• Can we do a slide show in PI Vision?

    Currently doing this process book via macro. Example - I have 5 displays, every 2 minutes displays should keep changing in a loop.pivison
    created by rgopi
  • Processbook Animation using VBA

    Hello,   I'm trying to use VBA code on Processbook to animate flames flicker for a burner. Is there a pre-configured code that I can use? or can someone provide direction on how to tackle this? below is what th...
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  • PDI Processbook to Coresight - Display.Open

    I have a Processbook 2014 pdi file that I have dropped into our Coresight 2014 templates shares so I am able to see it and open through the web frontend - Coresight.  However, when I open this display in Coresigh...
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  • Processbook Display - vrdate Truncating in GetValue Method

    Hello all,   I am trying to compare dates using the DateDiff function in order to calculate the run time of a machine. I am running into issues with rounding milliseconds though. In order to get the time of an ...
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  • ProcessBook to Coresight/Vision

    I'm working for a large company that has a lot of users in both ProcessBook and Coresight. The displays that are available to everyone are created in ProcessBook and then uploaded to Coresight.   What I want to ...
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  • Multi-state multiple objects using VBA

    Hi All,   I currently face an issue where I would like to multi-state 6 buttons on the screen. Where I am having trouble is that multiple tags are linked to each button, some of which are strings. I have attempt...
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  • send processbook screenshot  in email PI Notification

    Hi guys, Im a PI notification user, It's possible to join a Processbook screenshot in emails sent by PI Notifications ? Thank you for your Help
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  • Display Scroll bar on pdi shown by ActiveView

    Hi all!   I've created a PDI that creates, from a list of tags, many graphics as are selected from that list.   The application works perfectly even published by ActiveView, but there's a slight problema, ...
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  • Single Scale to Multiple Scales and vice versa.

    Do you know any VBA Code in Processbook to change a trend from Single Scale to Multiple Scales and vice versa? Thanks!
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  • Multi-state a String using VBA

    Hi All,   I'm wondering how to go about multi-stating a rectangle so that when particular PI tags trigger, it changes color. The tricky part is that I need it to trigger based on String values and I don't see wh...
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  • Custom Symbol for Open/Close

    I am trying to create a switch that displays open when the tag is open and closed when the tag is closed. Is there any way to create an object that does this, with the multi-state symbol tool all I can do is alter the...
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  • Pull Data into VBA Processbook

    Hi All,   So I would like to use Process book VBA in order to run a for loop in the background.  My question is, " Is there a way to pull a pi tag and make it into an array behind the scenes without any val...
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  • Access specific member of a collective

    I have a question regarding reading data from a collective using ProcessBook, Coresight, PI Vision.   Given the case: I have a collective <Collective123>, containing two servers, <PrimaryServer> and...
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  • PI ProcessBook and IBM Websphere Portal integration

    Hi all, Are there any tools/portlets "PI WebParts"-like, but for IBM Websphere Portal integration and vizualization? Beside MS Sharepoint and IBM Websphere Portal integration as it have somekind of "caviats". Diagra...
    last modified by VTurchenko
  • ProcessBook Add-in to fit-all on display activation/open

    Hi evrybody,   I am experiencing the same glitch as mentioned in an old post: FitAll AddIn Glitch   I have developed an add-in thet, when a display is activated, sets zoom to fit all. When the display i...
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  • Access procbook.ini from ProcessBook add-in?

    I'm finishing another ProcessBook docking window add-in for a client and they've requested that the last state / selection is stored for the next session. My initial idea was to create my own section in procbook.ini a...
    Asle Frantzen
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  • Get Command Button to execute two Actions in ProcessBook using VBA

    Hi All,   I'm currently having a bit of trouble with this one. I have created a UserForm in ProcessBook which has a button on it. When that button is clicked the user gets taken to a different display. The issue...
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  • Syntax To Open An Element Relative ProcessBook Display To A Specific Target Element

    Hello My Fellow PI Geeks!   Is there a special syntax or something for a link or button in one ProcessBook display that will open another element relative ProcessBook display with a specific target element's dat...
    James Devine
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  • Button to open an element relative display?

    Im building a processbook display that is going to be imported to coresight. I'm trying to use a button that will use an AF Attribute, the value of the attribute  is going to contain a hyperlink. Let me know if ...
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  • Customized playback function in Processbook

    Hi all,   I am just starting to use PI Server and also Processbook to manage and display our lab data and I got a need for a customized playback function. So basically I would like the traces in plots redraw and...
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