• PI Buffer Cannot write values to PI secondary member of PI Da Collective

    Hi! I have configured a PI Web API to write data to a PI collective, I have configured PI Buffer Subsystem and PI SDK Buffer, this works fine for my primary member of the collective but for my secondary member I get ...
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  • Streamsets GetChannelAdHoc best practices

    If the goal is to continuously retrieve real-time updates from thousands of PI points, is using multitudes of GetChannelAdHoc WebSocket requests of 10s of points per request considered best practice or ill-advised?
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  • Variance In Summary Data Results Between ProcessBook and PI Web API

    Hello!   I encountered a strange issue today. I wrote a portion of a web application using PI Web API as the data source. The pi point data is a development server tag. I was checking my work to confirm if my re...
    James Devine
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  • "Message:" "Authorization has been denied for this request." for system/status

    Hi,   I've seen a thread on a similar problem, but nothing I tried from that thread worked.  I'm writing an application that uses the piwebapi, and want to test if the system is running by using a GET on th...
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  • PI API w/multiple channels using Element Templates

    Hello,   We have a system that contains over 8000 assets. Obviously this means that we would really like to take advantage of using the element templates for our AF structure. The problem we are running into is ...
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  • OMF endpoint not found (404)

    I am following the documentation setting up a trial server on Windows Server 2019 and trying to reach it using the .NET sample code from GitHub. I only receive 404 Not Found responses. I have set up the Web ...
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  • POST Batch command not working

    Hi,   I'm running a POST batch command. The first issue I had was "403 Site Access Denied" (picture 1), after reading on the forum I found out regarding the  CSRF. So I added an extra header like the docu...
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  • Does PI WEB API expose AFSDK PIServer ReplaceValues ?

    How can we perform the equivalent of AFSDK PIServer ReplaceValues method through PI WEB API ?
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  • PI Web API throwing Error

    Hi,   I have a team that is developing some code based on PI Web API and is using the GitHub repositories for help. Recently, they have developed a full code and it is sometimes working on their machine. When th...
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  • correct syntax for joined streamsets

    Hello  I try  to access with one web api query multiple pi tags at the same time. It looks like the "streamset" and Joined is something useful for this purpose.   GetJoined GET streamsets/joined ...
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  • Optimum Signup for Updates of many PIPoints through PI WebAPI StreamSet

    I am looking for the most optimum way to signup for archive/snapshot Updates of about 500,000 PIPoints through PI Web API. In order to utilize StreamSet updates, I have to RegisterUpdates for multiple points. The issu...
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  • PI WEB API StreamSets UpdateValues for multiple PIPoints in bulk

    How can I do UpdateValues for multiple PIPoints (in bulk) in PI Data Archive through PI WEB API ? It seems that this call only supports it for AFAttributes: UpdateValues POST streamsets/{webId}/recorded  What i...
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  • Can we write data in AF through PI Web API

    Can we perform write action in AF through pi web API?
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  • Child event frames are filtered when specifying parameters

    Hi all,   I'm working on an event frame with 16 child event frames. I am trying to get a few select fields from all 16 child event frames.        If I use the following format, I retrieve a...
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  • PIWEBAPI questions on point search        

    have. Title: PIWEBAPI questions on point search Does PIWEBAPI support point query similar to AFSDK query in this doc: https://techsupport.osisoft.com/Documentation/PI-AF-SDK/html/b8fbb6da-7a4b-4570-a09d-7f2b85ed204d...
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  • How to access AF data using PI web API in Csharp?

    I am new to WEB API and need to get data from AF database through web API in csharp code. 
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  • How to get complete AF data from API in Csharp

    I need to access AF data including all elements, attributes and its values as well from API via csharp code
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  • Python through PI WebAPI

    Hi guys, I having an SSL issue. I'm trying to connect to PI through Python using PI WebAPI.   I've found this library on GitHub: GitHub - aabrodskiy/PI-Web-API-Client-Python But when I try: from osisoft.pidevc...
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  • PI Web API in Custom symbol creation

    I am working on the creation of custom symbols ( Stacked bar) in PI Vision 2017 R2. I had seen the video of the rotating arrow for which guage was used for rotation.  how do I decide the symbol? will PI web AP...
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  • how find the location of piwebapi rest logs

    I want to check the data come into piwebapi using Rest, is there any way log the incomming data in piwebapi Rest POST request
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