• Customized playback function in Processbook

    Hi all,   I am just starting to use PI Server and also Processbook to manage and display our lab data and I got a need for a customized playback function. So basically I would like the traces in plots redraw and...
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  • Is there a method to programmatically edit the number of decimals in tooltip statistics of ProcessBook?

    I have been asked to modify the number of decimals shown in tooltip statistics. I found I could only edit the first line of the tooltip, but not the statistics.   Is there any way to do it?
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  • Unable to see ad-hoc trend on Sharepoint Portal

    I have uploaded .svg files of procesbook on sharepoint webportal. Whenever I double-clicked on valve to check an ad-hoc trend, it gives me an error as beow: I tried to use the link http://<Sharepoint_Server_Name...
    Paurav Joshi
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  • ERD Displays anc CurrentContext (PB 2014 and 2015)

    Hello everyone,   I detected a change in the behaviour of ProcessBook and VBA for ERD Displays.   Until version 2012 SP2 of ProceswsBook, setting the current context via VBA using: Application.ContextHandl...
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  • PI Coreisght 2014 Trend Cursor Ad Hoc Display

    Is there a way to get a Trend Cursor to pop up on an AD HOC Display from clicking a value on PROCESSBOOK Display uploaded to PI Coresight 2014 HTML5 Webpage?   Thanks, Max
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  • Dynamic visualization of moving objects in PI Coresight

    Hi,   I have 8 different objects(vehicles, cranes...) in one building that all have RFID readers. All RFID sensors is in one line in a long building (a hall). These data is in PI and I want to visualize it in ...
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  • ProcessBook   Send Back values with VBA  doesn't work

    I am trying to send back some values in a display. I run the procedure step by step and It works, but when I execute from a button or run with F5, it doesn't. Any clues?   Public Sub SendBackRedBox() Dim sym A...
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  • How are pi tags referenced in PI Vision

    We are migrating to new EMS control system. The point names will change in the new system. We have many PI Vision displays with the PI tag names from the old control system. If we change the PI tagnames to the point n...
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  • AF Notifications 2018 SP3 Patch-2. -- Asset Specific Screenshots

    I am running AF Notifications 2018 SP3 Patch-2.  Notification Number One contains a Screenshot Image in the Notification and is working fine.    I've also got an Asset Specific WebLink configured in N...
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  • PI Vision PDI Importation

    How can i manually start the PDI importation process in PI-Vision ?  What is the default scan time for the PDI importation ?   Robert
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  • Can't seem to get Extensibility to work

    Hi all,   Long time lurker here and I think this might be my first post.   Right now I'm trying to get my PI Vision Extensibility to work since I'm trying to put a map embedded into a Vision Display. Havin...
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  • How to get tool tip for a graphic symbol in a string variable for multiple graphic symbols on process book using VBA Programatically?

    procesbookvbaprocessbook_vbatooltipprocess book vba
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  • countdown timer as PI point

    Hello PI community,   Starting a gasturbine happens in a sequence of steps each with a different timespan, the starting sequence is not connected to the PI system. is there a timer that can count back so i...
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  • Pi vision page directory

    We have 5 locations in our company. In order to make fast links to pages we created a "Directory" with hyperlinks to the pages... Now these guys have made a lot of pages and keeping the directory correct is a chore.....
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  • Custom Horizontal bar graph symbol using Pi Vision extensibility

    Hi,   I was able to get the horizontal graph. But I need to have limits defined on the config pane, based on which I need to apply multistate on all the attributes in the graph. How can I apply multistate on al...
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  • Getting rendered text in DOM from double curly brace expressions

    I'm working on testing custom symbols in PI VIsion 2019 with TimeSeries data shapes. I was successfully able to show an array of data in the template.html file using the onDataUpdate function from the .js file and the...
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  • How to call PI WebAPI in a PI Vision custom symbol

    Hi,   I am new to PI Vision Extensibility and WebAPI, but I have managed to create a simple custom symbol by following Osisoft's tech talk recording/presentation and I am also able to request the data I need fro...
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  • Don´t show pipoint on piwebapi

    Hi every one..! I can`t see the pipoint on piwebapi, I followed the next steps: 1. Create pipoint on data archive 2. Create attribute on AF 3. Finally I tried to seach on piwebapi and I can`t see it. https://SRVP...
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  • VBA value in PI Process Book

    Good afternoon. Please help me with the following issue. I want to use VBA in PI Process Book, to send me automatic event alerts to the mail, when any parameter value takes a value below the set value. The problem I...
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  • AM/PM switching on Event Frame Start Time in PI Vision

    Hi all, has anyone else experience this or know of a solution?   Some of our event frames are showing the incorrect start time in PI Vision. Here's an example of A-02 Startup event which started at 00:03:01, but...
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