• PSA License requirements

    Hi,   First of all thanks for very efficient (and fast) support you provide in this group!   We are planning to ship trial versions of our product. What should be our strategy in terms of PSA License requi...
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  • only the variations and their respective dates of a variable

    I would like technical support.I need to import into a spreadsheet in Excel, only the variations and their respective dates of a variable that collects a laboratory analysis.See the attached photo, in this case I woul...
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  • Performance Counter - Primary Archive Percentage Used.

    Can someone please help me. I have a Performance Counter PI Tag to calculate the Primary Archive Percentage Used. I was looking over the archive values for this tag and noticed that many times it crosses 100. For exam...
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  • What is the difference between PI system and DCS trends?

    DCS can plot trends of all plant parameters. What is the advantage of PI system over DCS trends?
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  • Phase 2 shared file location for interfaces in separate buildings.

    Hi everyone.   I have a customer that is looking at putting redundant Phase 2 interfaces in separate buildings on a campus.  They want to put each primary interface local to each building on workstation mac...
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  • Pi processbook

    Hi everyone. I am creating a model in Pi processbook and need help in 2 points.   1. I have drawn a bar graph with a tag1 (dynamic). I have to compare the bar graph tag2 with another dynamic tag and change ...
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  • How to totally purge buffer configuration pour PI ICU

    Hello world. A small question. I need to make screenshots of PI ICU installation with buffer configuration for a precise "How To" on Windows 10. However, installation as already been made before on my computer so I ...
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  • Best Route for PI to Maximo Integration?

    Hi All,   We have been looking into connecting our PI System to IBM Maximo 7.6. Our goal is to trigger work orders by reading PI Values established in AF.   I've read some dated documentation and posts abo...
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  • How can I access PI data from Ignition for alerting purposes.

    Looking to bring data from PI into the ignition software platform for alerting purposes. I've seen a few recommendations for using JDBC but was hoping there is a more straight forward way.
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  • Performance Equation Scheduler Is Missing - New PI Server Install?

    I just completed a fresh install of the PI Server 2018 SP3 Patch 1. Unfortunately, upon investigation after my attempt to configure the Performance Equation Scheduler I am surprised to discover it is missing. I h...
    James Devine
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  • Location 4 Scan Class behavior

    My team is wanting to get a better understanding of how the scan class works. If scan class is set to 1 second and the device is collecting 10 Hz data, what does the interface do? Does it average the points and compa...
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  • AF Analysis to Determine Pi Tag Substitutions

    Hi    Method: I have a comment (string) tag that is output "Enter Comment" from an AF analysis everyday. The end user will be able to edit each of these daily values, through event frames, in order to make ...
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  • Unhandled Exception at 02-Mar-2015 12:37:28

    Unhandled Exception at 02-Mar-2015 12:37:28 System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.    at SMTHost.frmMain.frmMain_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e)    a...
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  • Event Frame Permissions

    I've got an issue with a particular user and allowing him to write comments and reason codes on an even frame.  I was sure that I had him in the correct AD group, but he can only write a comment, but he cant assi...
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  • Is there are some who have tried to set up a TFF system from Merck Millipore  to collect data in PI

    Currently looking to buy some new systems from Merck Millipore TFF systems, I do not really see that there are interfcaes to this system, so I thought about some who tried to do something similar.
    created by Kim.Bargholz
  • How can I add variability with an attribute in AF that begins and ends with certain character, but in between the characters may vary in length?

    Hello all, I had a question on developing an attribute for my element. I want to keep it generic. The attribute begins with AAAA and ends with BB. However, in between it can have an undetermined amount of characters (...
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  • Roll up analysis of a attribute limit value

    I want to create a roll up analysis summing the maximum limit on an attribute value.  There is more than one attribute on the element with a maximum limit configured.  How do I select just one attribute to s...
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  • Archive required on biz net?

    If I have data coming in pi-to-pi on the biz net, would that require an archive on the biz net?
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  • Monitoring NLB and WSFC for PI-HA

    We have just recently implemented PI-HA, featuring network load balancing and Windows Server Failover Cluster. Now I'm wondering about monitoring the performance of the NLB and WSFC facilities. Does anyone have experi...
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  • PI API Buffer Server

    Hi,   Recently I configured API buffering (buffering through Buffer Server) in one of the Interface Node. I understand that API buffering is legacy and not recommended but since the OPC Interface resides in the ...
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