaces, the interface status i...
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  • Using ECHO to store future data

    We are looking setting up a PI system that can also store future data. The system has to be high performance, and store 10.000+ timelines in the future (5 min. values).   We have reviewed some of the options ...
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  • Archive Compare Utility

    Is there such a tool for verifying PI archives?
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  • SMT Tag Configurator add-in - support for Excel x64

    This may be the wrong place to ask, but is there any plan to release a version of Excel Tag Configurator that is compatible with 64-bit Excel?  I can see this biting a number of system managers who will suddenly ...
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  • PI Server PR1 SP2 (3.4.375.99) is released for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows

    Hi,   The PI Server 3.4.375.99 has been released.   While it has not made it to the latest vCampus PI Products Kit  we will make it available for download in the Download Center . The x64 ver...
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  • License valid when Hyper-V instance shifted?

    Assume a PI-Server is installed in a virtual machine (Hyper-V instance) and a suitable license file is generated. What if I would run this Hyper-V instance at another Hardware? Is the license file still valid?
    Jörg-Detlef Kern
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  • I have two nearly identical pi points. One is receiving data and the other isn't. The only difference is the creater.

    Hello,   My company is using the Campbell Scientific LoggerNet PI Interface to feed data into our PI database.  We needed to make some changes to a few PI points and none of them are working and noticed th...
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  • PI Datalink 2017/2018 - installation GPO/configuration

    Hello,   I am working on creating some VDI workstations that will have PI Datalink on them.  I have created the Win 10 image, and it's ready. I was hoping to avoid configuring each user's profile individu...
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  • Discrete data in PI DA or RMDBS

    Hi, woud you say its best practise to save alarms/events or weight data in PI DA or use an RMDBS for that instead? Isnt DA more appropriate for analog data like temperature and so on?    Best Regards Ivar
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  • PE tag for PIMin

    I want to use the TagMin function to return the min acrhived value for a period. But it seems the function is doing a statistical calculation but I need the minimum logged archive value. Reason is I am trying to count...
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  • PI to PI Interface & Credential manager

    I have a PI to PI interface set up to be configured. The PI DA and Interface server are at different domains. We have connected them through the same SVC account name with both domains. The mappings have been set up a...
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