PI Web API 2016 has been released

Blog Post created by ray on May 2, 2016

I am pleased to announce the release of PI Web API 2016, a member of the PI Developer Technologies suite of products. This release includes support for new PI AF 2.8 Event Frame features and access to AF Security information. You can now reduce REST response payload size by requesting only the data of interest (look for "selectedFields" in the Controller documentation in PI Web API Help). You can now retrieve data from multiple PI points or AF attributes by either Web ID or Path (look for "GetMultiple" in PI Web API Help). The Batch request function initially launched as a Community Technology Preview (CTP) is now fully supported. Thanks for your feedback on this significant feature!


We are also launching a Community Technology Preview (CTP) of a Shared Index feature in Indexed Search. This means that several instances of PI Web API in a cluster (with a network load balancer) can share the same index. It also means that only a single Crawler is necessary to scan the PI System databases. All search results returned to clients will be consistent regardless of which cluster member performs the search. We have published a special white paper to help you configured the Shared Index. If you are interested in the Shared Index CTP, or in cluster configurations in general, please contact me by either replying to this post or by emailing me directly.


As always, full details of this release can be found in the PI Web API 2016 Release Notes.