• How to display in a processBook view some attributes values over the last 12 months ?

    Hello, I want to put in a table which will be displayed in my ProcessBook view, some attributes values over the last 12 months (each month = a value). But I don't know how to do it ?   Can someone he...
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  • load balancer setup for AF, ACE

    Hello,   We have a client that's after high availability infrastructure. They run business critical applications on their app server (ACE currently, which we intend to migrate to AF analytics calculations). This...
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  • License valid when Hyper-V instance shifted?

    Assume a PI-Server is installed in a virtual machine (Hyper-V instance) and a suitable license file is generated. What if I would run this Hyper-V instance at another Hardware? Is the license file still valid?
    Jörg-Detlef Kern
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  • I have two nearly identical pi points. One is receiving data and the other isn't. The only difference is the creater.

    Hello,   My company is using the Campbell Scientific LoggerNet PI Interface to feed data into our PI database.  We needed to make some changes to a few PI points and none of them are working and noticed th...
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  • PI Datalink 2017/2018 - installation GPO/configuration

    Hello,   I am working on creating some VDI workstations that will have PI Datalink on them.  I have created the Win 10 image, and it's ready. I was hoping to avoid configuring each user's profile individu...
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  • Discrete data in PI DA or RMDBS

    Hi, woud you say its best practise to save alarms/events or weight data in PI DA or use an RMDBS for that instead? Isnt DA more appropriate for analog data like temperature and so on?    Best Regards Ivar
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  • PE tag for PIMin

    I want to use the TagMin function to return the min acrhived value for a period. But it seems the function is doing a statistical calculation but I need the minimum logged archive value. Reason is I am trying to count...
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  • PI to PI Interface & Credential manager

    I have a PI to PI interface set up to be configured. The PI DA and Interface server are at different domains. We have connected them through the same SVC account name with both domains. The mappings have been set up a...
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  • [PI Manual Logger] Instructions formatting in grid view.

    Hi, is it possible to keep the formatting like newlines, for fields such as "instructions", when viewing a tour in grid data entry view? The instructions looks proper for me when in individual entry view, but in grid...
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  • What does PI stand for? The 'P' and 'I'

    What does PI stand for? The 'P' and 'I'
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  • Having Error Storing String Values.

    Hi Everyone. I am having error saying  19-Aug-20 08:38:10 PI_UFL:PI_UFL:BOM_DARWIN_AIRPORT | 45 | 0 (0) >> [Line 120] [StoreInPI] [Error] Cannot convert ESE from String to R8. For each string in the colum...
    created by ImranPowerWater
  • Having Error storing the string Value.

    Hi Everyone. I am having error saying  19-Aug-20 08:38:10 PI_UFL:PI_UFL:BOM_DARWIN_AIRPORT | 45 | 0 (0) >> [Line 120] [StoreInPI] [Error] Cannot convert ESE from String to R8. For each string in the c...
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  • Setting up PI SMS Notifications using AWS SNS

    Does anyone know if this would be possible to set up? If it is, does anyone have any experience doing so?
    created by hkmtzc
  • Can PI Buffer Subsystem unbuffer to a new server?

    The use case is moving a PI DA server to new hardware.  In order to minimise data loss and cause minimum disruption to clients, the new server should have the same IP address, hostname/FQDN, and PI System ID (GUI...
    created by tinklerj
  • Pulling data from a 3rd party API - Is it a custom solution?

    Is it possible to pull data from a Data Source's API and pipe it into PI AF and a PI Tag?  One of our 3rd party sources currently refuses to reroute data into a SQL DB and instead populates their dashboards real ...
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  • Can int32 store 4294967295?

    The PI Point Int32 can store numbers in the range -2147483648 to 2147483647, but can it also store the unsigned range of 0 to 4294967295 by setting Zero and Span or will I need to use Float32?
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  • The StringBuilder is generating the path to the required attribute but is unable to get the value of the attribute. How to get the attribute value in this case.?

    Hello All,   We have an attribute [SampleAttribute] in an element template whose data type is "StringBuilder". We have designed it to build a path to an attribute [AnotherAttribute] residing in a different datab...
    created by ShreyamshuBK
  • PSA License requirements

    Hi,   First of all thanks for very efficient (and fast) support you provide in this group!   We are planning to ship trial versions of our product. What should be our strategy in terms of PSA License requi...
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  • only the variations and their respective dates of a variable

    I would like technical support.I need to import into a spreadsheet in Excel, only the variations and their respective dates of a variable that collects a laboratory analysis.See the attached photo, in this case I woul...
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  • Performance Counter - Primary Archive Percentage Used.

    Can someone please help me. I have a Performance Counter PI Tag to calculate the Primary Archive Percentage Used. I was looking over the archive values for this tag and noticed that many times it crosses 100. For exam...
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