• Parse PI time in custom symbol?

    I have a custom symbol which connects to a restful webservice for its data, and until now I've just taken the time of the request and passed that along as part of the request. But now the customer wants this time to f...
    Asle Frantzen
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  • PI Vision 2020 extensibility Guide

    Hi, PI Vision 2020 has been release and i saw that the PI Web API is no longer used. (use now the AFSDK) I was wondering if there is any guide or documentation out there showing now how to use correctly the new exte...
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  • Custom Symbol Data update fails with Amchart sample given in a OSIsoftNew

    With reference to the session recorded 2020.1.18, "Leveraging the Power of Vision Extensibility" presented by Robert Schmitz and Ryan McErlean, I tried to reproduce the custom symbol with the Amchart sample without ...
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  • PI Vision 2020 Extensibility changes from 2019?

    I've read through the release notes for PI Vision 2020, and I can't see any section mentioning extensibility.   Are there any changes we need to be aware of before upgrading?   I notice that PI WebAPI isn'...
    Asle Frantzen
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  • Can we do a slide show in PI Vision?

    Currently doing this process book via macro. Example - I have 5 displays, every 2 minutes displays should keep changing in a loop.pivison
    created by rgopi
  • Using the Visual Studio designer to easily build a ProcessBook Docking Window

    As you may already know, we provide templates to develop PI ProcessBook 3.x .NET Add-Ins (they were explained in this webinar and are available on the vCampus Download Center). This post is related to one of thos...
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  • Strange behaviour on a 64 bit system

    Dear VCampus members,   I wanted to write my first process book add-in on my Vista 64 bit system. I had already installed the 64 bit SDK and PI OleDB. I added ProcessBook to that installation and the C# temp...
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  • Processbook Animation using VBA

    Hello,   I'm trying to use VBA code on Processbook to animate flames flicker for a burner. Is there a pre-configured code that I can use? or can someone provide direction on how to tackle this? below is what th...
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  • PDI Processbook to Coresight - Display.Open

    I have a Processbook 2014 pdi file that I have dropped into our Coresight 2014 templates shares so I am able to see it and open through the web frontend - Coresight.  However, when I open this display in Coresigh...
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  • How to Create Functions Menus in ProcessBook ?

    I would like to create an "Functions Menu" in the ProcessBook displays. Similar like the "Display Menu bar", but the "Functions Menu" can invoke related functions applications that was configured in displays.  As...
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  • Processbook Display - vrdate Truncating in GetValue Method

    Hello all,   I am trying to compare dates using the DateDiff function in order to calculate the run time of a machine. I am running into issues with rounding milliseconds though. In order to get the time of an ...
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  • Disable 'substituted' arrow from RtGraphic svg files?

    Hi guys   We've just delivered yet another Sharepoint big screen display, consisting of 7 RtGraphic webparts displaying crucial real time information for a customer in the Oil & Gas business.   Some of t...
    Asle Frantzen
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  • ProcessBook to Coresight/Vision

    I'm working for a large company that has a lot of users in both ProcessBook and Coresight. The displays that are available to everyone are created in ProcessBook and then uploaded to Coresight.   What I want to ...
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  • Multi-state multiple objects using VBA

    Hi All,   I currently face an issue where I would like to multi-state 6 buttons on the screen. Where I am having trouble is that multiple tags are linked to each button, some of which are strings. I have attempt...
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  • Dynamically Setting Processbook Default Server

    I asked this question to support, but wasn't convinced by the answer.    I have a situation where I would like to have 3 servers in place... let's call them DEV, TEST and PRODUCTION.  In these servers ...
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  • send processbook screenshot  in email PI Notification

    Hi guys, Im a PI notification user, It's possible to join a Processbook screenshot in emails sent by PI Notifications ? Thank you for your Help
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  • Display Scroll bar on pdi shown by ActiveView

    Hi all!   I've created a PDI that creates, from a list of tags, many graphics as are selected from that list.   The application works perfectly even published by ActiveView, but there's a slight problema, ...
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  • Single Scale to Multiple Scales and vice versa.

    Do you know any VBA Code in Processbook to change a trend from Single Scale to Multiple Scales and vice versa? Thanks!
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  • Multi-state a String using VBA

    Hi All,   I'm wondering how to go about multi-stating a rectangle so that when particular PI tags trigger, it changes color. The tricky part is that I need it to trigger based on String values and I don't see wh...
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  • How would I get a list of displays, modify a symbol in one of them, and change focus to that display?

    I have an addin that modifies the text label of a text symbol. This addin modifies it by looking at the ActiveDisplay and searching for a symbol.      If the display in question is not in focus, what is...
    Andrew Pong
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